Health benefits of Cinnamon

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Health benefits of CinnamonCinnamon is actually a one of the earliest and most well-known household herbs utilized in Jamaica today. The herb can be found in its powdered form in just about all kitchens throughout the island. Even though cinnamon is known and utilized as a spice it provides a variety of health advantages that numerous may be unacquainted with. There are numerous closely associated varieties of cinnamon such Cinnamomum Zeylanium, that is known as the true cinnamon. The other types of cinnamon which are quite popular commercially are known as “cassia” to differentiate them from true cinnamon. Cinnamon is part of the Lauraceae family and the spice is extracted from the interior bark of the tree.

Cinnamon is the bark of one of a group of trees belonging to the same family. Numerous associated species are marketed as cinnamon. “True cinnamon” originates from Sri Lanka and is also more sensitive tasting than what is often sold as cinnamon in the United States, which is also known as “cassia” or “Chinese cinnamon.” Cassia has been utilized in Chinese medicine for centuries. There are numerous other types of cinnamon, mainly from Asia and Madagascar. Cinnamon “sticks” or “quills” are rolls of dried bark, and could be grated in a powder or even soaked in liquid. Many people buy cinnamon pre-ground.

The warm, exclusive flavors that cinnamon enhances dishes have been celebrated for very long. The sweet and pleasant fragrance it provides infuses a calming and comforting feeling. But are you aware that this particular ancient spice has one of several highest antioxidant levels amongst all spices? Extracted from the brown bark of the tropical cinnamon tree, this sweet yet pungent spice is botanically known as Cinnamonum verum and has over one hundred varieties, with the Ceylon cinnamon (true cinnamon) and Chinese cinnamon (cassia) being the two most widely used varieties consumed.

The bark of the trees are dried and rolled into cinnamon sticks, also known as quills. With unique anti-clotting, anti-microbial and healing abilities, cinnamon provides a number of healthful benefits for a long and healthy life. Additionally, the plentiful of antioxidants provided in cinnamon provides you with a very good reason to incorporate it in your daily cooking. Browse the different nutritious benefits that cinnamon offers for dealing with numerous diseases as well as ailments.

Health benefits of Cinnamon

The health benefits of cinnamon could be related to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and astringent as well as anticlotting qualities. Cinnamon is abundant with essential minerals like manganese, iron and calcium, whilst having a high-content of fiber. The health advantages of cinnamon are the following:

1. Lowers blood sugar levels

Cinnamon has been proven to stabilize blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetics by increasing the capability to react to insulin. It will so in part by slowing the rate from which the stomach empties after consuming as evidenced by the study by which individuals ate about a cup of rice pudding with and without about a teaspoon of cinnamon. Adding the cinnamon slowed the speed the stomach emptied from 37% to 34.5% and considerably slowed down the increase in blood glucose levels. Even less than the usual half of a teaspoon each day reduces blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics.

Cinnamon has got substantial advantages for those who have type 2 diabetes. It will help their body react to insulin, therefore normalizing blood sugar levels. Particular compounds in cinnamon promote insulin receptors and hinder an enzyme that inactivates them, enhancing the cells’ capability to utilize glucose. Frequently consuming less than one-half teaspoon each day decreases blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. It’s simple to include in your daily diet. Just spread it in your morning oatmeal or even cereal, or include a small pinch in your evening coffee or tea.

2. Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Cinnamon is shown to assist reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol within the body, also known as the bad cholesterol, mile leaving the good cholesterol levels untouched. This will make it an incredible all natural treatment for high-cholesterol.

The reason it’s so essential to keep the cholesterol levels and check is because high cholesterol levels over a long time can result in more severe heart problems like stroke and heart attack.

Cinnamon alone may possibly have got a minor effect on your cholesterol levels, and that’s why it’s vital that you consider all the factors that go in the condition of high cholesterol. If you suffer high cholesterol levels you might need medication in addition to make several dietary changes.

The cinnamon factor: Cinnamon can be used as a part of an all natural method of reducing your levels of cholesterol, but always check with your doctor and work with harmony with their recommendations.

3. Cancer Fighter

Cinnamon is shown to be efficient cancer fighting foods, and there are a lot of reasons for this, however the chief among them is cinnamon’s anti-bacterial property.

More research is required just before cinnamon can fully be provided with the green light and also viewed as a cancer fighting agent, but original signs point to its capability to control particular cancers, which makes it worth taking in case you have a family history of cancer or are merely attempting to avoid getting cancer.

