Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Lemon Essential OilLemons have already been utilized for their therapeutic qualities for hundreds of years, as well as their health advantages are well-documented. Hundreds of years ago, the ancient Egyptians might consume lemon juice to clear their bodies of toxins as well as poisons.

Modern science informs us that the Egyptians were on to something – lemons have powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal as well as antiviral qualities. Science has additionally found out that lemons may also be good defense mechanisms boosters, help aid in digestion, and may help detoxify as well as cleanse the liver.

Lemons usually are powerhouses of germ-fighting as well as toxin-fighting ingredients which encourage immunity as well as fight infection. They consist of citric acid, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C as well as bioflavonoids, simply to name a few. The simplest way to reap all of the amazing features of lemon is by using lemon essential oil liberally in your lifetime.

Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

The health advantages of lemon oil could be related to its revitalizing, soothing, carminative, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep inducing, as well as anti-fungal qualities. The benefits of lemon oil consist of its capability to deal with stress disorders, fever, infections, asthma, weight problems, insomnia, skin conditions, hair conditions, stomach problems as well as tiredness.

Lemons are probably the most widely used citrus fruits on this planet, and therefore are traditionally used for cookery reasons, since they are an excellent source of vitamins as well as help with digestion of food. Additionally, it provides a pleasing taste as well as aroma to food. Furthermore, lemon juice is probably the most widely used drinks on earth since it is very healthy, delicious, and cheap.

The health benefits of lemon oil range from the following:

1. Skin care

Lemon oil is an excellent treatment for boosting the luster of dull skin. It really is astringent and detoxifying in nature, and revitalizes sagging or even tired-looking skin. Its germ killing properties assist in dealing with pimples as well as other skin conditions. Lemon is additionally appropriate for decreasing extreme oil of the skin.

2. Astringent Benefits

Once the skin gets oily, lemon oil offers a natural tonifier, balancing as well as rejuvenating the skin whenever utilized properly. Just diluting a natural carrier oil like jojoba or even soy along with 1 % lemon oil offers the required elements to make sure correct assimilation as well as penetration for the skin.

Mixing juniper as well as rosemary to lemon oil with a carrier oil as the base, results in a advantageous mixture formula to fight cellulite. Special massage processes to encourage lymphatic flow and help toxin removal kept in the cells, reduce the general appearance as well as irritation of cellulite.

3. Benefits against stress 

Lemon essential oil is utilized just as one agent in aromatherapy like a relaxing agent. It calms stress and is also totally relaxing on the mind. The oil is recognized to decrease exhaustion, nervous tension, nervousness, mental fatigue as well as dizziness. It will help in developing a positive way of thinking in individuals and therefore, it is extremely restorative. Negativity within the mind and body is decreased. Additionally it is recognized to boost concentration level. Utilizing it like a room freshener is excellent for calming benefits

4. Immune system

Lemon oil features a higher vitamin content, that makes it an excellent booster for the body’s immune system. It further encourages white blood cells, therefore boosting your capability to combat diseases. Lemon oil additionally enhances circulation through the entire body.

5. Stress

Lemon oil is soothing in nature and for that reason works well for eliminating mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness as well as nervous tension. It has the capability to refresh the mind simply by making a optimistic mindset as well as eliminating negative emotions. Additionally it is considered that breathing in lemon oil works well for increasing concentration as well as alertness. It may therefore be utilized for a room freshener in offices to boost the effectiveness of the employees.

6. Hair Highlighting 

Skip the costly salon, and include some new highlights to the hair yourself. Comb a little bit of lemon essential oil through chosen chunks , and go hang out in the sunshine. But be cautious, it truely does work!  So keep looking for the required brightness, and wash it out completely when you’re happy with the outcomes.

7. Asthma

It is thought that lemons may also be helpful for dealing with asthma, since breathing in the aroma of lemons can clear the nasal passages and sinuses, promoting good air flow as well as constant breathing.

8. Insomnia

Health benefits of lemon oil consist of offering rest from sleeplessness. Utilizing lemon oil ensures good sleep helping people who have problems with sleeplessness.

9. Stomach disorders 

Lemon oil is carminative in nature. Which means that it lowers gas as well as flatulence within the stomach and offers rest from gas associated difficulties. The oil also helps in fighting acidity, indigestion, cramps as well as stomach upsets, to name a few. Stomach problems are managed because of the anti-microbial agent contained in lemon oils. This particular agent serves against bacteria liable for causing problems associated with stomach and duodenum.  The biggest advantage of utilizing the oil is the fact that bacteria don’t develop resistant against it, whilst bacteria develop immunity towards allopathic medicines if utilized on a regular basis.

