Health Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Thyme Essential OilThyme is a very common herb and is also usually utilized as a condiment or even spice. Besides that, thyme is additionally utilized in herbal as well as domestic medications. Thyme is botanically referred to as Thymus Vulgaris.

The therapeutic qualities of thyme come mostly from its essential oils that are extracted through steam distillation of fresh flowers and leaves. The chief constituents of the essential oil are Alpha Thujone, Alpha Pinene, Camphene, Beta Pinene, Para Cymene, Alpha Terpinene, Linalool, Borneol, Beta Caryophyllene, Thymol and Carvacrol.

Thyme oil originates from the perennial herb referred to as Thymus vulgaris. This particular herb is a member of the mint family, and it’s utilized for cooking, mouthwashes, potpourri as well as aromatherapy.  It’s indigenous to southern Europe from the western Mediterranean to southern Italy. Because of the herb’s essential oils, it features a number of health advantages; in reality, these types of benefits have already been acknowledged across the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Thyme oil is germ killing, anti-bacterial, antispasmodic, hypertensive and it has soothing qualities.

Thyme oil is among the most powerful anti-oxidants known, and it has been utilized as a therapeutic herb since ancient times. Thyme supports the immune, respiratory, digestive, nervous along with other body systems. It’s among the best essential oils for hormones since it balances hormonal levels – helping women along with menstrual as well as menopausal symptoms. Additionally, it safeguards the body from dangerous diseases as well as ailments, like stroke, arthritis, fungal and bacterial infections, as well as skin conditions.

Health Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

The health benefits of thyme essential oil could be related to its properties just as one antispasmodic, antirheumatic, antiseptic, bactericidal, bechic, cardiac, carminative, cicatrisant, diuretic, emenagogue, expectorant, hypertensive, insecticide, stimulant, tonic as well as vermifuge substance.

Let’s take a look at the incredible Health advantages of utilizing Thyme Essential oil

Its medicinal properties are explained below.

1. Antispasmodic

Huge numbers of people all over the world experience coughs, cramps as well as aches because of spasms. Spasms are unwanted as well as extreme involuntary contractions which might occur in the respiratory tracts, nerves, muscles, intestines or any other organs and could lead to coughs, convulsions, epileptic or even hysterical attacks, cramps and muscular aches, abdominal and intestinal aches, and also spasmodic cholera.

2. Treats Fibroids

Fibroids are growths of connective tissue which exist in the uterus. A lot of women experience no symptoms from fibroids, however they may cause heavy periods. The cause of fibroids include higher levels of estrogen and low amounts of progesterone because of obesity, hypothyroidism, perimenopause or even low-fiber diets.

Because thyme oil boosts progesterone levels within the body, it operates as a natural fibroid treatment. Rub two drops of thyme oil around the abdomen two times a day to deal with fibroids as well as reducing the signs of PMS and menstruation.

3. Antirheumatic

There’s two main reasons behind rheumatism, arthritis and gout. The very first is improper or even obstructed circulation and the second one is a growing power of toxins just like uric acid within the blood stream. Thyme essential oil can sort out both these problems. Because it is a diuretic, it improves urination helping in the elimination of toxins through the body. As being a stimulant, it encourages or activates circulation and therefore sorts out this problem in the separate way. Both ways assists cure rheumatism, and also associated conditions just like arthritis.

4. Anti-Carcinogenic

In accordance with the journal Nutrition and Cancer, researchers from Celal Bayar University in Turkey conducted a survey to determine what effect wild thyme may have on breast cancer cells, particularly how wild thyme affected cell death as well as epigenetic events in breast cancer cells. Researchers within this research verified that wild thyme induced cell death within the breast cancer cells, noting which wild thyme “may be a promising candidate within the development of novel therapeutic drugs for breast cancer treatment. In as little as 72 hours of in vitro breast cancer treatment, thyme essential oil was able to kill 98% in human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) with a power of only 0.05%. In other studies, thyme essential oil has additionally confirmed successful for treating oral and ovarian cancer. A survey discovered that extracts of Mastic Thyne (Thymus mastichina L.) may safeguard from colon cancers.

5. Antiseptic

Thyme essential oil is an excellent antiseptic as well as safeguards wounds and sores against infections. This really is mostly because of the existence of components just like Caryophyllene and Camphene in thyme.

