Raspberry juice health benefits

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Raspberry juice Quick Facts
Name: Raspberry juice
Calories 221 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Manganese (203.04%)
Vitamin B5 (54.00%)
Vitamin C (42.33%)
Carbohydrate (40.92%)
Magnesium (26.67%)
Health benefits Healthy heart, Assist weight loss, Strengthen bones, Eye health, Pain relief
Red raspberries are highly valued for its versatility in culinary uses and also many other applications. About 3% of red raspberries are sold fresh and rest ones are processed into juices or other products such as jellies, jams, yogurts and confectionery products. Raspberry juice is a liquid extracted from raspberries which is often consumed itself, used as a part of mixed drink or added with other liquids such as orange juice. This juice is loaded with high content of Vitamin C and iron.

Red raspberry juice is an excellent source of phenolic compounds having antioxidant activity such as elagitannins and anthocyanins. The phenolic compounds offer antimicrobial activities and could forbid the growth of intestinal pathogens such as Staphylococcus strains. It has shown that an intake of red raspberries lowered aortic lipid deposition which prevents the chances of atherosclerosis. This juice also provides beneficial effects against various cancer types which also lowers the damage caused from inflammation and oxidative stress.

With a long history, Raspberries are believed to have originated in Asia but some types are inherent to USA. Raspberries were first mentioned in 1548 in literature. Later, they were grown in America and Europe in 19th century. Though there are various ways to consume raspberries but fresh juice is always considered to be better.

Health Benefits of Raspberry juice

Let us discuss on the health benefits offered by Raspberry juice:

  1. Healthy heart

Raspberries help to lower inflammation and reduce the load of hearts. It contains anthocyanin that helps to calm down effect of heart. Fruit nutrients helps to thin blood which makes it easy for heart to pump all around the body. It promotes cardiovascular system and prevent heart attacks in future.

  1. Assist weight loss

Raspberries help to boost metabolism. It contains fiber which makes one feel full for longer time period preventing hunger pangs. It has magnesium that melts excess fat present in the body. The fruit has low content of calories and have high nutritional value.

  1. Strengthen bones

Raspberries enhance skeletal health as it contains calcium. Calcium is stored in bones and it is released into bodies whenever required. Presence of Vitamin K, C and B helps to maintain good bone health. It provides relief from swelling and inflammation. The addition of Raspberries to the diet is helpful for arthritis patients.

  1. Eye health

The nutrients offered by Raspberries produce health glands in eyes. It prevents the eyes from getting dry. Raspberries prevent ailments such as macular degeneration, an age associated condition affecting eyes. In macular degeneration, retina is damaged affecting midpoint of visual field.

  1. Pain relief

Raspberries are tiny red berries regarded to be natural painkillers. It contains anti-inflammatory components that help to lower pain caused by arthritis and gout.

  1. Heal wounds

Raspberry juice contains Vitamin C helps to heal burns and wound. Add it regularly for promoting the chances of blood clotting. It assists the body to heal faster and maintain healthy hormones level. It assists to form blood clots faster.

  1. Prevent cancer

Raspberry juice has antioxidant called ellagic acid which is a compound that helps to combat cancer. It self-destruct the cancer cells and makes the system healthy. It could slow down and promote forming of cancer cells.

  1. Enhance immunity

Raspberries enhance immunity by promoting ability of the body to counteract diseases. The bodies faster respond to bacteria and allergens and prevent diseases. Manganese and Vitamin C acts against oxygen associated damage.

  1. Slows aging

The oil extracted from red raspberries is used as sunscreen and also possess anti-aging properties. To keep the skin healthy and firm, use it regularly.

  1. Skin health

Raspberries contain ellagic acid that prevents the chances of esophagus, bladder, lung and skin cancer. It lowers itching and dryness of skin could be lowered through these berries. These berries keep the nails and skin healthy. The skin care products contain oil extracted from raspberries due to its outstanding abilities.

  1. Counteract diabetes

The juice of raspberry regulates insulin in the body. It does not have lot of carbohydrates but is packed with fiber. It clears fat away from heart and maintains normal levels of cholesterol. It slows the rise of blood sugar. Consume raspberry if one is prone to diabetes.

  1. Digestive health

Raspberry juice has high content of manganese and fiber which helps to slower digestion keeping full for longer time period. It promotes metabolic rates of body and enhances weight loss. This juice prevents the chances of stomach infections in young children.

  1. Source of antioxidant

Raspberry prevents the cells from free radicals by slowing down aging process. Raspberry as an antioxidant lowers the chances of cancer disease. Low oxidation by unstable free radicals leads to less cell damage.

  1. Promote circulation

Raspberries contain potassium that reduces blood pressure and other active ingredients act as blood thinners. It results better deliver of oxygen and nutrients to the body lowering the symptoms of hypertension.

  1. Helpful for allergies

Raspberry juice have positive effect on immune system that means controlled release of cytokines as well as other inflammatory molecules and low unnecessary symptoms.


  • Those who are allergic to raspberries should avoid this juice.
  • Its excessive consumption causes diarrhea and upset stomach.

How to Eat         

Raspberry juice is used to make smoothies.











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