Health benefits of Fennel Essential Oil

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Health benefits of Fennel Essential OilFennel seed is often utilized in cooking and also as an alternate medication remedy. It features a distinctive taste and, nutritionally, is an excellent source of potassium, magnesium, calcium as well as vitamins B and C. Therapeutically, certainly one of its most typical applications is always to reduce gastrointestinal distress. Fennel seed has got effective antioxidant properties as well as combats free-radicals as well as irritation. Fennel also offers a number of noted traits which have result in its distinction like a advantageous accessory for weight loss efforts.

Health benefits of Fennel Essential Oil

The health benefits of Fennel essential oil could be related to its qualities just as one antiseptic, antispasmodic, aperitif, carminative, depurative, diuretic, emenagogue, expectorant, galactogogue, laxative, stimulant, stomachic, splenic, tonic as well as vermifuge compound.

The essential oil of fennel is obtained through the steam distillation of crushed fennel seeds, an herb that bears the scientific name of Foeniculum Vulgare. Fennel seeds are usually in use in cookery applications and as a mouth freshener for thousands of years. They’re also traditionally used for therapeutic reasons. These types of therapeutic qualities range from numerous aspects of the essential oil of fennel, which includes Alpha Pinene, Anisic Aldehyde, Cineole, Fenchone, Limonene, Myrcene, Methyl Chavicol and Trans Anethole.

Given here is a listing of therapeutic qualities of fennel essential oil.

1. Antiseptic

The essential oil of fennel has got particular compounds that play a role in its germ killing qualities. Due to this property, Fennel Oil can safeguard wounds from becoming septic. Additionally it is discovered to be efficient at avoiding incisions from becoming septic or getting infected with tetanus, especially after surgeries, caesarian deliveries along with other more severe wounds.

2. Aperitif

Aperitif is really a similar property to purgative, however a little milder. An aperitif acts more on the intestinal peristaltic motion, instead of adding to the majority of bowel. Fennel oil may help to clear the bowels and cure constipation.

3. Carminative

As a carminative, fennel oil makes gases escape from intestines and may provide a individual immense rest from problems like indigestion, restlessness, pain within the abdomen, stomach, and chest, in addition to lessen hypertension. Additionally, it has got another advantage of not letting additional gases form. It is extremely great for individuals with long-term gas trouble.

4. Antispasmodic

Spasms could be deadly if not treated effectively. Spasms are unwanted as well as abnormal contractions in respiratory tracts, intestines, muscles, or nerves, leading to continuous coughing, hiccups, acute pain as well as pulling sensation within the intestines, cramps, muscle pulls, convulsions, or epileptic attacks. If not handled in time, an individual might have serious pain within the intestines or even might run out of breath in cases of coughs as well as hiccups and may even die. Fennel essential oil features a relaxing effect on nerves, muscles, intestines and also the respiratory system as well as pacifies spasmodic attacks, providing fast relief for the previously mentioned situations.

5. Cosmetic Properties 

Fennel Oil is ideal for the skin. It’s got powerful cleansing as well as toning qualities. It tones facial muscles as well as restores moisture to the skin. This particular firms up the skin, decreases wrinkles and also eye bags on the face. It may also help the skin recover rapidly from bruises, cuts and eruptions

6. Stomachic

As being a stomachic only denotes as being a protector of the stomach. Fennel oil assists in keeping the stomach healthy as well as functioning properly, as well as retains the normal function of all of the secretions of digestive acids and bile. Furthermore, it safeguards the stomach from infections and ulcers, therefore ensuring the all-around health as well as wellness of the stomach.

7. Galactogogue

This particular oil can play a huge role for breast feeding mothers. It may increase the amount of milk in them simply by enhancing manufacture of a hormone known as estrogen. This particular benefits the baby along with the mother. This particular milk additionally inherits a few of the carminative as well as digestive qualities of fennel oil and safeguards the baby from flatulence, indigestion and gas, that are common in babies.

8. Stimulant

The properties of fennel oil just like emenagogue, galactogogue and diuretic are due to a single property of the oil, its revitalizing quality. As being a stimulant, it encourages all of the activities going on in the body. It energizes the brain as well as neural activity, nervous system, secretions from endocrine and exocrine glands (including the secretion of milk, sebum, sweat, tears, urine and discharges during menses), digestive system and excretory system. This particular stimulating effect likewise helps to beat exhaustion, dizziness as well as depressive disorders.