6. Bactericidal

The same Caryophyllene and Camphene, together with a few other components, provide thyme essential oil anti-bacterial qualities. This prevents bacterial growth within and outside of the body. It will kill bacteria in addition to keeps them away through the organs within the body. This is particularly valuable in treating bacterial infections just like B-Colitis, renal colic, bacterial infections within the genitals as well as urethra, intestines, as well as respiratory system along with the external exposure of wounds.

7. Eases Stress and Anxiety

Thyme oil is an efficient method to bust stress as well as deal with restlessness. It calms the body – allowing your lungs, veins as well as mind to open and keep the body working properly. It’s vital that you stay relaxed as well as level-headed simply because continuous anxiety can result in high blood pressure levels, insomnia, digestive problems as well as panic attacks. It may be the result of a hormone imbalance, which may be controlled by thyme oil naturally. Make use of a few drops of thyme oil through the weak to lessen anxiety levels and allow the body to thrive. Add some oil to bath water, a diffuser, body lotion or just inhale it.

8. Tonic

Thyme essential oil also tones up the circulatory system, heart, digestive system, nervous system, muscles, as well as skin whilst fortifying them and boosting immunity.

9. Cardiac

This can be  extremely important as well as beneficial property of thyme essential oil in today’s context, whenever heart troubles are growing in an alarming rate. This particular oil is extremely therapeutic for the heart. It keeps the valves working properly, while just as one anti spasmodic, it calms the arteries as well as veins and therefore decreases blood pressure as well as stress on the heart. Furthermore, it fortifies cardiac muscles as well as tones up the heart, as it is a tonic. Basically, thyme essential oil is wonderful for every aspect of heart health.

10. Carminative

Gases that build up within the stomach and intestines usually are not as innocent since they appear. Their effect just isn’t restricted to unpleasant odors alone. They are able to rob you of the appetite and sleep, increase your blood pressure level, pose a threat to your heart, provide you with serious stomach aches, cramps, vomiting, headaches and nausea. In a few extreme cases, extreme gas may even place your life at risk too. Therefore, gas should be handled carefully as well as treated in a timely manner. Thyme essential oil, as being a carminative as well as an antispasmodic, forces the removing of gases through downward movement (upward movement is extremely dangerous) and doesn’t allow them to build up again.

11. Diuretic

Those people who are struggling with an accumulation of water within the body because of long-term renal failure or from growing power of toxins and salts within the blood are certain to take advantage of this essential oil. It improves urination helping within the elimination of excessive water, salts as well as toxins through the body. This can help shed some pounds, lower blood pressure, decrease fats and improve digestion too.

12. Serves as Bug Repellent

Thyme oil keeps away pests as well as parasites which feed on the body. Pests such as mosquitoes, fleas, lice and bed bugs can ruin the skin, hair, clothes and furniture, so keep them away with this particular all-natural essential oil. A few drops of thyme oil also repels moths and beetles, so that your closet and kitchen are safe. In case you didn’t get to the thyme oil quick enough, it also treats insect bites as well as stings.

13. Emenagogue

Women ought to be very enthusiastic about this property of thyme essential oil. Women are normally looking for a thing that can provide them rest from blocked or painful menstruation, abnormal periods as well as premature menopause.  They have discovered their answer within this oil. It opens blocked menses, provides rest from the signs and symptoms just like abdominal pain, fatigue, nausea, depression and low blood pressure which is related to menstruation. It may also postpone menopause, therefore keeping women healthy, happy as well as fertile. The essential oil does all this by stimulating the creation of particular hormones just like estrogen.

14. Promotes Teeth Health

Thyme oil is recognized to deal with oral difficulties just like tooth decay, gingivitis, plaque as well as bad breath. With its antiseptic as well as anti-bacterial qualities, thyme oil is really a natural method to kill germs within the mouth so that you can prevent oral infections, therefore it functions as a gum disease natural remedy as well as cures foul breath. Thymol, a dynamic component in thyme oil, is utilized like a dental varnish which safeguards the teeth from decay.

15. Promotes Hair Growth

If you feel as though your mane isn’t quite as illustrious as it was previously, you may be feeling a bit down within the dumps. After all, for most women it is their hair that defines them.To obtain back your fabulous mane as well as restore your confidence, you should think about rubbing thyme essential oil, diluted in carrier oil, in your scalp. It’s the nutrients it delivers in your hair follicles which stimulate hair growth, which makes it shinier as well as healthier.

Thyme essential oil may also avoid thinning hair as well as dandruff.

