Sapienic acid facts and food sources


Sapienic acid is a fatty acid considered to be the major component of human sebum. This sebum fatty acid is exclusive to humans. Among all hair bearing animals, only humans could produce this fatty acid and is not found in any organ than skin. It is developed from palmitic acid by action of enzyme delta-desaturase.

The acid is under suspicion in the development of acne and possesses antibacterial activity. Delta-6-desaturation of palmitic acid results biosynthesis of sapienic acid. In other tissues, linoleic acid is the mark for delta 6 desaturase but linoleic acid is reduced in sebaceous cells that allows enzyme to desaturate palmitic to sapienic acid. Sebaleic acid, a two carbon extension product of sapienic acid is also found in sebum. It contains powerful antibacterial properties but the mechanisms have not been explored fully.

Food Sources

Food name Weight (g) Sapienic acid (g)
Swiss cheese 132 0.135
Cheddar cheese 132 0.133
Queso blanco cheese 118 0.092
Kielbasa 370 0.067
Mozzarella cheese 228 0.064
Ricotta cheese 124 0.037
Beef 85 0.037
Lamb 85 0.032
Turkey 113 0.031
Potatoes 229 0.025
Chicken 113 0.021
Almonds 143 0.017
Light cream 30 0.016
Cream cheese 14.5 0.016
Oyster 85 0.014
Greek yogurt 150 0.013
Sunflower seed 135 0.011
Swordfish 85 0.010
Sockeye salmon 85 0.009
Butter 3.8 0.009



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