Feijoa – Acca sellowiana

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Feijoa-Acca sellowiana

Feijoa Quick Facts
Name: Feijoa
Scientific Name: Acca Sellowiana
Origin Brazil, South America
Colors Lime-green
Shapes Oval shape
Length: 1-3 Inches
Diameter: 0.5-2 Inches
Flesh colors Jelly in center, surrounded by cream-colored flesh
Taste Mixture of pineapple, guava, and strawberry; quince and lemon
Calories 61 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Vitamin C: 32.9 mg (36.56%)
Dietary Fiber: 6.4 g (16.84%)
Carbohydrate: 15.21 g (11.70%)
Vitamin B9: 23 µg (5.75%)
Vitamin B6: 0.067 mg (5.15%)
Health benefits Plenty of Ascorbic acid and fiber help to prevent Scurvy, colon cancer, anemia
The Feijoa (Acca Sellowiana) is a tree native to Brazil, South America, which is evergreen, perennial shrub and small tree classified in plant family Myrtaceae. Feijoa are commercially valuable and are cultivated in New Zealand and California. This plant is usually grown for its sweet and aromatic fruits. The plant has pale gray bark with greenish gray leaves. Feijoa plant lives for more than 45 years. There are 21 varieties of Feijoa such as Apollo, Choiceana, Coolidge, Edenvale Improved Coolidge, Edenvale Late and so on.
Feijoa or pineapple guava also called guavasteen, pineapple guava or New Zealand Banana. It has got various names such as Feijoa in Japanese, faiijo in Hindi, fei yue guo in Chinese, feykhoa in Russian, Ananasguave or Feijoa in Dutch. The fruit is oval in shape and about the size of chicken’s egg which is about 1 to 3 inches in length and 0.5 – 2 inches in diameter. They have lime green waxy skin, jelly textured seed pulp which is encircled by soft and cream colored flesh. The fruit has tart and strongly sweet aromatic flavor. The taste of the fruit is like the combination of strawberry, guava and pineapple or lemon or quince. The texture of the peel is rough and thin. The fruit weighs about 50 g. Feijoa is available during the autumn season. When the fruit got ripen, it drop from the tree or is picked from the tree directly.
100 g of Feijoa contains 61 kilo calories. According to USAD major nutrients contain in this fruit are Vitamin C 32.9 mg. (36.56%), Total dietary fiber 6.4 mg.(16.84%), Carbohydrate 15.21 mg.(11.70%), Vitamin B9 23 µg. (5.75%), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 0.067 mg.(5.15%), Vitamin B5 0.233 mg (4.66%), Copper 0.036 mg (4.00%).

Health Benefits of Feijoa

The Feijoa fruit is excellent and nutritious for individuals simply because in about a cupful of this pureed fruit you may get these types of vitamins and minerals:

  • – Calcium
  • – Calories
  • – Carbohydrates
  • – Copper
  • – Iron
  • – Magnesium
  • – Manganese
  • – Natural Fats
  • – Phosphorus
  • – Protein
  • – Vitamin B1, Thiamin
  • – Vitamin B2, Riboflavin
  • – Vitamin B3, Niacin
  • – Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid
  • – Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine
  • – Vitamin B9, Folate (great deal)
  • – Vitamin C (great amount)
  • – Zinc

Feijoa is regarded as the perfect fruit while pregnant simply because:

1. Foliates. Feijoa is probably the fruits which are very wealthy in foliates which are crucial in the development of blood cells. it is suggested that every lady of childbirth age needs to be consuming sufficient quantities of folic and also feijoa is one rich source. Insufficient foliates while pregnant may lead to anemia along with other birth problems.

2. Fiber. Since feijoa is abundant with vegetable fiber, it is suggested for the treatments for bowel problems that usually takes place while pregnant and after birth.

3. Iodine. Iodine’s content in feijoa is 50mg-100mg. this content is really a lot more than in various other fresh fruits and also in freshwater. Iodine is essential throughout pregnancy in every life beings.

