Health benefits of Thyme

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Health benefits of ThymeThe great smelling thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) plant is actually a evergreen as well as woodsy shrub harnessing square stems and appealing flowers. A member of the mint family, thyme is surely an herb which comes from the Mediterranean basin and it has numerous types, every single having its very own unique oil composition. Thyme is really a effective herb, well-known in aroma therapy – therefore it can be used with extreme caution as well as care. Do know, even though, that the health advantages of thyme are extremely real.

Thymus vularis ct. linalol is usually recommended by herbal healthcare specialists as a good as well as secure newbie herb for kids and also the seniors. Various other types are usually more powerful than, as well as their use ought to be restricted to certified herbalists along with experience in utilizing them. The volatile essential oils in thyme are loaded with anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-rheumatic, anti-parasitic as well as anti-fungal an quality, which explains why thyme-based formulations are utilized just as one expectorant, diuretic, fungicide as well as anti-biotic.

Health benefits of Thyme

Aromatic as well as scrumptious thyme features a variety of utilizes in the kitchen area, but it also features a variety of health advantages. Continue reading to find out health advantages of thyme…..

Thyme has been utilized for hundreds of years, not just like a herb, but also for therapeutic reasons too.  Learn much more about the health advantages of thyme as well as increase the thyme in your diet.

1. Rich in nutrients

Thyme is loaded with flavonoids that have anti-oxidant capability. Additionally it is an excellent source of manganese as well as vitamin K, which permit for anti-oxidant safety. Anti-oxidants control free radical damage as well as oxidative stress that boost the chance of cancer as well as cardiovascular disease and also speed up your aging.

2. Anti-inflammatory benefits

A number of different researches have discovered that thyme consists of anti-inflammatory qualities and may even assist in preventing long-term inflammation of the body.

3. A healthy heart

Today our way of life is extremely stress filled that even individuals in their earlier 30’s are dying of cardiac arrest. That’s the reason; role of thyme like a heart healthy herb should be significantly valued. The dosage of anti-oxidants as well as anti-inflammatory qualities in thyme aids in preventing cardio-vascular illnesses.

4. Fight off bacteria

Thyme has got anti-bacterial qualities that are shown to aid in fighting a number of fungi and bacteria, such as E.Coli. Lab research discovered that thyme oil extract demonstrated combating power towards antibiotic-resistant strains of countless various kinds of bacteria.

5. Breathe easy

Thyme helps you to enhance respiratory health and has been utilized for hundreds of years to deal with chest as well as respiratory conditions just like coughs as well as bronchitis. Try out making your own personal thyme tea simply by steeping a couple of leaves in warm water as well as letting to brew. Consume the tea to assist in treating respiratory conditions along with a cold.

6. Get some iron

Thyme is a superb method of obtaining iron, offering almost 20% of the suggested every day allocation for the adult in just 2, 8 grams. Iron is important for energy production as well as an iron deficiency might cause anemia, fatigue and make the entire body more prone to an infection.

7. Feel it in your bones

Thyme may also help to enhance bone health since it is loaded with vitamin K along with an excellent method of obtaining iron, calcium as well as manganese all of which are necessary to promoting appropriate bone development, sustaining powerful, healthy bones as well as avoiding bone illness.

8. Skin health

A survey at Leeds Metropolitan University in England discovered that thyme was good at combating the bacteria that triggers skin acne. Herbs just like thyme are usually gentler onto the skin as compared to other items due to their anti-inflammatory qualities.

9. Digestive Aid

Just like numerous herbs, thyme in fact benefits digestion of food.  This particular one assists disengage the mucus coating of the digestive tract.  The oils within thyme have got useful gas-reducing qualities.  And thyme can assist reduce intestinal pains.

10. A Powerful Antimicrobial

Thyme oil has shown substantial anti-microbial activity.  Research indicates that thyme essential oil can easily detoxify Shigella on lettuce.  Including fresh thyme in your salad dressing is much more than only a tasty idea!  And thymol is available in natural, non-toxic kitchen cleaners like the one we use in our kitchen.  It kills Staph aureus, Bacillus subtilis, E. coli as well as other unpleasant kitchen invaders within a few minutes.