10. Hair care

Lemon oil is additionally helpful as a hair tonic. Lots of people utilize lemon oil to get robust, healthy and glossy hair. Lemon oil is additionally utilized to get rid of dandruff.

11. Weight loss

Lemon juice is extremely useful in reducing weight, as well as fulfilling appetite to lessen the risk of eating too much.

12. Fever

Lemon oil is beneficial towards infectious illnesses like fever, malaria as well as typhoid.

13. Benefits for the respiratory system 

Whenever lemon essential oil is breathed in as vapor, blocked lungs as well as nose are cleaned. It offers rest from cold, cough and infection of the throat and lungs.

14. Benefits for oral health 

Gargling along with diluted lemon essential oil is extremely beneficial to eliminate problems like bad breath as well as tooth ache. The germ killing as well as anti-microbial qualities of lemon assist in killing bacteria within the mouth and in keeping the mouth fresh. Mouth ulcers could be managed with lemon essential oil. It has already been discovered that lemon essential oil is effective for natural whitening of teeth.

15. Benefits for fingernails 

High amounts of vitamins contained in lemon essential oils are very theraputic for strengthening nails as well as resolving the problems of brittle nails. Frequent massage together with the oil tends to make nails healthy. Additionally it is very beneficial for a number of fungal infections which develop round the nails.

Suggested and Possible Lemon Oil Uses

Air Pollution

Diffuse after painting (or add some in your Low-VOC paint!), during bouts of illness or anytime air quality can be a concern.


Mix 2 drops of lemon, 2 drops of lavender, and 2 drops of peppermint along with numerous ounces of water. Swish in mouth and swallow. Repeat when needed.


Place a drop in the hands to inhale, rub a drop into long or short hair, or even diffuse from the room during periods of anxiety.


Diffuse from the air, or even massage with a carrier oil in the chest for faster absorption to the blood stream.


Lemon oil stimulates healing and reduces chance of infection when utilizing a small quantity on the site of the bite or sting.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Add a drop in your water or even herbal tea, or at any time you are cooking along with lemon juice.

Brain Injury

Use a diffuser or even include a drop to the shirt collar. Mix with a little bit of carrier oil as well as massage into neck, shoulders and scalp.

Cold Sores

Add a really small dab straight to the cold sore. In addition try diluting it along with coconut oil and utilizing it as a lip balm to avoid cold sores throughout common times of flareup.


Add a drop on the pillow, diffuse from the room, include several drops to wet clothes before you decide to line- or machine-dry them, or dilute with coconut oil and massage in the chest.


Add a dab in your shirt collar when studying or even working, rub through the hair or diffuse through a room (ideal for teachers!).


Dilute 1 drop of lemon essential oil to 5-10 drops of coconut oil and massage in the gentle clockwise direction within the abdomen.


Rub through hair, diffuse in the room, or even include a drop to the pillow for the fragrant advantages. Used in massage or even include a drop to water or tea during your day for topical or even internal benefits.

Digestion (Sluggish)

Massage in the abdomen or even utilize lemon essential oil in cooking or perhaps in your water.


Add to your homemade cleaning solutions, add a drop to dishwater or 3 drops to bathwater, use within the washing machine or over handkerchiefs in the course of cold season, and use throughout massage.

Dry Throat

Add a drop in your water, or even gargle along with warm water, seas salt along with a drop of lemon.


Dilute in a small dollop of coconut oil and massage over the upper and lower intestines and also over the lower back to soak up rapidly to the blood stream.


Massage over the reflex points of the feet and hands, throughout the neck and chest and include a drop to water during your day.


Massage to the areas of the body you are able to determine is holding exhaustion (physical, mental or emotional)


Add a drop to cool fluids, or even dilute one drop to 5-10 drops or even more of the carrier oil as well as massage over shoulders, neck, forehead, and into ears.


Massage in the reflex points of the feet and hands or above the abdomen or aches. Diffuse within the room, include a drop to the pillow or within the clothes for fragrant properties and also to aid in fighting illness for the rest of the family.


Use topically with care, or even soak the inflammed area in tepid water with several drops of lemon essential oil. Take internally in water or perhaps a tsp of honey 2-5 times during the day.

