Health Benefits of Cardamom Tea

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Health Benefits of Cardamom TeaCardamom tea is a spice tea which originated from India. It really is created from the crushed seeds of the cardamom plant combined with hot or boiling water. Individuals from India and also the surrounding locations make use of this tea not just because of its fragrant tastes, but in addition for its numerous intended health advantages. Also known as chai, this particular tea is often tougher to find in Western markets.

The cardamom tea by itself features a diverse and also aromatic taste. Numerous explain the tea as being citrusy, floral as well as sweet. Additionally, it has got undertones of smokiness and also fragrant musk. This particular unique taste causes it to be a well known option for combining along with other tastes. Actually, cardamom is never the only ingredient within this tea. All such tea recipes demand added components, generally being a tea leaf. Cardamom is most often combined with black tea leaves.

Cardamom tea is known as elaichi chaai in India and is particularly the primary component in chai tea. The tea is not generally served alone; rather, it is normally combined with black tea, milk or sugar. Various other well-liked spices coupled with cardamom tea consist of: licorice, fennel, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, and also black pepper. Numerous tea drinkers even mix the majority of these spices simultaneously together with the tea.

Health Benefits of Cardamom Tea

Cardamom is actually a perennial plant indigenous to southern India. The flavour of cardamom is common as the earthy vanilla quality related to chai. The medicinally active elements are located within the seeds, which may be dried and steeped in hot water for making cardamom tea, in accordance with “Yoga Journal.” Cardamom is probably the earliest known spices and is also common as a therapeutic plant in Sri Lanka, India and also the Near East. Just before utilizing cardamom medicinally, seek advice from a professional doctor.

1. Digestive Treatment

Text of the ancient healing tradition Ayurveda show that cardamom tea has been utilized right after meals to assist digestion for around 5,000 years. According to anecdotal reports, acid from coffee and spicy foods such as curry can bother the intestines, create gas making dairy hard to break down. “Yoga Journal” states cardamom could be brewed and also included with coffee to counteract the acid and could be consumed like a tea throughout or right after meals to lessen the gas related to spicy foods.

2. Dental Treatment

Cardamom includes a natural anti-bacterial quality that can help neutralize dental bacteria. Right after meals, consuming a cupful of cardamom tea could be very theraputic for dealing with bad breath along with other oral health issues. Historical Egyptians utilized cardamom to whiten their teeth as well as sweeten their breath together with the rich, spicy-flowery quality of the spice. The powerful and fragrant fragrance usually stay within the mouth for many hours, notes The Register website.

3. Congestion

If you’re struggling with cold as well as flu symptoms such as sore throat, congestion, as well as coughing, cardamom tea is a sophisticated treatment for reducing these complaints and much more. It will help clear congestion within the throat and respiratory system, which could be also good for those that have problems with allergies. This may also prove as a good treatment should you suffer excessive phlegm since it has got the properties of the expectorant.

4. Antibacterial

A little known fact is that cardamom tea additionally holds numerous anti-bacterial qualities too. This will make it a great astringent whenever utilized externally on the skin to help heal cuts, scrapes, bug bites, along with other minor wounds too. Drinking this tea is also great for dental hygiene, since the anti-bacterial qualities of the tea might help freshen breath and help avoid cavities as well as tooth decay.

5. Destroys Free Radicals

There are numerous anti-oxidants in cardamom tea and these works well for destroying the free radicals in your body that triggers damage to the cells. It doesn’t only helps with anti ageing qualities for the skin but additionally ensures protection against various kinds of cancer that is because of the free radicals.

 6. Improves Blood Circulation

For people who are searching for a glow onto the skin there’s nothing much better than having 1-2 cups of cardamom tea. This happens due to the improved blood flow in your body. And also this works well for maintaining your other organs in proper health and restores their functions in a perfect manner.

