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Adrenic acid also called adrenate or 7, 10, 13, 16-docosatetraenoic acid is a member of class of compounds called very long chain fatty acids. Very long chain fatty acids are fatty acids having aliphatic tail containing at least 22 carbon atoms. Basically adrenic acid and weakly acidic compound. Adrenic acid could be found in blood as well as in human myelin tissue. Adrenic acid is located within cell located in cytoplasm, in the membrane and peroxisome.  It is present in extracellular space.  In humans, adrenic acid is involved in alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid metabolism. Docosatetraenoic acid entitles any straight chain 22:4 fatty acid. It is a naturally occurring polyunsaturated fatty acid composed through a 2 carbon chain elongation of arachidoic acid. It is one of the abundant fatty acids in early human brain. It is metabolized by cells into biologically active products such as dihomo-epoxyeicosatrienoic acids and dihomoprostaglandins. It is a prostacyclin inhibitor which is a potential prothrombotic agent.

Food Sources

Food name Weight (g) Adrenic acid (g)
Kielbasa 370 0.126
Turkey, meat only, roasted 863 0.112
Orange chicken 648 0.104
Sesame chicken 547 0.077
Pork, cured, bacon, pan-fried 85 0.042
Pork sausage, cooked, pan-fried 85 0.039
Chicken (drumsticks and thighs), roasted 85 0.027
Pizza, rising crust, frozen, baked 227 0.023
Chicken, broilers or fryers, drumstick, roasted 85 0.021
Turkey, wing, meat and skin, roasted 85 0.021
Lasagna classico 422 0.021
Turkey, Ground, cooked 85 0.020
Fish, trout, brook 149 0.019
Lasagne 437 0.017
Meatballs, frozen, Italian style 85 0.017
Pork sausage, link/patty, microwaved 30 0.016
Turkey, thigh, meat only, roasted 85 0.014
Sausage Pizza, Pan Crust 125 0.014
Pizza, cheese topping, rising crust, baked 183 0.013
Cream, fluid, heavy whipping 120 0.012



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