Greasy/Oily Hair

You are able to take this particular oil internally in promoting internal health that will affect the hair, add a drop in your shampoo, or even massage several drops diluted in water in the scalp and follicles of hair every time you shower.


Make use of this aromatically (adding it to the hair, shirt collar, or even diffusing through the entire home), or apply to the reflex points of the feet, particularly the toes.


Greasy food and much more alcohol might help a hangover however they don’t exactly cause you to feel well. Make use of lemon essential oil in the bath, breathing in directly, include a drop to water (drink lots of water – hangovers are in fact said to be dehydration symptoms), or massage in the chest, abdomen or even reflex points of feet and hands.


Massage lemon oil throughout the arches as well as pads of the feet and around the throat, sternum and stomach.

Intestinal Parasites

It is recommend to utilizing lemon within your water or even tea daily to deal with and stop parasites. You may also massage within the stomach and intestines as well as in the feet for faster absorption.

Kidney Stones

Eat, drink or even take lemon oil in capsules to combat off kidney stones.

Lymphatic Cleansing

Massage in the body with a carrier oil, moving from the outer extremities toward the heart. Diffuse daily whenever detoxing is really a priority.


Lemon’s anti-bacterial qualities may be used by massaging it straight into the skin for fast absorption to the blood stream.


Diffuse or even create sachets to place through the entire home, place a dab in your shirt or even rub a drop in your hands and then through the hair.


Massage in the feet and hands, diffuse or even inhale directly, or include a drop to water throughout the day.

Physical Energy

Lemon essential oil is extremely uplifting whenever utilized aromatically. Try running it through your hair, adding it to the clothes because you dry them or adding it to baking soda like a carpet deodorizer when you vacuum.

Postpartum Depression

Diffuse through the home throughout and after birth, dry clothes in a number of drops of lemon, or even rub a drop in your hands and run through hair.


Great during cold and flu season to diffuse throughout the home. You may also include a drop into a small pan of hot water on the stove and allow the aroma fill the home. (You may then utilize that lemon water in cooking!)


Even though lemon essential oil is proven to be beneficial, if energies are running too high it may also bring an individual into balance. Diffuse through the air or even add a drop or even two into a small pan of hot water.

Skin (Tones)

Use carefully (in case there is sensitivity) like a skin toner or even astringent, even diluting it in purified water as well as spritzing on the face, preventing the eyes.


Add 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil to a pan of hot water as well as breath in the steam, or even add to your shirt collar.

Throat Infection

Diffuse through the room, use within massage, and gargle in warm sea salt with a drop of lemon.


May be used in the same manner like a throat infection.


Diffuse lemon essential oil throughout the room or drop 1-2 drops in a pan of hot, steaming water to fill the house together with the aroma.

Varicose Veins

Very lightly massage lemon oil (along with peppermint, lemongrass, and cypress in the upward motion (always toward the heart).

Water Purification

Where clean water (or simply good tasting water) is an issue, include a drop of lemon essential oil to every glass of water, stir, allow sit for 5 minutes and after that drink.

