Health Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Mandarin Essential OilThe mandarin orange tree is smaller trees with smaller leaves which produce fruits with flatten at both ends. It can be easily differentiated from the various varieties of oranges by their segments and loose skins. Though mandarin was popular in China and Japan but it reaches Europe in the nineteenth century. It is well grown and found in North Africa, Mediterranean regions of Europe as well as North and South America. Temple orange, clementines and the tangelo are the hybrids which have been developed.

The fresh peels of these fruits are cold compressed to extract the essential oils which contain alpha pinene, camphene, citronellal, geranial, limonene, methyl methylanthranilate, nerol, terpineol, beta pinene, citronellal, gamma terpinolene, linalool, myrcene, nerol and sabinene. As mandarins are given a special place in the Chinese culture, it was presented as gifts to the Mandarins.

Health Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil has antispasmodic, cytophylactic, digestive, nervous relaxant, stomachic, antiseptic, circulatory, depurative, hepatic, sedative and tonic substance properties. As it is used in the soap, cosmetics, oil and perfume industries, food and beverage, it also serves various medicinal uses too.

Some more health benefits of Mandarin Essential oil is discussed below:

1. Antiseptic

Due to antiseptic properties in Mandarin Essential oil, it helps to prevent from viral, fungal and bacterial infections. It increases the leucocytes and blood platelets collection to the area affected and provides the protective covering to the wound. The oil destroys the bacteria with its antibacterial properties and adds a protective effect.

2. Nervine

The Mandarin Essential Oil provides the joy and calm environment. It calms and soothes the stress as well as anxiety. This oil can perform the functions of sedative, nervine, calming, hypnotic and soothing which pacify the mind and boost the self-confidence. Its sedative function is better at relaxing and relieving nervous disorder or disturbances. With this essential oil, the attacks of convulsions, hysteria and epilepsy can be soothed as well.

3. Antispasmodic

The Mandarin Essential Oil clears the spasms and provides relief for congestion, exhausting coughs, breathing troubles, muscle pulls, vomiting and pulling aches in the stomach, nervous afflictions and convulsions. This has got no side effects. The spasm will be cured with just a few drops.

4. Circulatory

This oil boosts the blood circulation which provides warmth and aids from arthritis and rheumatism. It also improves the immunity system.

5. Depurative

It eliminates the unwanted substances from the body through sweating, urination and fecal matter. So this prevents from the boils, gout, acne, arthritis and abscesses with the discharge of toxic matters.

6. Digestive

To facilitate the digestion, few drops of oil should be taken after lunch or dinner so that the discharge of digestive juices and bile is prompt. It raises the hunger.

7. Hepatic

This oil works a wonder for liver as it protects the liver from infections and helps to clear the bile from it. It enhances (strengthen) the liver as well as its functions.

8. Nervous Relaxant

This oil is effective in calming the nervous afflictions and disturbances. The attacks of epilepsy, convulsions and hysteria are also cooled with its use. It erases the anxiety and stress effectively.

9. Cytophylactic

The mandarin essential oil helps to speed up the healing of wounds, wear and tear by increasing the growth of new tissues and cells. It helps the body in proper growth.

10. Tonic

It helps to improve the immune functions of the body. It also improves the body functions by boosting the functions of organic systems such as circulatory, excretory, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, and neurotic and nervous systems.

11. Sedative

The mandarin essential oil helps to get rid of nervous disturbances and inflammation.

12. Stomachic

It helps to prevent from infections and maintain the balance between acid and base in the stomach which helps to eliminate ulcer and other disorders.

Ayurvedic Uses of Mandarin Essential Oil

The Mandarin Essential oil can be used in several ways:

  • 1 drop of mandarin essential oil could be added to the hanky or 2 drops could be added to the diffuser in order to assist the metabolism process or promote appetite.
  • If 2 to 3 drops of mandarin essential oil is added to the warm bathing water then it helps to relieve flatulence, indigestion, nausea and gas.
  • Massaging with the mixture of 2 drops of mandarin essential oil and 10 drops of wheatgerm oil helps to cure gastritis, intestinal infections, dyspepsia, flatulence, indigestion, ulcers, esophageal spasms, colitis, bloating and hiccups.
  • In warm bathing water, if 2 drops of Mandarin essential oil is added before bed then it helps to get rid of mental disturbances, convulsions, tensed muscles, epilepsy and nervous afflictions. It helps to fall asleep by stimulating the sense of stillness and encouragement.
  • 3 drops of mandarin essential oil should be added to the diffuser to handle restlessness, fatigue, stress, negative emotions, anxiety, fear, irritability and tantrums. It is applicable for those children who are stubborn or over-excited during the nighttime.
  • In steam therapy, if 2 drops of mandarin essential oil is added then it helps to remove the black heads, pimples, marks, blemishes and skin impurities. It enhances the glow and natural beauty of the skin.
  • If the mixture of 2-3 drops of mandarin essential oil and 15 drops of jojoba oil is massaged then it increases the blood circulation, reduces scars and marks and increases elasticity of the skin.
  • The affected area could be applied a regular skin care cream or lotion by adding 3 drops of Mandarin essential oil.
  • 3 drops of Mandarin essential oil could be added to warm bath or the mixture of 5 drops of mandarin essential oil and 2 ml of coconut oil could be massaged to the body to remove the unwanted substances from the mind and body. Spasms in the intestine, nervous system, respiratory system and muscles can also be treated.
  • It also helps to get relief from blood lots, arthritis, rheumatic pain and varicose veins and the skin if massaged with the mixture of 5 drops of mandarin essential oil and 2 ml of sesame oil then it increases the blood circulation.
  • It improves the immunity power to fight against diseases. 2 drops of mandarin essential oil can be added to the diffuser to refresh instantly either in the day or night.
  • Refreshing Sugar Scrub: The mixture of ¼ cup of coconut oil, 2 cups of brown sugar and 10 drops of each Spearmint and mandarin essential oil should be stored on an air tight glass container.
  • Mood Lifting Perfume: The combination of 3 drops of Bergamot, 9 drops of Lavender, 3 drops of Ylang Ylang, 9 drops of Clary Sage and 12 drops of Mandarin essential oils should be kept in 10 ml roller bottle containing the top with coconut or other carrier oils which should be applied to the pulse points.
  • The mixture of 5 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of mandarin essential oil should be added to a water filled spray bottle for disinfecting and pleasant spray.


In illness

The properties of tangerines are stomachic, sedative, tonic and slightly hypnotic. It helps to relieve the irritability and stress. Those who have sleeping difficulties should eat mandarins after dinner in the evening. In comparison to other citrus fruit, mandarins have higher bromine content. Mandarins are also rich in Vitamin C.

Other uses

The mandarin’s peel can be used as a flavor for cooking. The peels of mandarins are used to make some kind of liqueurs.

Precautions for Mandarin Essential Oil

After topical application, direct sunlight should be avoided for minimum 12 hours when citrus oil is used. Skin sensitivity should be tested before application. The use of oil in excessive manner may lead to skin sensitization. Eyes, nose and ears should be avoided while using. It should be applied according the recommendation noted by the maker.

Blending for Mandarin Essential Oil

It blends well with other citrus oils like orange, lemon, grapefruits and neroli. Other essential oil such as black pepper, cinnamon, clove, lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile, basil, bergamot, clary sage, frankincense, palmarosa, geranium and nutmeg also blends well with Mandarin Essential Oil.






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