Apart from that here is the listing of advantages that one could receive from a raw and also ideally organic Feijoa Fruit:

–          Aids in preventing frustration

–          Aids in preventing regular colds

–          Assists Enhance short term memory

–          Assists Safeguard from free radical damage

–          Boosts nerve function

–          Decreases Chance of several Cancers

–          Decreases Depressive disorders probabilities

–          Decreases Likelihood of anemia

–          Decreases likelihood of gum disease

–          Decreases possibility of brittle bones

–          Enhances injury recovery

–          Enhances Lung health

–          Enhances your blood

–          Helps in avoiding repeated bacterial infections

–          Reduces Chance of Alzheimer’s disease

Additionally there is plenty of talking and also proof of feijoa that contains great deal of iodine, however for several cause I wasn’t capable of finding the nutritional data for it. If that’s the case, then iodine increases the listing of benefits these types of essential values:

–          Aids in averting Depressive disorders

–          Aids in preventing Obesity

–          Aids in preventing Goiter

–          Aids in preventing Weakness

–          Enhances Thyroid Gland function

–          Helps in avoiding Exhaustion

More about Feijoa

You can recognize a feijoa fruit by its blue/green skin that varies in texture from smooth to coarse. Additionally, feijoas are oval in shape and are approximately one inch to 3 1/2 inches in length. Even though you shouldn’t consume the skin of the feijoa fruit raw, you may utilize it just as one component in preserves. Whenever you cut into a feijoa, you will notice thicker, succulent flesh which is possibly light yellow or even white in color. Furthermore, roughly thirty seeds can be found inside the flesh. These kinds of seeds are extremely tiny and could be consumed combined with the flesh. The feijoa fruit can also be recognized for its aromatic as well as long-lasting fragrance. You can buy feijoas at bigger grocery store chains and also at niche or even premium vegetable and fruit stores. When choosing a feijoa, ensure that the fruit produces a pleasing fragrance and, whenever squashed, is almost soft to the touch. Once bought, make use of your feijoa as quickly as possible since you can keep a ripe feijoa in your house for just as much as 3 days. You should also chill ripe feijoas.

Because feijoas have got a distinctive flavor, they’re generally utilized in fruit salad recipes which call for the particularly sweet flavor. They’re also utilized just as one component in puddings and also pies, and therefore are superb whenever utilized to create jams and also jellies. Particular commercial manufacturers also have mixed feijoas together with black teas to make a satisfying mouthwatering fruit tea. Feijoas may also be consumed raw, so long as you initially eliminate the external skin. You may also create a quality tasting fruit juice through the feijoa. Due to their fairly sweet flavor, feijoas provide a nutritious alternative to many other more caloric or even fatty sweet desserts and snacks. Feijoas likewise have a tasty option to the more traditional and common fruits utilized in numerous recipes. Due to these reasons, it really is worth tinkering with this fruit in cooking to discover its numerous varied factors.

History of Feijoa

This fruit was named after Joam da Silva feijo who is a Brazilian botanist. This fruit was collected by the German explorer named Freidrich Sellow in Southern Brazil in 1815. It was introduced in French in 1890 by the botanist and horticulturist named Dr Edouard Andre. It was introduced in New Zealand in 1920’s.

Types of Feijoa

You will discover five kinds of feijoa fruit generally known as of yet.

  1. Feijoa Apollo
  2. Feijoa Opal Star
  3. Feijoa Gemini
  4. Feijoa Pounamu
  5. Feijoa Kakapo

1. Feijoa Apollo

 Feijoa ApolloThis is usually a huge fruit, along with pretty rough skin. Ellipsoid to Obovoid in form.

  • Gentle fragrant and also sweet in flavor.
  • Flat consistency flesh and incredibly juicy.
  • Medium to higher flesh content.
  • Moderately self-fertile.
  • Upright in development, lively habit.
  • Sometimes exceeding beyond export grades in large fruit.
  • Mid-season for the fruit was (March – April)

2. Feijoa Opal Star

Feijoa Opal StarFruit is within moderate to big in dimensions, Oblong to obovoid in shape.

  • Smooth dark green skin in nature.
  • Smooth succulent fruit
  • Flesh content moderate to low
  • Soft flavor.
  • Upright spreading growth whilst young developing in a powerful compact tree.
  • Good fruit set.
  • Late fruiting months are (April – May)

3. Feijoa Gemini

Feijoa GeminiSmall to medium sized fruit, obovoid.