Ayurvedic benefits of Lemon Essential oil

  • Use it for coughs, colds and general congestion. Rub a few drops of lemon oil in your chest and/or throat whenever you feel congested. Repeat several times daily. (You can’t really overdose on lemon oil – an execllent reason to use it!) You may also diffuse lemon oil in the air for assist with respiratory problems.
  • Add 2-3 drops of lemon oil in your hot tea, or even drink it along with warm water as well as honey to assist soothe an aching throat.
  • Clear Up Nail Fungus: Use a few drops of lemon oil to the affected nail many times each day. Continue till the nail fungus clears up. Note:  This might take a couple of months.
  • Feeling anxious? Rather than asking your doctor for the prescription, try inhaling the scent of lemon oil frequently. Use a drop of lemon oil behind your ears as well as on your wrists. Breathe in the scent deeply. A great method to lift your mood and calm nervousness … naturally. You may also include a few drops of lemon oil into a nice hot bath for the calming effect.
  • Cold sores or blisters? Corns or calluses? Include a drop of lemon oil towards the affected area 2-3 times each day and watch it disappear rapidly. (Be sure and rinse the hands right after using, or even utilize a Q-tip to apply.)
  • Drink 2-3 drops of lemon oil within your water for aid with digestion, to enhance weight-loss efforts, and also to improve your mood and metabolism. Water flavored along with lemon essential oil features a refreshing, pleasing taste which is simple to swallow.
  • Feeling just like you may be coming down with something? Place a drop of lemon oil right on your tongue, or even on the roof of the mouth. The antibacterial as well as antiviral qualities of the lemon oil might defend against symptoms just in time.
  • Add a drop of lemon oil in your toothbrush about once per week. Your mouth will feel fresher as well as your toothbrush will stay germ-free.
  • Allergies or even hay fever? Use a drop of lemon oil behind the ear or perhaps underneath the nose 2-3 times each day for help battling seasonal allergies. In case the lemon odor troubles your already-sensitive nose, use the oil to the bottoms of the feet instead.
  • Place 4 drops of lemon oil along with roughly 4 ounces of warm water as well as gargle for bad breath, mouth ulcers along with other mouth ailments.
  • Helps relieve nausea: Take 1-2 drops lemon oil combined in a teaspoon of honey.
  • Mental Clarity as well as Creativity: Inhale straight from bottle or even place one drop in palm of hand and inhale. Usually do not touch nose or face.
  • To freshen air and neutralize bad odors, use 2-3 drops in the diffuser. While cleaning, add 2-3 drops to wash water to remove greasy residue as well as for extra freshness.
  • For anemia and high blood pressure, make use of 2-3 drops in the diffuser frequently. May also use like a steam inhalation.
  • For joint pain, use 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage on affected area. May add 8-10 drops in bath water.
  • For circulatory health, mix 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage on body. May also use 8-10 drops in bath water, or perhaps a few drops in a steam inhalation.
  • For colds, coughs, flu, and voice loss, use 2-3 drops in the steam inhalation. Include to carrier oil and rub on chest and neck. For cooling fever, utilize 2-3 drops in the cold compress. After an illness, use 2-3 drops in the diffuser or even steam inhalation like a tonic for the immune system. Continue use for 2-3 days.
  • For corns and warts, utilize neat on the cotton swab and apply straight to affected area. Try not to apply to surrounding area.
  • To alleviate emotional distress, confusion, fatigue, PMS, and stress, use 2-3 drops in the diffuser. May use 8-10 drops in bath water.
  • To boost digestive health, make use of 2-3 drops frequently in steam inhaler or diffuser.
  • To toughen fingernails, combine 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of almond oil as well as massage into cuticles as well as on fingernails regularly.
  • For mouth ulcers or throat infections, use within mouthwash. Swish, gargle, as well as rinse along with water. Use frequently till condition has abated.
  • For nosebleeds, place a few drops on the cotton ball as well as inhale.
  • For greasy hair, combine 2-3 drops with unscented shampoo. For oily skin, combine 2-3 drops of oil in 1 oz. of water. Mix well, place on cotton ball. Apply at skin like a toner.
  • As insect repellent, utilize 2-3 drops in diffuser or even include a few drops to cotton ball, and put in infested areas.
  • To soften scar tissue, combine 2-3 drops in 1 oz. of carrier oil. Massage on scar frequently.
  • Stop a Runny Nose: Use just a little carrier oil along with a drop of lemon oil in the palm of the hand.  Get your fingertip wet as well as swipe each side of the nose.  This actually works!
  • Energy Booster: Add a couple of drops of both lemon as well as peppermint essential oils to water for the immediate increase in energy.
  • Treat Acne: Apply three drops of lemon essential oil to the cotton ball and swipe on the affected area, repeating up to 3 times each day.
  • Fight Fatigue: Moisten a cloth along with five drops of lemon essential oil as well as hold straight beneath your nose. Inhale the scent for around two minutes.
  • Treat Minor Wounds: Essential lemon oil is really a natural germ killing. Place five drops of lemon essential oil in the bowl of three ounces of water. Wipe the wound by using a sanitized cloth or even pad which has been dipped in the mixture. Continue this process prior to the wound appears clean.
  • Heal Canker Sores: Add a drop of Lemon to the shot glass of water and swish round the mouth for a few minutes to ease canker sores.
  • Control Psoriasis: Using a roller ball, use lemon oil towards the affected area Two to three times each day.  For an additional boost, top along with DIY Miracle Healing Salve, rubbing it in lightly.
  • Improve Mental Clarity: Diffuse lemon within your work or study space to enhance mental accuracy as well as concentration.