9. Depurative

Fennel Oil does the work of the detoxifier and purifies the blood, and is also therefore regarded as a depurative. Actually it will help blood empty itself of blood urea, uric acid as well as particular unwanted hormones that are the primary toxins present in our bloodstream. Aside from this, additionally, it balances sodium level within the blood and helps within the elimination of various other toxic substances which gets into blood from external sources.

10. Splenic

Just like stomachic means something is wonderful for the stomach; splenic means something that is wonderful for the spleen. The spleen plays an important role in our body since it is involved in the production of lymphocytes and red blood cells. A healthy spleen results in a good level of red blood cells along with a more healthy and active life. Fennel oil helps you to maintain your spleen and keeps it toned. Additionally, it safeguards it from numerous infections.

11. Weight Loss Benefits

Fennel seed essential oil might have a positive role in supporting weight-loss as both a metabolic enhancer as well as an appetite suppressant. Increased metabolic output burns more energy and may speed up fat loss. Fennel has got the added benefit with regards to fat reduction in that it will help “break up” fat deposits within the bloodstream for use as energy. Utilizing energy sources the body already has stored can help to eliminate the cravings for food. A study carried out in the Thuringian State Institute of Agriculture in Germany, discovered that dieters who supplemented along with fennel seed oil ate less food.

12. Diuretic

Fennel Oil boosts the regularity of urination and also the quantity of urine, therefore assisting not just eliminate excessive water, sodium, uric acid, bile salts along with other toxic elements from the body, but additionally reducing blood pressure, cleaning the kidneys and decreasing fat. There is certainly just one thing to remember; if you’re not struggling with swelling or even accumulation of water in the body, then you need to consume more water whenever taking fennel oil, since very frequent urination may cause dehydration.

13. Vermifuge

Fennel oil is an efficient worm destroyer. It kills the worms as well as their spores within the intestines and also the excretory tracts. This really is ideal for children, who most often suffer from parasitic worms, and may avoid malnourishment or even slower growth.

14. Laxative

Fennel oil is an excellent laxative as well as benefits both in chronic and acute constipation. However, unlike synthetic laxatives, it’s got no side effects and could be utilized frequently.

15. Anemia

Iron and histidine, an amino acid present in fennel, both are useful in management of anemia. Whereas iron is the chief constituent of hemoglobin, histidine encourages production of hemoglobin and in addition assists with the formation of numerous other components of the blood.

16. Tonic

This means an agent that tones and boosts health. Fennel oil functions as a tonic by toning all of the systems which function in the body, such as the respiratory, digestive, nervous as well as excretory systems, whilst assisting the absorption of nutrition within the body, therefore increasing strength as well as improving immunity.

17. Expectorant

Fennel oil has shown to be effective in offering rest from the depositions of mucus and phlegm that cause congestion of the nasal tract, larynx, pharynx, bronchi and lungs because of cold and viral infection. It really is especially great at dealing with frequent or even long-term coughs.

18. Enhances Mental Strength 

Fennel Oil features a calming as well as strengthening effect on an individual’s mental and emotional state. It will help you find your personal strength and courage in bad times. It will help drive away stress, panic and anxiety. Additionally it is recognized to raise the sex drive.

19. Emmenagogue

Ladies who have problems with irregular, blocked or even painful menstruation can usually benefit from the emmenagogue property of fennel oil. It doesn’t only assist to clear obstructed menses and make them regular, additionally; it provides rest from the other symptoms related to periods like headaches, pain within the abdominal area, dizziness, as well as mood swings. It may also help to avoid untimely or even premature menopause.

Suggested and Possible Uses of Fennel Essential Oil

Blood Clots

With your doctor’s support, think about using fennel oil topically, internally, or even aromatically utilizing the many ideas listed below.


Carefully massage 1-2 drops over the area of concern, diluting when needed.


Inhale from the bottle or diffuse through the entire room as preferred. Massage into solar plexus.


Add 1-2 drops to water or food daily, or even massage over the area of concern or reflex points of the feet.