Health benefits of thyme essential oil

Its therapeutic qualities could be described as underneath the following heads;

1. Anti-Spasmodic

Huge numbers of people around the globe have problems with coughs, cramps as well as aches because of spasm. Spasm is undesirable as well as extreme unconscious contraction which might occur in respiratory tracts, nerves, muscles, intestines along with other organs and could lead to coughs, convulsions, epileptic or hysteric attacks, cramps as well as muscular aches, stomach as well as intestinal pains and also spasmodic cholera.

2. Anti-Rheumatic

There are two major causes behind rheumatism, arthritis as well as gout. The very first is incorrect or even blocked circulation and also the second one is developing power of harmful toxins just like uric acid within the blood stream. Thyme Essential Oil can deal with both these difficulties. As being a diuretic, it improves urination and enables elimination of harmful toxins. As being a stimulant, it encourages or even invokes circulation and also thus sorts out this challenge too. For both, it will help heal rheumatism.

3. Anti-Septic

It is just a excellent anti-septic as well as safeguards injuries as well as sores towards bacterial infections. This really is mostly because of existence of elements just like Caryophyllene as well as Camphene within this essential oil.

4. Bactericidal

Exactly the same Caryophyllene as well as Camphene, together with a few others elements, provide Thyme Essential Oil anti-bacterial qualities. This prevents bacterial development in and outside the entire body. It eliminates bacteria in addition to keeps them away. This is particularly valuable in healing bacterial infections just like B-Colitis, renal colic, bacterial infections within the genitals as well as urethra, intestines, respiratory system etc. and also on wounds.

5. Bechic

If you suffer from coughs for a long period as well as anti-biotics cannot assist you anymore, then you might give this particular essential oil a test. Unlike when utilizing powerful anti-biotics, you needn’t risk your kidneys, heart, liver, stomach and eyes with this particular oil. This really is able to curing bacterial infections within the chest (lungs, bronchi, larynx and pharynx) as well as preventing coughs.

6. Cardiac

This can be an extremely important as well as beneficial property of Thyme Essential Oil in today’s context, whenever heart complaints are growing in a scary pace. This particular oil is extremely therapeutic for the heart. It keeps its valves working properly; becoming an anti-spasmodic, it calms the arteries as well as veins and therefore decreases blood pressure level along with the stress on heart; fortifies cardiac muscles as well as tones up the heart, as being a tonic. Therefore, it is extremely excellent from the point of view of all round growth and development of the heart.

7. Carminative

Gases, building up within the intestines and stomach, usually are not as simple as they seem. Their effect just isn’t restricted to bad air alone. They could take the appetite as well as sleep away, increase your blood pressure level, pose a menace to your heart, provide you with serious stomach aches, cramps, vomiting, headaches as well as nausea as well as in severe cases, place your life at risk as well. So, gas must be handled with care (not the cooking gas alone) and treated in time. The Thyme Essential Oil, being a carminative and an anti-spasmodic, forces elimination of the gases by way of a downward motion (the upward movement is extremely hazardous) and doesn’t allow them to develop again.

8. Cicatrisant

This can be a lovely property of the Thyme Essential Oil and it also contributes to beauty as well. This particular property helps make the scars along with other unpleasant spots in your body disappear. These include the surgical marks, marks left by accidents, acne breakouts, pox, measles, and sores and so on.

9. Diuretic

Those people who are struggling with buildup of water within the body because of long-term renal failure or any other causes or from growing power of toxins as well as sodium salts within the blood are certain to profit from this oil. It improves urination so it helps elimination of excessive water, salts as well as harmful toxins through the entire body. This can help shed some pounds, reduce blood pressure level, and decrease fats as well as enhances digestion of food as well.

10. Emenagogue

Women should be thinking about this particular property of Thyme Essential Oil. They’ve always been looking for something which could provide them with rest from blocked or painful menstruations, abnormal periods as well as unforeseen menopause. Therefore, they’ve got their solutions within this oil. It opens up blocked menses, provides rest from the signs and symptoms just like abdominal pain, exhaustion, nausea, depressive disorders and low blood pressure level etc. related to menstruations as well as prevent menopause as well, therefore keeping ladies healthy, happy as well as fertile. This it does by revitalizing creation of particular hormones just like estrogen.