16. Cicatrisant

This can be a great property of thyme essential oil. This particular property tends to make scars along with other ugly spots in your body vanish. These include the surgical marks, marks left by accidental injuries, acne, pox, measles, and sores.

17. Expectorant

When you’re struggling with colds as well as coughs, you have to find an expectorant. Thyme essential oil is a useful one! It will help cure infections that can cause cough as well as cold and drains congestion, therefore providing rest from coughs and colds.

18. Eliminates Bad Breath and Body Odor

It is stated that thyme has got antiseptic features, which makes it ideal for mouthwash to fight tooth decay. In accordance with one report – thyme is a wonderful deodorizing option since it is an anti-bacterial antiseptic that may keep odor stimulating organisms away from the body. Appropriately, thyme oil carries a powerful germicidal action which makes it helpful for fragrance in deodorants.

19. Hypertensive

You may raise your eyebrows about this therapeutic property and may even not see it as a benefit. However, {this particular|this kind of} property is very useful for people who are struggling with low blood pressure. Those type of people run the risk of falling unconscious anytime, and feeling slow. This particular oil can stabilize their blood pressure by raising it, that is just like important sometimes as lowering it.

20. Treats kidney stones

Thyme is an excellent astringent and it works well to clean the kidneys. Include a few drops of thyme oil to 1 cup boiling water, add honey for taste if you want. Keep drinking 1 cup daily for the week.

21. Relieves Flatulence

In accordance with one report, flatulence could be hazardous for your health, stealing your appetite as well as sleep, raising blood pressure level – posing a threat to your heart, providing stomach aches, vomiting, headaches as well as nausea. Thyme oil is considered to be a carminative – a medicine that reduces flatulence, as a result forcing the removing of gases through downward movement and not allowing the gasses to develop again.

22. Bronchitis

Just as one antispasmodic – thyme oil reduces symptoms like coughing, cramping as well as aches because of spasms. Accordingly, spasms are unwanted as well as extreme involuntary contractions which might take place in the respiratory tracts, nerves, muscles intestines along with other organs. Stay away from the negative effects of prescription drugs and check out this essential oil in order to save risk to the kidneys, heart, liver, stomach and eyes.

23. Insecticide

It may drive away insects as well as pests and in addition eliminate them if it becomes necessary. It may be efficiently utilized to ward off parasites that feed on the human body just like mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bed-bugs, and flies, in addition to insects which attack food grains and clothes like beetles and moths.

24. Stimulant

It encourages circulation, digestion, nervous responses and also the secretion of hormones, therefore stimulating the entire metabolism.

25. Stops snoring

It is really an efficient cure for snoring which utilizes thyme oil, diluted, for rest from snoring. Diluted along with olive oil or even coconut oil, keep a 50:50 ratio, after that rub the bottom of the feet before going to bed. It may stop snoring, assist calm nerves and provide you with a restful sleep.

26. Bechic

If you’ve been struggling with coughing symptoms for a long period as well as antibiotics cannot assist you anymore, then you might wish to give this particular essential oil a try. Unlike when utilizing powerful anti-biotics, you needn’t risk your kidneys, heart, liver, stomach and eyes with this particular oil. This really is efficient at curing infections within the chest (lungs, bronchi, larynx and pharynx) as well as stopping coughs.

27. Vermifuge

Thym essential oil kills worms. You can test it on intestinal worms just like round worms and tape worms, in addition to maggots in open sores and hook worms, that are infamously hard to eliminate.

Other Benefits

It behaves as a memory booster as well as an antidepressant. It will help to improve concentration helping to prevent sinusitis, bronchitis, anorexia, cellulite, eczema, athlete’s foot, dermatitis, insect and animal bites, stings, laryngitis, pharyngitis along with other infections. Finally, you can use it to reduce bad breath and body odor.