 7. Treats Skin Problems Perfectly

The vitamins, minerals as well as anti microbial qualities in cardamom tea are great to keep the skin healthy as well as free of all sorts of problems just like infections, acne and much more. This can be accomplished by having a minimum of 1-2 cups of freshly prepared cardamom tea every day.

8. Prevents Scalp Infections

The anti bacterial as well as anti microbe qualities are not only seen ideal for a problem free skin but in addition for a healthy scalp. This prevents all sorts of infections out of the hair and scalp and also keeps the right balance. As an added benefit, the antiseptic effects ward off scalp irritation as well as itchiness too.

9. Cures Headaches

Cardamom tea works well for muscle relaxation as well as de stresses the body therefore dealing with issues of headaches just as one additional advantage that definitely must be mentioned here. It’ll vanish immediately.

10. Enhances Immunity

To bolster the immune system by detoxifying the whole system, there isn’t any more sensible choice obtainable in hand than some cardamom tea. You ought to have it every day to find out the effects in the month or two. Be sure you prepare it fresh.]

Cardamom Tea Can Endow On Your Skin

Sip this particular stimulating as well as fragrant beauty booster and you’ll experience miracles on the skin. The skin is certain to transform in a healthy tone outside and inside. Listed below are the reasons as to how cardamom tea works for your skin:

1. Fights Free Radicals

Cardamom tea features a whole bunch of antioxidants in them. These assist in combating the free radicals that will otherwise be a good reason for the cancer the body may suffer. Additionally it is a good reason why cardamom is an extremely good anti-aging spice.

2. Boost Blood Circulation to the Skin

It offers the skin with that lavish, glowing look. This really is simply because it enhances the blood circulation in your skin and for that reason does what it does.

3. Fixes All Skin Problems

The skin definitely requires a complete fix of all of the problems it experiences and never a temporary solution. That is just what cardamom tea will do due to the rich and bountiful levels of vitamins, anti-microbial agents and minerals contained in it.

Cardamom Tea and Its Benefits For Your HairListed here is a listing of benefits you gain for the hair by drinking cardamom tea:

4. Strengthens Weak Hair Strands

Wish to show off curly, shiny as well as lustrous locks? Worry no more, since the inclusion of cardamom tea in your life can help you achieve just that. It fortifies your weak hair strands and provides you a strong and healthy hair instead. This really is hugely due to the anti-oxidative properties inherent in its seeds.

5. Protects Scalp from Infections

With the anti-microbial as well as anti-bacterial qualities your hair derives from this tea, it will likewise safeguard your scalp from various kind of infections.

6. Treats Scalp Irritation & Itchiness

Does your hair are afflicted by any kind of scalp irritation or itchiness? Enjoy a cup of cardamom tea since it’s seeds are really good antiseptics.

Preparation of Cardamom Tea

To make cardamom tea, take one tea bag and let it to steep covered for 3 to 5 minutes. Combining a little bit of sugar and milk with this tea can provide it a flavor which is much like chai tea. Make sure to speak with a physician just before consuming herbal teas in case you are pregnant or nursing.

Although cardamom tea is very popular because of its flavor, a lot more individuals are turning towards this favorable because of its health benefits too. There are lots of local stores which sell teas that have a mix of numerous spices and though a few of these might have cardamom as a listed ingredient, usually it is just contained in a tiny quantity and the benefits could be lost amongst the mixture of other ingredients it is combined with. Finding pure cardamom tea can be challenging to find in local stores, even though there are a few health food stores that can make it available.If you’re thinking about or even trying to find this particular herbal drink, it really is significantly more readily found cardamom tea for sale online. We stress the significance of selecting a reliable vendor that you could trust, so because of this we recommend Buddha Teas. Buddha Teas takes pride in having the ability to offer high quality, all natural teas which are packaged in unbleached, dioxin-free tea bags.

Recommended Dosage

Traditionally, a suggested dosage for cardamom tea is roughly 1.5 grams of the ground seeds steeped in the cup of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes daily for digestion along with other therapeutic uses.





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