11. Expectorant

Where there is cough as well as cold, there’s an expectorant required. Here’s one! The Thyme Essential Oil. It will help cure infections leading to cough as well as cold and opens blockage, therefore providing rest from cough and cold.

12. Hypertensive

You may lift up your eyebrows concerning this therapeutic property and raise a query regarding its advantages. However this property is without doubt advantageous, for people who are struggling with lower blood pressure levels. They risk falling subconscious anytime. This particular oil can easily stabilize their blood pressure level by increasing it.

13. Insecticide

It will keep away insects, pests as well as kills them. It may be successfully utilized to ward off parasites on body of a human just like mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bed-bugs, flies etc. in addition to insects through the food grains and garments just like beetles, moths etc.

14. Stimulant

It encourages circulation, digestion, nervous responses as well as secretion of hormones and therefore revitalizing the entire metabolic process.

15. Tonic

Tones up the circulatory system, heart, digestive system, nervous system, muscles as well as skin, strengthen them as well as improves defenses.

16. Vermifuge

Kills worms. You can test it around the intestinal worms (round worms as well as tape worms), maggots in sores and also hook worm (which doesn’t go very easily).

Ayurvedic benefits of Thyme

Thyme was broadly utilized for cookery as well as therapeutic reasons by Romans and Greeks for hundreds of years. Although it has several types, popular thyme and lemon thyme can be used for cookery functions. The herb is becoming ever more popular like a cooking ingredient as well as home-remedy. Here are some ayurvedic advantages.

  • Thyme includes thymol, important oil along with antifungal and also antiseptic qualities. It provides rest from insect bites, burns as well as wounds.
  • The leaves of thyme are abundant with potassium, manganese, calcium, iron and selenium. Potassium assists in keeping blood pressure and heart rate under control, whilst iron is essential for the development of red blood cells.
  • In case you are struggling with an aching throat, boil water along with thyme and gargle. Consuming thyme tea is additionally excellent since it helps you to reduce coughs, a sore throat as well as bronchial symptoms.
  • Thyme-based formulae are utilized as antiseptic mouthwashes for defense against cavities as well as gingivitis.
  • Thyme tea decreases PMS as well as menstrual cramps.
  • In certain cultures, thyme tea combined with honey is offered to children struggling with bad dreams to induce sound sleep.
  • Including thyme in your daily diet enhances digestion, particularly after consuming red meat.
  • Thyme oil features a calming effect. It relieves moods as well as decreases tiredness.

More about Thyme

Thyme is yet another effective detoxifying agent, which makes it one of several liver detoxification foods. In addition, the herb is a superb defense mechanisms booster which promotes white blood cell formation whilst raising effectiveness against foreign organisms. Along with cold and flu season upon us, thinking about including thyme-based formulations to the medicine cabinet is advisable. There is a cause the health benefits of thyme have been experienced for all of time.

History of Thyme

Indigenous to southern Europe, which range from Spain to Italy, and Mediterranean regions, thyme was utilized because of its fragrant as well as therapeutic qualities, a long time before it had been a flavoring component? Whilst the ancient Egyptians utilized thyme just as one embalming agent for mummifying the dead, the Greeks adored the herb because of its fragrance as well as burnt it as a incense in holy temples. This particular wonder herb was thought to be symbolic of courage, strength as well as popularity of the Romans. It absolutely was the Romans who introduced thyme to Britain. In 1719, Caspar Neumann extracted the thymol oil from thyme that was used like a mouthwash as well as topical application because of its germ killing qualities. Besides Asia, that is the world’s biggest producer of thyme, thyme is commercially grown within the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, North Africa and North America also. In India, thyme is cultivated within the Western temperate Himalayas as well as Nilgiris.

Types of Thyme

Ground Cover Thymes

1. Elfin Thyme

Elfin ThymeElfin Thyme is tiny, closely spaced flowers and leaves cause it to be not just one of the tiniest thymes but in addition one of several slowest developing thymes. Elfin Thyme is an excellent option for growing in between stepping stones exactly where spaces could be very little. It is usually contained in our well-known Flagstone Filler Assortment.

