Health Benefits of Oak Moss Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Oak Moss Essential OilOak Moss is actually a variety of lichen or moss which can be found growing around the branches of Oak trees. Its scientific name is Evernia Prunastri. As Oak is spread all over North America as well as Europe so is Oak Moss.  France is the biggest producer of Oak moss essential oil, yet other European nations only collects the Moss. Apart from France other nations like USA; Bulgaria also produces this particular essential oil.

Oak Moss essential oil is very first extracted by the solvent extraction method through which only concrete oil is yielded after that it is accomplished by the vacuum distillation process. Evernic acid, delta usnic acid, atranorine and chloratronorine are the main components of Oak Moss essentials oil.

Oakmoss essential oil have got numerous benefits just like soothing, anti-septic, expectorant and many other. Peoples of native America make use of this natural extract to speed up as well as treat wound and also deal with many other respiratory infection as well as other health conditions. Due to the Expectorant features of the Oakmoss essential oil  Asthma, laryngitis, coughs, bronchitis and many other problems can be treated effectively.

To yield its health benefits we can use it in a diffuser and breathe in the steams by means of towels or other carriers right after pouring many drops of warm oil onto it.

This oil is suggested to be used in increased acidity, various irritations of digestive systems, indigestion and so on. Apart from that it may also be used to heal many skin associated problems such as enhancing oil balance of the skin, healing skin inflammation, help keep skin soft and smooth and lots more.

Health Benefits of Oak Moss Essential Oil

Many people find oak moss unpleasant with greenish wet sludge-like appearance, yet Mother Nature has concealed innumerable resources and has provided with several beneficial medicinal features. Through this article let us discover its wonderful advantages detailly

1. Antiseptic

Sepsis is a small, modest-looking word yet it is a feared villain. As you might have heard its name several times from your babyhood, it is actually a bad condition due to infections from predominantly bacteria as well as microbes. Later fungi, viruses, protozoa also join the infected location and make the problem even shoddier

Sepsis does not limited on the wounds only, soft and susceptible internal organs like inner ear, colon, urinary tracts, kidney, food pipe and even nerves are affected with this problem. Since the skin of new born babies is not robust to counter these types of infection, so they are more inclined to sepsis.  Many newborn babies die because of sepsis mainly when umbilical cord is cut in underdeveloped and developing countries.

Rigorousness in the muscles and joints, unusual behavior, severe pain within the affected places or even in the complete body, convulsions, cramps, swelling along with redness and even death in severe conditions are few of the noticed symptoms of sepsis.

Oakmoss essential oil have got antiseptic properties due to which they do not give scorching feeling like the dreaded tincture and is very much aromatic. Oakmoss essential oil creates situations in the body which are disapproving for microbial development and exclude the previously present microbes from the body as well as wounds. Therefor it is usually recommended to use Oakmoss essential oil if you are suffering from Sepsis problem.

2. Stomach Problems

As mentioned previously this essential oil relaxes any kinds of pains or irritations. It is helpful to fight different digestive difficulties like acidity, bloated stomach, helps to exclude gas through swollen stomach and also constipation. If we use this essential oil daily then above mentioned problems will be cured easily in your home.

3. Demulcent

Oak Moss Essential Oil has got calming effects therefore it can be used in irritation as well as inflammation. By preserving the moisture as well as balancing the oil of the skin it makes skin soft and smooth. Additionally irritations and swellings in the brain as well as the nervous system can also be healed with the regular use  of this essential oil.

4. Expectorant

Expectoration actually refers to the method of loosening the hard phlegm or even phlegm gatherings within different parts of respiratory system like lungs, pharynx, larynx bronchi, trachea and takes them out of the body. Breathing troubles, asthma attacks, coughs, congestion in the chest are relieved. Expectorant refers to the cause that result in expectoration.

Oakmoss is one of the prevailing expectorant. When we use Oakmoss essential oil it pull out the catarrh and phlegm and gives you relief from the related problems. As other expectorant that are easily available in the market, it does not make you feel sleepy. Take a few drops in your hand and inhale it to get instant relief from any kinds of respiratory illness. Whenever inhaled directly it will give you instant result. Besides that you can also diffuse this essential oil in your bedroom and home to feel comfortable.

5. Restorative

The substance that reinstates something back to its original or initial stage is known as Restorative. We can find such quality in Oakmoss essential oil. With the use of this essential oil, the injury which is done by aging as well as other every day wear and tear within the body is healed or cured rapidly and restore them to its initial or original state. Our defense mechanism and total health is restored with the help of this oil.

6. Reduce Cramps And Muscles Stiffness

Stiff muscle and joint, redness due to swelling in muscles as well as other painful cramping within the body can easily be healed with the regular use of this essential oil.

7. Reduces Stress

The essential oil of Oakmoss is regarded as one of the powerful anti-depressant. Because of its dynamic calming features it gives you tranquil feeling as well as calms your mind. Stress is regarded to be one of the destroyer issues abolishing the body physically and mentally.

8. Good For Hair

Due to the germ killing features of Oak moss essential oil it helps to keeps the scalp and hairs free from wounds, infections, flakes, redness, and itching.  Hairs and scalp remains moist and smooth with the frequent use of this essential oil.

9. Boost Immunity

This essential oil is famous due to its prevailing and fortifies the defense mechanism of entire body. Organs, muscles and body cells are restored to the best functioning state with the use of this essential oil.

Other benefits

Apart from its abundant health benefits, it may also be used in many sprays, skin care products, soaps and other cosmetic products because of its demulcent as well as antiseptic features. Oakmoss essential oil also includes protective value.

A Few Words of Caution

It is recommended not to be used by pregnant women and those people who are suffering from neurotic or nervous disorders just like hysteria and epilepsy. It is noted that it might cause irritation as well as sensitization in the skin as well as mucous membrane.







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