Taking a cinnamon supplement could be the best way to ensure that you’re getting enough for cancer prevention. It can make it easy to take and eliminates the necessity to add it to your cooking or taking it directly in powder form.

The cinnamon factor: Of course you can’t prevent cancer simply by taking cinnamon, however when you combine the power of cinnamon with proper eating, physical exercise, along with a healthy lifestyle you provide yourself the very best possibility of avoiding it.

4. Antimicrobial

Cinnamon essential oil is probably the best anti-microbial ingredients ever made. It really is efficient towards many harmful bacteria, viruses, as well as fungi. This will make cinnamon tea a beneficial weapon against the cold and flu season and cinnamon essential oils an ideal way to sterilize and disinfect your house. Just dilute cinnamon oil in distilled water, shake, and spray. You simply need 1% cinnamon oil within this solution.

5. Anti-Fungal

The anti-microbial qualities of cinnamon allow it to be an ideal way to deal with candida, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and a whole lot. Cinnamon tea is a terrific way to boost your body’s natural resistance to candida. You may also utilize tea or diluted essential oils externally, yet prevent hypersensitive areas since cinnamon may cause irritation as well as burning up sensation. Dilute a few drops of cinnamon oil in coconut oil for the extremely effective management of athlete’s foot.

6. Food Poisoning

Cinnamon’s capability to kill several kinds of bacteria, which includes E.coli, turn it into a excellent method to fight food poisoning. Make a batch of tea once you start to feel symptoms.

7. Nutrition

A lot more than a spice, cinnamon is full of manganese, iron, calcium, and fiber too. By adding it to any recipe, you’re boosting your minerals.

8. Odor Neutralizer

Include a little cinnamon oil in your diffuser and also the warm, spicy fragrance will pursue away odor. Additionally, it kills any bacteria which may be resulting in the odor therefore it does not only cover up foul scents.

9. Alertness, Mood, and Memory

There are numerous essential oils that appear to have a revitalizing effect on our memory, cognitive function, focus, and alertness. Peppermint, rosemary, and cinnamon are among the best. Everyone knows that our sense of smell as well as memory are tied carefully together, however it seems we are able to utilize this to the advantage. Just a whiff of cinnamon boosts alertness and also enhances mood.

 10. Antioxidant  

Cinnamon is really a effective anti-oxidant, beating out most other spices within this category. It indicates cinnamon safeguards the body versus free-radicals that cause premature aging, cancer, along with other damage.

11. Weight Control  

Cinnamon boosts circulation, thins blood, and manages blood sugar levels. This leads to fewer sugar cravings which means you consume less food and may more readily moderate your calorie consumption.

12. Tooth and Gum Health

Cinnamon is a very common component in several chewing gums as well as mouthwashes for a good reason. The anti-bacterial nature of cinnamon assists protect gums and teeth from damage and enhances breath too. Try oil pulling with a drop of cinnamon oil in coconut oil or just sip gently sweetened cinnamon tea.

13. Insect Repellant

Cinnamon’s pest management capabilities don’t stop at the microbe level. It repels numerous insects too. Place a few cinnamon sticks within your closet to help keep moths away. Sprinkle a line of ground cinnamon in front of doorways to help keep pests from coming in. And spray 1% diluted essential oils onto clothing, hair, and also skin to repel mosquitos along with other biting insects. Make use of a 5% concentration in doorways, windowsills, as well as in front of garages.

14. Food Preservative

Since cinnamon repels pests and kills bacteria, it can make an excellent food preservative. Combine it with recipes you need to keep a bit more time within your fridge or even sprinkle just a little cinnamon dust in your bread bag to avoid mold. Cinnamon lined packaging is even just in the works.

15. Arthritis

Research indicates that cinnamon has got effective anti-microbial activity which decreases cytokines which are linked to arthritic pain. Furthermore, in the research carried out at Copenhagen University, the arthritic patients were expected to take a mixture of half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and one tablespoon of honey each morning just before breakfast. These types of patients not just experienced significant respite from the pain after 7 days but in addition had the ability to move quite easily after one month.

16. PMS and Infertility

Manganese, which cinnamon is abundant with, decreases mood swings as well as cramps throughout PMS and cinnamaldehyde, an energetic compound in cinnamon, might help balance hormones.