Other benefits of lemon

Other benefits of lemon include the following:

1. Cleaners

Lemon is a great cleaner, and that’s why it is utilized for cleaning the body, metal surfaces, dishes, and clothes. It’s also a disinfectant, therefore it is frequently used to clean surfaces like butcher’s knives as well as blocks that may get contaminated effortlessly.

2. Perfumes 

Lemon oil features a distinctly refreshing aroma which usually causes it to be a great component for perfumes. Numerous perfumed candles include lemon oil, and it’s also utilized in potpourris.

3. Soaps and cosmetics

Lemon juice as well as lemon essential oil both are utilized in soaps, face washes and lots of other personal care and skin care cosmetics because of its germ killing quality.

4. Beverages

Lemon oil is utilized in a variety of synthetic drink concentrates to provide them the flavour of lemon juice.

Laundry Just in case you leave your laundry sitting in the washer too long, simply include a few drop of lemon EO as well as your clothes won’t get that nasty smell.

5. Teeth Whitener

Combine lemon essential oil, baking soda as well as coconut oil as well as rub in your teeth for just two minutes and after that dense like a natural teeth whitener.

6. Clean Hands 

Got oily hands from fixing your car or even bike and common soap isn’t doing the trick? Don’t worry about it, just include a couple drops of lemon EO together with your soap and get the clean hands back!

7. Natural Disinfectant 

Wish to avoid alcohol as well as bleach to disinfect your countertops as well as clean your damp shower? Include 40 drops lemon oil as well as 20 drops tea tree oil to the 16-oz spray bottle fill along with pure water (and a little bit of white vinegar) for the traditional cleaning favorite.

8. Face-wash 

Lemon essential oil uses for skin can enhance your complexion and leave the skin supple and soft.  Lemon oil benefits skin simply by deeply nourishing.  You could make lemon oil along with baking soda as well as honey for the all-natural acne free face wash.

9. Wood and Silver Polish 

A lemon oil-soaked cloth may also help beautify your damaged silver and jewelry!  Lemon oil for wood cleaning is additionally fantastic.

10. Goo-Be-Gone 

Un-stick the sticky goo your children leave behind along with stickers and gum along with lemon oil.

Lemon oil combines well with lots of other essential oils which includes lavender essential oil, rose oil, neroli essential oil, sandalwood oil, geranium essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, tea tree essential oil, which makes it a well known oil for herbalists and people who practice the healing art of aromatherapy.

11. Degreaser

Got grease or even oil spots on clothes or any other surfaces? Include a few drops of lemon essential oil with a mild soap to get grease as well as oil stains out.

12. Carpet Cleaner

Clean your carpets naturally along with lemon oil. Only use 10-15 drops in a single gallon of water in the carpet cleaner or even steamer.The lemon oil will assist you to clean, freshen as well as brighten carpets.

13. DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

Keep the kitchen and bathroom clean with this particular DIY All-Purpose Cleaner. Simply mix 5-6 drops of lemon oil with approximately 1-2 cups of filtered water in the spray bottle. Clean and sanitize with to eliminate mildew and mold. And when you’ll need a little additional cleaning power, simply add 1-2 tsp of apple cider vinegar to degrease and cleanup surfaces.

14. Polish Furniture

In the spray bottle, include 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar to 2/3 cup olive oil. Then add 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil. It’s an ideal, all-natural furniture cleaner also it smells incredible.

15. Detox Water

Wake up with a refreshing cold glass of water along with 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil. It will help to flush toxins from the body as well as supports the liver and kidneys.

16. Promote Clear Skin

Got breakouts or oily skin? Make use of a drop of lemon essential oil to balance oil glands. You may also include a few drops in your favorite moisturizer. Simply note to prevent sunlight or even UV light within just 24 hours as lemon essential oil is UV sensitive.

17. Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Add 3-5 drops of lemon essential oil to your sink filled with water. Clean your produce to eliminate the waxy residue in addition to sanitize fruit and veggies.

18. Air Freshener

Include 5-6 drops of lemon oil with approximately 1-2 cups of filtered water in the spray bottle to manufacture a DIY air freshener. Spray rooms, closets, cabinets, drawers and also mist on furniture cushions to remove odors.

19. Sanitize a Dishwasher or Garbage Disposal

Add 1-2 drops within your garbage disposal. Wait a minute and after that turn on warm water to purge out odors. You may also sanitize as well as clean up the dishwasher. Simply include it with the detergent container as well as run a load of dishes. Your dishes and dishwasher will smell amazing.