Digestion (Slow/Sluggish)

Follow the instructions below for Digestive Support or add 1 drop to water, food, or perhaps an empty veggie capsule.

Digestive Support

Dilute 1 drop of fennel essential oil along with 3 drops carrier oil and massage inside a clockwise rotation within the abdomen.


Think about using daily or even with meals, 1-2 drops internally when needed.


Add 1-2 drops to water daily or consume in an empty veggie capsule. Also think about a digestive blend.

Hormonal Balancing

Consider massaging 1-2 drops in the reflex points of the feet, or breathing in the aroma through the bottle daily.


Massage 1 drop over the solar plexus and after that breathe in from the palm of the hand. Also think about diffusing regularly.

Kidney Stones

Massage 1-2 drops (diluted for sensitive skin) within the area of concern 1-2 times a day or as desired.

Lactation, Increasing

Dilute as suggested and apply 1-2 drops over the breasts. Don’t use more than 10 days, and prevent peppermint as it might slow milk production.

Liver Support

Massage 1-2 drops over the area of concern or massage in the reflex points of the feet. Consider taking internally once daily.

Menstrual Cramps

Dilute as suggested and massage within the area of concern.


Diffuse throughout times of stress and overpower or even include a drop to the shirt collar or car vent.


Breathe in through the bottle. If at all possible, include a drop to water, mix well and sip slowly.


Place a drop in the hands and cup within the nose and mouth, or breathe in through the bottle.

Pancreatic Support

Massage 1-2 drops within the area of concern or in the reflex points of the feet.

Parasites, Intestinal

Take 1-2 drops with water every day. Also think about a digestive cleanse or even use oregano or thyme.


Dilute fennel essential oil and apply topically in the soles of the feet or over the lower abdomen or even areas of concern just before and throughout cycle.

Prostate Support

Massage 1-2 drops within the area of concern or in the reflex points of the feet as desired.

Prostatic Hyperplasia, Benign

Dilute as suggested and massage 1-2 drops in to the reflex points of the feet daily. Think about taking with food as well.


Place 1-2 drops on the cotton ball to stick in car, home, or office vents. Diffuse as desired or include a drop to the shirt collar.

Skin Revitalization

Add up to 1 drop of fennel essential oil to the cleaning or moisturizing regime.

Stomach Cramps

Dilute as suggested and massage 1-2 drops in the reflex points of the feet and lower stomach and back.


Place 1 drop on your hands, cup over the nose and mouth, and breathe deeply as wanted.

Urinary Stones

Massage 1-2 drops over the area of concern or in the reflex points of the feet. Think about taking 1-2 drops internally with food.


Add up to 1 drop of fennel essential oil to the cleaning or even moisturizing routine.

A Few Words of Caution

An organic component known as Trans Anethole, which contained in fennel essential oil, enhances the manufacture of the estrogen hormone. Even though this is very therapeutic for breast feeding mothers, it really is dangerous for expecting mothers and ladies along with breast cancer or even uterine cancer or tumor, since excessive estrogen may be the main reason for such cancers. In heavy doses, it might have narcotic effects and may lead to convulsions, hallucinations as well as mental imbalance. People struggling with epilepsy or even with a history of that situation must avoid using fennel essential oil.

When to avoid fennel plant oil

Ladies who are pregnant must avoid using fennel, until recommended by a specialist or even physician.

Also, whilst the fennel herb is shown to increase the amount of breast milk made by a woman’s body, nursing mothers shouldn’t consume lots of fennel till they’ve conferred with their doctors, as challenging negative effects could occur.

Additionally, individuals with epilepsy, endometriosis, and / or estrogen-related cancers should avoid using fennel essential oil. Eventually, as the fennel herb consists of vast amounts of trans-anethole, any of the previously mentioned problems may be worsened or complicated with the aid of fennel.

As fennel oil is available in both sweet and bitter varieties, those utilizing sweet fennel oil should not utilize the oil in very large doses, as a great quantity of sweet fennel oil can easily encourage a narcotic effect.

Typically, sweet fennel oil is utilized in several well-known aromatherapy practices. On the other hand, bitter fennel oil shouldn’t be used on the skin, as problems and damaging outcomes might occur.






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