2. Lime Thyme

Lime ThymeA aromatic mounding thyme, Lime Thyme is really an excellent ground cover. The brilliant green lime-colored leaves are scented of citrus as well as assist brighten darker edges of the garden.  It flowers during the summer time which can be after most thyme.

Although fragrance is incredible, this particular herb is much more decorative as compared to culinary and doesn’t have got a citrus flavor and doesn’t make a sufficient cookery herb. To cook, make use of Lemon Thyme, a tall prolific grower stuffed with citrus taste.

3. Mint Thyme

 Mint ThymeMint Thyme is probably the four thymes we frequently suggest for planting in between flagstones. These were grown in June and therefore are rapidly developing to fill out the space between your stones. Soon after growing, these were mulched seriously along with tiny ground bark to control weeds as well as preserve dampness.  Watering well the very first month or so is essential to getting thymes to establish them rapidly. Thymes have got rather short root systems therefore watering well throughout hot summertime is essential to keep a pleasant even green cover. When we love the way mint thyme looks, it doesn’t have got a fragrance and also have no clue why it absolutely was given this title.

4. Woolly Thyme

Woolly ThymeSoft as well as silvery, Woolly Thyme is within a category by itself. Closely knitted, it can make excellent filler for in between pavers or even alongside borders. It hardly ever flowers that makes it great for those hypersensitive to bees.  It grows gradually and may die in patches if watering is not even. It will be the grayest of all the thymes and should not be mistaken with the productive bloomer and greener Hall’s Woolly Thyme. We now have had several successes along with developing Woolly Thyme in partial shade in the hot summer environments. Drainage needs to be outstanding.

5. Hall’s Woolly Thyme

 Hall's Woolly ThymeHall’s Woolly Thyme is actually a rapid developing, fairly flat ground cover.  It is just a excessive spring bloomer.

Not to be mistaken with Woolly Thyme that is extremely silver as well as slow developing.  Hall’s Woolly Thyme remains woolly yet is green having a silvery cast. It is just a excellent filler in between as well as beneath taller plants.

6. Coconut Thyme

Coconut ThymeThis particular floriferous mass is all about two feet in diameter less than one full year soon after growing only two three inch pots. Coconut Thyme doesn’t smell or even taste just like coconut, however it sure flowers well as well as grows rapidly. It really is nice planted near Caraway Thyme simply because both of them are heavy bloomers yet bloom at distinct occasions. Coconut blooms within July. One of several heavier blossoms within the creeping thyme group, Coconut Thyme develops rapidly and is also engrossed in the flower heads for around 4 weeks in summer time.

7. Lemon Frost Thyme

Lemon Frost ThymeLemon Frost Thyme truly lives as much as its title. An instant grower along with fantastic lemon scent, it really is ideal for covering huge sections of ground.

Lemon Frost is probably the round-leaved Thymes. These are the oil glands which release the marvelous lemon fragrance of the Thyme. Other lemon scented ground cover thymes have the variegated types Doone Valley Thyme, and Gold stream Thyme, and also the dark green Pink Lemonade Thyme. These 3 bloom pink.

8. Caraway Thyme

Caraway ThymeIf you prefer ground cover thyme that actually works to fill out fast, then select Caraway Thyme (shown above creeping throughout a plug tray). Scented just like a Caraway seed, Caraway is probably the few thyme ground covers which have an aroma. It’s got deep green leaves which are go about a half inch aside along reddish stems. Caraway Thyme is a nice rampant grower and really should be utilized exactly where space just isn’t a problem. It blooms mid spring and is also nice whenever planted using a later blooming thyme just like Coconut Thyme.

Caraway Thyme can be used as an alternative to real Caraway in almost any recipe. It really is particularly nice in bread or even cooked with meat. The species title herba-barona converts herb of beef and describes medieval times when herbs were commonly used to spice up meat which had gone only a wee bit past its expiration date.

9. Loveyanus Thyme

 Loveyanus ThymeThe thyme together with the humorous title, Loveyanus Thyme does not get lots of consideration in books as well as magazines, however it is an attractive ground cover thyme along with golf ball size flower heads as well as soft big (for a thyme) silvery green pointed leaves. It features a flowing habit which magnificently fills up the empty spaces within the garden.

