What is Bran?

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Bran Quick Facts
Name: Bran
Colors Light
Bran is also called miller’s bran. It is the hard outer layer of cereal grain which comprises of aleurone and pericarp. It is an essential part of whole grains which is formed as a byproduct of milling in producing refined grains. Bran loses some portion of nutritional value, when it is detatched from grains. Bran could be found in cereal grains such as corn, rice, oats, wheat, millet, rye and barley. It is not equivalent to chaff which is scaly and coarser material that encloses grain but is not the part of grain.

Cereal grain has endosperm that is the starchy part of grain generally used to make flour. Germ is found within endosperm and is rich in protein and essential fatty acids. It has high amount of essential fatty acids, dietary fiber and significant amount of protein, starch, dietary minerals and vitamins. It has phytic acid that is an anti-nutrient helpful to prevents absorption of nutrients. Nutritionally, the partition of bran and germ from grain before processing into flour is not appealing but the flour made from grain with germ and bran improves the shelf life.

When added to the diets, it maintains heart health, lowers cholesterol and improves intestinal health. Improvement of heart health assists body to eliminate foreign invaders and promotes longer life. The intestinal health assures to take advantage from the food consumed. It also assists in proper nutrient absorption in the blood stream. Fiber assists in healthy, regular bowel movements and eliminates toxins. Bran absorbs water that keeps one feel full and prevents overconsumption which results in lower weight and also reduction in chances of heart problems.

Types of Bran

Bran is of four types: Rice Bran, Oat Bran, Wheat Bran and Corn Bran. These are the healthiest option that could be added to the regular diet. The bran was discarded until the health benefits were well-known. Rice Bran, Oat Bran, Wheat Bran and Corn Bran has ample amounts of dietary fiber along with vitamins, protein, starch, omegas and dietary minerals which makes them a powerhouse of nutrients.

  1. Rice Bran

Rice bran is a healthiest choice to add it to a diet. It is available in various forms such as oil and grain which makes it easier to include in meals. Similar to other bran products, Rice Bran is a byproduct that is created from milling. Till the health benefits were discovered, it was thrown away after milling process. Rice bran is rich in dietary fiber so adding it to a diet makes a smart choice. It promotes regularity of bowels as it increases the ability of the body to process the foods consumed. It also prevents the toxins to get absorbed into system.

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  1. Oat Bran

Oat bran is regarded as one of the top healthiest foods. Being an outer layer or husk of grains, it offers fiber, vitamin B, starch, proteins, minerals and iron. Oat bran is rich in fiber that supports to maintain regular bowel movement. It assists in cleansing bowels of unhealthy impurities buildup. This promotes detoxification and purification of bowels and prevents soaking of toxins into system. Oat bran helps to lower cholesterol and also maintain healthy heart. It lowers bad cholesterol and total cholesterol levels. The reduction of cholesterol prevents buildup of harmful plaque in arteries. It keeps the blood sugar level in check by slowing down digestion of carbohydrates and lowering the rate of sugar entering to bloodstream. Oat bran is used in various recipes such as bran muffins, tasty fruit, brown sugar infused oatmeal and breakfast cereals.

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  1. Wheat Bran

This bran is all natural product produced by a simple milling process. It does not include chemical processing and artificial ingredients. Wheat bran is added on granola bars, breakfast cereals, baked goods and whole grain breads. It is available in form of fine grain that makes is suitable for making workout shakes, pancakes, cookies and muffins. The addition of wheat bran easily promotes the nutrient level of foods. The wheat bran makes one feel full which makes it a wise choice for those trying to shed some weight. In addition, it also enhances regularity of bowel that supports in weight loss.

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  1. Corn Bran

Corn bran is light in color appearance possessing a bland flavor which makes it optimal to add in various recipes. Nutritionally, it is rich in dietary fiber and has low fat content and low calories. In addition, it also contains protein and B-complex vitamins. It is also used in breakfast cereals.

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