20. Freshen Laundry

Got smelly laundry? Include a few drops on the detergent container of the washing machine to freshen up laundry as well as eliminate odors. This particular is effective for lightening laundry too.

21. Bug Repellant

Combine 5-6 drops of lemon oil with approximately 1-2 cups of filtered water inside a spray bottle to create a DIY bug repellant. Ideal for keeping ants, aphids along with other bugs away.

22. Cooking

Include a few drops of lemon essential oil in place within your favorite foods that call for real lemons. 7-8 drops is the equal of one lemon. Test it out for yourself. It’s scrumptious in the roast chicken, pasta tossed along with olive oil as well as garlic, as well as in baking recipes that call for lemon extract.

23. Soft Scrub Cleaner

Make your own DIY soft scrub cleaner for tubs as well as sinks in bathrooms and also the kitchen.

24. DIY Facial

Combine 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil with approximately 1 tablespoon of baking soda and some drops of water. Make a grain paste as well as exfoliate the face for some minutes. Rinse and moisturize together with your favorite facial lotion. The lemon essential oil helps you to brighten skin and causes it to be softer. Just note to prevent sunlight or even UV light within 24 hours as lemon essential oil is UV sensitive.

25. Deodorize a Room

Add 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil to the diffuser to freshen as well as deodorize a room.

26. Disinfect a Cutting Board

Rub 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil on the cutting board and let sit for a couple of minutes. Rinse along with hot water and wash with a gentle soap.

27. Instant Lemonade

Make lemonade without the elbow grease of squeezing lemons yourself. Simply add 1-2 drops to the tall glass of water with 1 tablespoon of raw honey. Makes one serving.

28. Uplifting Body Scrub

Help make your very own uplifting as well as energizing DIY Lemon body scrub to naturally exfoliate skin.

29. Dry Erase Marker Removal

Can’t get out all of the dry-erase marker ink off your white board? Make use of a few drops of lemon essential oil on the cotton ball or even cloth and wipe off marker residue. You’ll obtain a clean, fresh board to utilize.

Outdoor Use of Lemon Essential oils

  • Mosquito Repellent: Mix lemon oil with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) and run over the skin to repel mosquitos who hate the smell.
  • Heal Insect Bites: Apply two drops straight to the bite and lightly rub. Do this 2 to 3 points during the day.

Methods of making Lemon essential oil in your home

Lemons really are a stress-reducing super citrus fruit. Make your own lemon essential oil utilizing the lemon peel, that contains powerful stress-reducing oils. Include a few drops of the essential oil to water and put in the spray bottle for the relaxing spritz.



  1. Grate the outside of the lemon over a bowl.
  2. Fill a small glass bottle halfway together with the grated lemon zest. Fill the rest of the bottle along with olive oil.
  3. Set the bottle on the windowsill or even somewhere else that will get lots of sun. Let it rest there for several days, but shake the bottle several times each day.
  4. Store lemon oil within an airtight container at room temperature.

Precautions while using lemon essential oil

While many individuals frequently think that the simple ingestion of lemon oil will certainly encourage benefits, all consumers should be cautious to follow specific dosage as well as usage guidelines when utilizing any kind of lemon herb.

Even though lemon oil delivers a range of advantages, there are numerous precautions that needs to be taking when utilizing this agent.

Lemon essential oils combines well along with Bergamot, the Chamomiles, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Frankincense, Ginger, Juniper, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang.

Lemon oil really should not be ingested or even applied straight to the skin without having to be diluted

Lemon essential oils shouldn’t be utilized in excessive while using the on the skin since it can result in serious dryness and flakiness. Individuals with incredibly sensitive skin need to utilize the oil in very dilute form. The oil shouldn’t be applied before going out in the sun due to its photosensitive nature. Lemon essential oil shouldn’t be combined with spearmint, camphor, wintergreen, atlas, cedar, anise seeds, allspice, lime, clove, patchouli, nutmeg, chamomile and pennyroyal. It shouldn’t be utilized for kids below two years of age.

This oil remains fresh for 3 years. However, it must be kept in a well ventilated dry place. The oil shouldn’t are in contact with direct sunlight and heat. Clean sealed bottles ought to be useful for storage.

Oil ought to be kept in a tightly sealed container, far from any contact with fire / heat. Lemon oil should also be stored away from the flammable chemicals / objects.






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