The Pink Gaura above (the reddish stems reaching upward) have been completely encompassed by Loveyanus Thyme since the thyme looks for more ground to spread out onto. Since it blooms during the early spring, it can make an especially nice under planting for Roses.

10. Pink Chintz Thyme

Pink Chintz ThymeA fragile looking creeper, Pink Chintz Thyme has got little fuzzy gray green leaves set near together around the stem. This will make it well suited for smaller sized spaces just like those in between stepping stones or even flagstones.

Pink Chintz Thyme is just one of four small-leaved thymes that people suggest for tight spaces. Others are Mint Thyme, White Moss Thyme and Elfin Thyme.

11. White Moss Thyme

White Moss ThymeWhite Moss Thyme certainly illuminates the area it is in. Its white flowers are about 2 ” tall and show off just like little spikes all around the plant. It may be sheared right after blooming or even left alone. If left alone, the dead flower spikes will ultimately disappear.

It absolutely was grown between flagstones which are placed about 8 inches apart. 3 months later. It had already achieved 6 inches in diameter.

12. Heretus Thyme

Heretus ThymeHeretus Thyme is just one of our most uncommon ground cover thymes having its lengthy, narrow, gray-green leaves that provide it a nearly delicate look. Yet, don’t allow its look fool you. This really is one tough plant and is also worthy of any kind of garden. The Heretus Thyme on the left peeking from under a Tricolor Sage measures about six inches in diameter and was grown only 3 months just before in June. At maturation it can reach Ten to twelve inches across. Much more remarkable compared to way Heretus Thyme grows and covers the ground is actually the amazing show of lilac flowers it creates during the early spring. Beneath Heretus Thyme bud gets ready to burst forth using its beautiful color.

13. Lavender Thyme

 Lavender ThymeLavender Thyme is probably the most uncommon ground cover thymes. It’s got needle like leaves along with a rich aroma much like Lavender. It flows effectively down the sides of pots that make it great for hanging basket mixes. It is easy to realize why at once this particular plant was known as Celery Thyme. The colorful green foliage is offset through the countless of dainty pink flowers.

14. Silver Needle Thyme

Silver Needle ThymePerhaps (since the close up on the left shows) probably the most uncommon of all of the ground cover thymes, Silver Needle Thyme is really somewhat soft to walk on. It appears beautiful cascading on the short wall or even edging.


15. Reiter’s Thyme

Reiter's ThymeReiter’s Thyme is really quick growing thyme that we have difficulty that contains it in a tiny pot.

Once Reiter’s Thyme will get set up it can make an attractive display of flowers early in the year.  The flowers fall off after a while and also the thyme proceeds its creeping way.

The long spaces or even stem sections in between these leaves are what help Reiter’s Thyme to be one of the most intense creeping thymes. The longer the space in between leaves the faster the thyme covers the floor. Given damp ground to creep on, these types of stems sets roots in the soil, successfully creating a brand new plant.

16. Creeping Pink Thyme

Creeping Pink ThymeCreeping Pink Thyme has got extremely green nearly tasty leaves. Too big for in between steeping stones, but simply ideal for filling below tall plants or even roses. This particular long stemmed beauty grows rapidly and remains fairly flat.


17. Doone Valley Thyme

Doone Valley ThymeGreen all through most of summer as well as fall, Doone Valley Thyme gets into its variegated stage within the cool of spring. Seriously perfumed of lemon, Doone Valley Thyme constitutes a great little mat or even mound for filling out as well as around taller plants just like Grape Sage or Lemon Verbena. Every plant propagates to around 18 inches as well as creates 3 or 4 inch long flower heads filled with pink flowers. If the flat ground cover is preferred, these types of flowers ought to be sheared off after bloom. If they’re left, the thyme will creep over the spent flowers, including height on the mound.