  • Smooth dark green skin in nature.
  • Medium flesh content.
  • Strong taste.
  • Upright dispersal habit.
  • High fruit set.
  • Early fruiting months (Feb- March).

4. Feijoa Pounamu

Feijoa PounamuExtremely Medium-sized fruit, obovoid in form.

  • Smooth dark green skin.
  • Flesh is sleek, succulent and also enjoyable taste.
  • Pulp content medium.
  • Mild taste.
  • Upright distributing habit reasonably energetic tree.
  • High fruit set
  • Early fruiting season (Feb- March)

5. Feijoa Kakapo

Feijoa Kakapo

Feijoa Kakapo

Medium-sized fruit, obovoid in shape.

  • Rough green skin.
  • Smooth juicy flesh packed with taste.
  • Medium pulp content.
  • Medium energetic good open tree.
  • Medium healthy good open tree.
  • Moderate fruit set.
  • Mid-season fruiting (March – April)

Nutrition Value of Feijoa

Fruit comparison tables. Summary of mineral and vitamin content which includes nutrition charts of the Feijoa fruits.

Nutritive value per 100 g of Feijoa

Nutritive value per 100 g of Feijoa


Nutritive value

Calcium 4.8 mg  
Calories 14  
Carbohydrates 3 mg  
Dietary Fiber 0.6 g  
Potassium 44 mg  
Protein 0.3 mg  
Sodium 1 mg  
Sugars 2.7 g  
Total Fat 0.2 mg  

Storage & handling:

Choose fruit which is blemish free and also gives off an exceptional odor. Feijoas are ripe whenever somewhat soft (much like a banana). In the freshly cut bit of fruit, this is the time the jellied section is apparent. If under-ripe, the jellied section is half white/half clear. If over-ripe, the flesh and jellied section may have begun to turn brown. If the feijoas usually are not quite ripe, they may be kept in a fruit bowl for a few days. As soon as ripe, feijoas ought to be kept in the fridge. If not chilled, ripe feijoas just keep their best flavor for 2 or 3 days. After that, the tastes drop with no alternation in the outward physical appearance of the fruit.

Ways to eat Feijoa 

Feijoa fruits could be loved right off the tree, or perhaps in a juice, jam, and ice cream and also adult drinks just like sparkling wine. Since feijoa is comparable to guava, the food applications are incredibly similar. They’re scrumptious in fruit salads and also chutney and may regularly be utilized in smoothies. The petals of the feijoa flower are usually delicious plus they create a refreshing accessory for salads. If you are searching to test different things, but don’t wish to run too much from the comfort zone, then take a look no more than the feijoa. With a resemblance of guava, you can test out distinct cooking applications and also food mixtures without feeling lost in the different location.

Feijoa Uses

Feijoa fruit discovers its place in kitchen area, dining room table, as well as in the dressing unit. Discover its distinct uses below:

Culinary Uses

  • It is an extremely scrumptious fruit. Pulp of the fruit is consumed by gathering it from the skin.
  • For the fairly sweet smell of the pulp of feijoa it really is utilized in smoothie and also like a flavor within yogurt, pie, ice-creams, cakes, and cookies.
  • Dried feijoa is cooked in stew and also curry. It can make an excellent side dish.
  • It is a very common component for chutneys and also pickles.
  • Feijoa wine, or perhaps feijoa juice tinctured in vodka, gin, and other cocktails as well as mock tails create an excellent delicious and yummy drink.
  • Feijoa is additionally utilized in fruit salad along with other deserts.

Medicinal Uses

  • Because of the higher Vitamin C content in feijoa, it is usually utilized like a kitchen cure to heal common cold, and fever.
  • The fruit is usually recommended to be eaten by individuals struggling with blood pressure level irregularity. It will help in regularizing the blood pressure level.
  • It is considered that frequent usage of feijoa helps prevent from cancer.

Personal Care Uses

  • Feijoa extract can be used in several personal care products due to its nutritional contents.
  • Pulp of feijoa together with the seeds is utilized like a natural Exfoliant on skin.








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