Therapeutic benefits of using Thyme Essential oil

  • Relieve pain – Mix three drops of thyme oil with two teaspoons of sesame oil. Utilize this mixture like a massage oil and apply on the abdominal area to alleviate pain. It can possibly be utilized for a massage oil to deal with other kinds of pain.
  • Alleviate fatigue – Add two drops of thyme oil in your bath water.
  • Improve sleep – Include a few drops in your diffuser.
  • Promote oral health – Utilize thyme oil like a mouthwash with the addition of one drop to a cup of warm water.
  • Reduce appearance of scars and skin marks – Use oil of thyme combined with any carrier oil (like almond oil) around the affected area.
  • Use as cleanser – Include a few drops of thyme oil in your facial wash.
  • Treat or protect against respiratory problems – Add two drops of thyme oil to hot water and use for steam inhalation.
  • Uplift mood – Simply inhale the scent of thyme oil.
  • To relieve menstrual cramps, apply 2 drops of thyme oil along with equal parts carrier oil in your abdomen.
  • To use like a mouthwash, add 2 drops of thyme oil to water and gargle.
  • To open blocked nasal passages, breathe in 2 drops of thyme oil, or combine it with hot water for steam inhalation.
  • To kill toe fungus, add 5 drops of thyme oil into a warm foot bath.
  • To kill infections as well as rashes, rub 2 drops of thyme oil on the needed area.
  • To improve circulation, breathe in or diffuse 2-3 drops of thyme oil daily.
  • Arthritis: Massage 1-2 drops oil on the area of concern when needed.
  • Bronchitis: Massage 1 drop of diluted oil to chest as well as throat. Add 1-2 drops into a steam tent.
  • Circulation: Massage 1 drop of diluted oil to the area of concern. It encourages circulation, digestion, nervous responses and also the secretion of hormones, therefore stimulating the entire metabolism.
  • Cold Virus: Add 1-2 drops into a steam tent and inhale for 10 minutes. Apply to the reflex points of the feet.
  • Concentration: Thyme oil is really a memory booster. Utilize aromatically in the diffuser at the office and even home.
  • Chest Infection: Massage 1-2 drops of diluted oil to the chest.
  • Detoxify: Thyme essential oil boosts urination and as a result might help eradicate toxins through the body.
  • Depression: Use aromatically during the day.
  • Food: Use 1-2 drops in meat as well as entrée dishes to add a fresh herbal flavor.
  • Insecticide: Use a few drops into a cotton ball and put them in entry points for insects. Thyme essential oil will remove mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bed-bugs, and flies, in addition to insects which attack food grains and clothes just like beetles and moths.
  • Scars: Cicatrisant is really a great property of thyme essential oil. This particular property tends to make scars along with other ugly spots in your body vanish. These include the surgical marks, marks left by accidental injuries, acne, pox, measles, and sores.
  • Snoring: To prevent snoring, use one drop to the big toe before going to sleep every night or diffuse during the night.
  • Wounds: Thyme essential oil is a superb oil to utilize to deal with wounds and cuts because of the existence of components just like Caryophyllene and Camphene.

How to Make Thyme Oil

Thyme essential oil is made through the steam distillation of the fresh or even partially dried leaves and flowers of the thyme plant. Distillation creates a red-, brown-, or orange-colored thyme oil, that features a strong, spicy smell. Further distillation yields white thyme oil, a clear or pale-yellow oil having a mild fragrance.15 As previously mentioned, its chemical composition varies with respect to the kind of thyme utilized in production.

Fortunately, you may make infused thyme oil in your own home. Here’s is one guide you can use.

What You Need:

  • ½ cup fresh thyme
  • 8 ounces carrier oil (ex. olive oil)
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Saucepan
  • Funnel
  • Glass container


  1. Wash the herbs and dry it by patting it using a clean cloth. You may even dry it under the sun or place it in the salad spinner.
  2. Crush the herbs utilizing the mortar and pestle to release their natural oils.
  3. Place the crushed thyme and its oil in the saucepan, and put the carrier oil. Simmer this mix over medium heat for around 5 minutes or until it creates bubbles.
  4. Turn the heat off and let the mixture to cool. Pour the mix in the glass container then store in the cool place.

Possible Side Effects & Interactions of Thyme Oil

Thyme oil is safe to use for adults and children whenever consumed in normal food amounts and when used as medicine for short time periods. A possible side effect is interfering with the digestive system; if you notice this, stop utilizing thyme immediately. In case you are pregnant or even breastfeeding, thyme oil is safe to use, but stay with food amounts since there is very little research on the side effects at this time.

Thyme oil is probably secure whenever used on the skin, yet there are several reports of skin irritations because of using thyme oil, so test the oil on the patch of skin first. Those who are allergic to oregano or any other Lamiaceae species could also be allergic to thyme.Don’t take thyme oil in case you have a bleeding disorder; thyme may slow blood clotting, as well as taking thyme can enhance your chance of bleeding, particularly if utilized in large amounts. Due to this, you must also stop utilizing thyme oil two weeks just before a scheduled surgery. Thyme may also behave like estrogen within the body, so if you have any condition that could be made worse by exposure to estrogen, don’t use thyme.






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