18. Pink Lemonade Thyme

Pink Lemonade ThymePink Lemonade Thyme is really a Mountain Valley Growers’ introduction. It really is distinctive because it’s non-variegated lemon perfumed ground cover thyme along with excessive pink flowers. The majority of lemon scented types either have got white flowers just like Lemon Frost Thyme or even bloom hardly any. Pink Lemonade Thyme has got dark green, tightly spaced leaves and is also sufficiently small to utilize in between flagstone and yet fast developing enough to cover bigger spaces.  It is usually great mainly because it blooms later on in summer after a number of other thymes have completely finished. We’re also having luck with it growing well in partial shade since the picture above shows. The bloom turns into a little taller within the shade yet as soon as the thyme completes blooming the plant remains near to the ground.

This particular thyme doesn’t have a lemon taste sufficiently strong for usage in the kitchen area. To cook, utilize Lemon Thyme, a tall productive grower, filled with citrus taste.

Culinary Thymes

1. Silver Thyme

 Silver ThymeSilver Thyme as well as Hi Ho Silver Thyme is scrumptious inclusions in any kind of cooking herb garden. Silver Thyme is edged with only the barest line of white while Hi Ho Silver Thyme (pictured at top and also to the left above) exhibits abnormal white variegation through the entire leaves. Both may be used in almost any recipe calling for Thyme.

2. Pennsylvania Dutch Tea Thyme

Pennsylvania Dutch Tea ThymePennsylvania Dutch Tea Thyme has got big oval, dark green, aromatic leaves which are usual for the species pulegioides. These types of leaves create a powerful flavored tea which combines well along with other herbs. It might be utilized fresh or even dried. Try replacing it for English Thyme in cooking. Cooking Thymes help to make incredibly aromatic inclusions in any kind of patio or even sunny windowsill. Our 20 inch oval planters are ideal for developing Thyme or any other small herbs.

3. Orange Balsam Thyme

 Orange Balsam ThymeOrange Balsam Thyme is really a difference of Thymus vulgaris, or even English Thyme. It features an incredibly stinky scent as well as taste and could be utilized in any kind of recipe calling for Thyme.

Orange Balsam Thyme needs to be trimmed back by about a third after bloom. This really is simplest if the thyme stems are collected by the fistful, snipping many at once.

4. Juniper Thyme

Juniper ThymeJuniper Thyme is really a stinky little sub shrub which develops about 6 inches tall as well as blooms abundantly. It silvery firm needles additionally provide it the title Moonlight Thyme. Cut flowers off after bloom to help keep it tidy.

Culinary Thymes, just like Juniper Thyme, are little which will make them ideal candidates for growing in the container. Our oblong windowsill planters are ideal for keeping an aromatic pot of Thyme in the backyard or even windowsill.

5. Hi-Ho Silver Thyme

Hi-Ho Silver ThymeSilver Thyme as well as Hi Ho Silver Thyme is scrumptious inclusions in any kind of culinary herb garden. Silver Thyme is surrounded with only the barest line of white while Hi Ho Silver Thyme exhibits abnormal white variegation through the leaves. Both may be used in almost any recipe calling for Thyme.


6. Italian Oregano Thyme

Italian Oregano ThymeItalian Oregano Thyme blooms at the beginning of spring just like the new growth from Marshall’s Memory Oregano is emerging. The thyme is approximately 12 inches tall.  It will bloom for around 4 weeks just before shutting down. Once out of bloom, it’s important to trim it back 6-8 inches to inspire fresh useful growth. This can additionally allow it to be tidier looking compared to if it is left alone to the own devices.

7. Lemon Thyme

Lemon ThymeLemon Thyme appears like English Thyme as well as grows just like English Thyme but that’s where the likeness stops. Lemon Thyme certainly has the aroma of lemon as well as tastes just like lemon. You can use it in almost any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest or even lemon flavoring. It develops just like a weed so there is definitely more lemon standing in the garden. Lemon Thyme included with marinade is excellent along with fish or even chicken. Lemon Thyme’s shiny green foliage could be sheared to create one of many knots in the traditional knot garden.

8. Grey Hill Lemon Thyme

Grey Hill Lemon ThymeGrey Hill Lemon Thyme is really a chance seeding possibly from Thymus vulgaris, or even English Thyme, as well as Thymus citriodorus or Lemon Thyme. It features a incredibly stinky aroma and also flavor and could be utilized in any recipe calling for Thyme or even Lemon Thyme.

