Egg White benefits and nutrition

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Egg White Quick Facts
Name: Egg White
Colors Clear, white
Calories 17 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Isoleucine (13.04%)
Valine (12.64%)
Selenium (12.00%)
Vitamin B2 (11.15%)
Tryptophan (9.32%)
Health benefits Prevent nervous damage, Manage cholesterol levels, Build muscles, Balance blood pressure, Prevent cardio
Eggs are few foods used throughout the world unconcerned religion and ethnic group. Chicken egg is one of the biological items in nature and regarded as a great source of lipids, protein, minerals and vitamins. The consumption of egg in developed countries due to high fat and cholesterol content. Eggs have three main components such as yolk (30-33%), egg white (60%) and eggshell (9-12%). Egg white is a clear and thick liquid which surrounds yellow yolk of an egg. Usually egg whites are made of 10% protein and 90% water.

In chickens it forms from the layer of secretions of anterior section of hen’s oviduct during egg passage. It arranges over fertilized and unfertilized egg yolks. The basic purpose of egg white is protecting yolk and offers additional nutrition for growth of embryo. The egg white has gel like structure which is due to high content of ovomucin. Egg white contains 58% of entire egg mass and has protein of 10 to 12% which comprises of ovalbumin, ovomucoid, ovotransferrin, lysozyme and globulins. Other minor are avidin, ovoglobulins G2 & G3, 16 cystatin,ovoinhibitor, ovomaroglobulin, ovoglycoprotein and ovoflavoprotein. Moreover, egg white proteins contain various functional properties such as emulsification, foaming and heat setting. Egg white proteins are used for producing health promoting products contributing to promote food value.

Health Benefits of Egg whites

Egg yolks got a bad popularity for causing health problems such as cholesterol. So the American Heart Association recommended keeping the consumption of cholesterol upto 300 milligrams per day. A large egg comprised of 213 milligrams. Egg whites have low content of calories with zero cholesterol, high in protein and offer amino acids which the body cannot produce. A large egg white comprises 16 calories, zero fat, 3.6 grams of protein and required selenium.

  1. Prevent nervous damage

Egg whites comprise of beneficial components such choline which is a kind of phosphatidylcholine. The basic function related with choline to promote methylation process. The function is required for DNA creation, detoxification and nerve signaling. The presence of adequate choline in body prevents nervous system from damaging factors.

  1. Manage cholesterol levels

Studies show that egg whites possess minimum cholesterol. An entire egg offers 186 mg of cholesterol. It is loaded with abundant nutrients and low cholesterol, an intake of egg white is a great option for people having cardiovascular problems as increase in cholesterol levels lead to stroke and heart attack.

  1. Build muscles

Egg whites are regarded as a powerhouse of protein. The body requires frequent dose of protein for building muscles. For this one could consume egg white daily. Furthermore, add egg whites into diet of children are crucial as it requires high protein content for muscles growth.

  1. Balance blood pressure

One should not ignore high blood pressure but should find out solution for this. It is recommended the nutritionists to consume potassium for balancing high blood pressure levels. Egg whites serve adequate amount of potassium. Along with blood pressure regulation, this nutrient prevents the heart and bones from damaging factors such as stroke or fractures. But one should incorporate egg whites to the diet by consulting physician for high blood pressure.

  1. Prevent cardiovascular problems

The consumption of egg whites could treat problems such as blood clotting and maintains cardiovascular health. It possesses vitamins and minerals promoting proper blood flow. Egg whites acts as a vasodilator assisting the process of blood vessels widening. Furthermore, potassium helps to prevent blood clotting with other heart problems.

  1. Treat obesity

Due to high level of fat and excess calories in the body, obesity could affect overall health adversely. Obese people should consume egg whites regularly for starting fitness journey. Egg whites are loaded with many nutrients which are essential for the body to function properly. It suppresses appetite, keeps one full for hours and promotes energy levels which eventually results healthy body. Processed foods could not offer essential nutrients and damages health instead of energizing.

  1. Treat fatigue

Iron deficiency is one of the factors contributing fatigue. The sudden dizziness and fatigue could be treated by adding egg whites to the daily diet. It has manganese and magnesium which helps to prevent fatigue in senior women. But it advised not to self-medicate in case of chronic fatigue and consult the physician immediately to avoid further health problems.

  1. Stronger bones

The consumption of adequate calcium rich foods helps the one to keep the bones strong. It prevents from falling prey to fractures, osteoporosis and rickets. It is recommended to consume egg whites due to high calcium content which helps to restore bone density but also prevents rickets and fractures effectively.

  1. Slows down aging

The consumption of egg whites assists tissue and cell rejuvenation which provides smooth skin. It is a great choice to combat wrinkles and fine lines which are early signs of aging.

  1. Helpful for diabetics

Diabetic people have low food option for snacks and breakfast. Egg whites could be added to diabetics diet. For diabetics, one boiled egg white is regarded a full and nourishing meal preventing from cholesterol, cardiovascular and blood pressure problems.

  1. Nourishes cell

The body requires potential membrane for performing functions such as nerve impulse transmission and contraction of muscles. This function includes transferring nutrients & metabolites throughout body cells. Add egg whites to the diet to maintain membrane potential in body and also facilitate functions.

  1. Pregnant health

An egg white offers about 4 grams of protein. Human embryos require the best nutrition to sustain during development and well after. The study was evaluated to understand the necessity of proper nutrition for pregnant women. Study resulted that women consuming more protein during pregnancy have lower chances of babies being born with low birth weight and born prematurely. The balanced diet with egg white protein helps to achieve this result.

  1. Enhance skin

Eggs have collagen in membrane outside of egg white and also inside of shell that help to protect egg. Egg white is combined with required proteins that make it a great facial mask. The study conducted for evaluating benefit of effect of egg shell membrane hydrolysates on wrinkles, moisture and UV protection in cosmetics. For study, the level of hyaluronic acid and collagen production was considered. Results showed that protein and collagen found in egg whites helps to lower wrinkles caused by sun.

Traditional uses

  • Egg whites are used as face masks for acne, wrinkles, pimples, scarring and blemishes.
  • It is used for enhancing skin.
  • It is also used to lower wrinkles on skin.
  • Egg whites are found to be helpful for people with oily skin as it balance oil on skin.
  • Egg whites are used to make hair healthy and lustrous.


  • Egg white allergic reactions are most common ranging from mild rash, stomach pain, anaphylaxis which hinders breathing and could let the body into shock.
  • Eggs are exposed to Salmonella contamination.
  • Egg whites contain albumin which triggers allergic response including symptoms such as watery & itchy eyes, rashes, hives, stomach cramps, swelling of skin, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, asthma and coughing.
  • Egg whites cause depletion of biotin in the body resulting hair loss, seizures, joint pain and lack of muscle co-ordination.

How to Eat         

  • Egg whites are added to cocktails for creating delicate froth.
  • Egg whites are whipped to light and fluffy consistency and used in desserts such as mousse and meringues.
  • It is consumed as delicious snacks.
  • Use it to make mayonnaise, lemon curd and ice cream bases.
  • It is used in butterscotch pudding and fresh pasta.
  • Scramble egg whites.






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