Grey Hill is really a smaller sized form of both of its parents. It really is preferably suitable for smaller gardens or even containers. After it blooms at the beginning of spring, it ought to be trimmed carefully to eliminate spent blooms.

Grey Hill is a crucial earlier blooming plant for bees, butterflies as well as beneficial insects.


Nutrition Facts of Thyme

Amount of Fresh Thyme: 1 tsp

Total Weight of Thyme: 1 gm

Nutrients Amount
Basic Components  
Carbohydrates 0.2 g
Water 0.5 g
Calories From Carbohydrate 2.5 KJ
Calories From Fat 0.4 KJ
Calories From Protein 0.4 KJ
Total Calories 3.3 KJ
Dietary Fiber 0.1 g
Fructose 0.1 g
Galactose 0.1 g
Glucose 0.1 g
Lactose 0.1 g
Maltose 0.1 g
Starch 0.1 g
Sucrose 0.1 g
Sugars 0.1 g
Alpha Carotene 1.8 mcg
Beta Carotene 21.4 mcg
Beta Cryptoxanthin 21.4 mcg
Beta Tocopherol 1.2 mg
Delta Tocopherol 1.2 mg
Dietary Folate Equivalents 0.3 mcg
Folate 0.3 mcg
Food Folate 0.3 mcg
Gamma Tocopherol 1.2 mg
Leutin+Zeaxanthin 21.4  mcg
Lycopene 21.4 mcg
Retinol Activity Equivalent 1.8 mcg
Vitamin A 35.6 IU
Vitamin C 1.2 mg
Vitamin D 1.2 mg
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) 1.2 mg
Vitamin K 1.2 mcg
Calcium 3.0 mg
Iron 0.1 mg
Magnesium 1.2 mg
Phosphorus 0.8 mg
Potassium 4.6 mg
Sodium 0.1 mg
Amino Acids  
Alanine 2.3 mg
Arginine 2.3 mg
Aspartic Acid 2.3 mg
Cystine 0.9 mg
Glutamic Acid 2.3 mg
Glycine 2.3 mg
Histidine 2.3 mg
Hydroxyproline 2.3 mg
Isoleucine 2.1 mg
Leucine 2.0 mg
Lysine 0.9 mg
Methionine 0.9 mg
Phenylalanine 0.9 mg
Proline 2.3 mg
Serine 2.3 mg
Threonine 1.2 mg
Tryptophan 0.9 mg
Tyrosine 0.9 mg
Valine 2.3 mg

How to Buy Thyme

  • Thyme can be purchased in fresh, dried as well as powdered forms within the herb store all-round the entire year.
  • It is usually suggested to purchase fresh new thyme whenever you can because it includes a lot more nutrition as well as flavor.
  • While selecting fresh thyme, search for leaves which are light green or even green-gray colored.
  • Avoid purchasing herbs which are discolored, wilted and have dark spots.
  • Since packaged thyme has a tendency to lose its quality after a few years, it is advisable to purchase the herb from the store which restocks its fresh section frequently.

Thyme Storage Tips

  • Wrap fresh thyme in the somewhat moist paper towel as well as store within the fridge exactly where it’ll continue for four or five days.
  • For maximum taste, freeze the thyme leaves. Very first, freeze the whole branches of thyme on the cookie sheet and after that, eliminate the leaves and freeze them within plastic material bags.
  • Place dried as well as powdered thyme in the closely sealed glass container in the cool, dark dry place. In this way, dried thyme will certainly maintain its freshness for approximately one full year whilst powder thyme can last for around 6 months.

Safety Precautions when Using Thyme

Thyme doesn’t have recognized negative effects and is also totally safe. However, thyme’s essential oil might cause skin as well as mucous membrane discomfort and may also result in allergy symptoms. Additionally it is suggested that thyme shouldn’t be utilized medicinally while pregnant since they happen to be associated with uterine activation.

Cooking Tips

  • Thyme needs to be included with the dish right at the end of the cooking procedure. This really is so mainly because it has a tendency to lose its sensitive taste whenever heated too much.
  • Thyme provides a unique fragrance as well as taste to the dishes of beans just like kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans.
  • Thyme additionally makes fantastic aroma on the non-vegetarian dishes.






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