17. Supports healthy blood clotting

Much studies have been dedicated to cinnamon’s effect on blood platelets that contribute to clotting. It will help thin the blood and stop undesirable clumping of platelets. It’s very effective just as one anti-coagulant that patients taking prescription blood thinners are warned not to take cinnamon in concentrated form such as supplements or extracts.

18. Fights bacteria and fungus

Ayurvedic medicine has long utilized cinnamon because of it anti-microbial qualities to aid the immune system and stop colds and flu. It has been established to assist stop the development of bacteria, fungus and also the common yeast Candida.  One research demonstrated that it is really an efficient option to chemical food preservatives and simply a couple of drops of essential oil of cinnamon added to refrigerated carrot broth avoided the development of food-borne pathogens for approximately 60 days.

19. Boosts memory and protects the brain

Chewing cinnamon flavored gum or simply smelling the sweet spice has been discovered to enhance brain activity. Research led by Dr. P. Zoladz and presented at the 2004 meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences, in Sarasota, Florida determined that cinnamon boosts intellectual processing and it was discovered to enhance test subjects scores associated with attention, memory and visual-motor speed when working at a computer.

20. Brain Function

Cinnamon enhances the activity of the brain and causes it to be an excellent brain tonic. It will help to eliminate nervous tension and memory loss. Research in the Wheeling Jesuit University in the United States has proven that the scent of cinnamon has the capacity to enhance brain activity. The team of researchers, led by Dr. P. Zoladz, discovered that individuals who were given cinnamon improved their scores on cognitive activities including attention span, virtual recognition memory, working memory, and visual-motor response speed.

21. Blood circulation

Cinnamon helps you to enhance the blood circulation because of the presence of a blood thinning compound inside cinnamon. This blood circulation helps you to considerably decrease pain. Good blood circulation also guarantees oxygen supply to the body’s cells, which results in greater metabolic activity. You are able to considerably decrease the possibility of struggling with a heart attack by frequently consuming cinnamon.

22. Pain Relief

Cinnamon is additionally an anti-inflammatory substance, therefore it assists in eliminating stiffness of the muscles and joints. Cinnamon is additionally appropriate for arthritis, and it’s also recognized to help in removing headaches which are brought on by colds.

23. Infections

Because of its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiviral as well as antiseptic qualities, it really is efficient on treating external in addition to interior infections. It will help in wrecking germs within the gall bladder and also the bacteria contained in staph infections.

24. Protects Against Heart Disease

Due to its numerous anti-inflammatory qualities, cinnamon is extremely good at guarding the heart as well as encompassing arteries from damage and infection. The numerous fatty foods that individuals snack on nowadays include cholesterol and unhealthy fats which are recognized to clogarteries. The plaque as well as toxins which eventually build up can result in cardiovascular disease as well as other threats to the heart. Cinnamon assists fight the ‘bad’ cholesterol, considerably lowering total cholesterol levels. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help recover inflammation in internal tissues and minimize the chance of heart attacks and disease.

25. Indigestion

Cinnamon is included in several ethnic recipes. Aside from including flavor to the food, additionally, it helps with digestion. Cinnamon is extremely efficient for indigestion, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea and flatulence. Because of its carminative properties, it is extremely useful in eliminating excess gas from the stomach and intestines. Additionally, it eliminates acidity, fights diarrhea and decreases the effects of morning sickness. Cinnamon is therefore often referred to as a digestive tonic.

26. Birth control

Cinnamon also helps in natural birth control. Regular usage of cinnamon after child birth delays menstruation and therefore helps you to steer clear of conception.

27. Breastfeeding

It’s also thought that cinnamon aids in the secretion of healthy breast milk.

Cinnamon is diuretic in nature and helps within the secretion and discharge of urine. Additionally it is widely used just as one aphrodisiac and is also considered to arouse sexual desire in males and females.

28. Improves Colon Functioning

Cinnamon is a superb source of fiber, calcium and also the trace mineral manganese. The mixture of calcium as well as fiber can enhance the functionality of the colon. Both calcium and fiber bind to bile salts and help eliminate them from the body. By eliminating bile, fiber aids in preventing damage that particular bile salts may cause to colon cells, thereby lowering the chance of colon cancer. The dietary fiber is also very beneficial in relieving symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome which includes diarrhea and constipation.

29. Throat soother

Calm a tickly cough with a cinnamon-infused drink: Dip cinnamon sticks in cold water for many hours, then sip. This particular beverage consists of mucilage, a water-soluble fiber which coats and also calms the throat, says Lillian M. Beard, MD, author of Salt within your Sock and Other Tried-and-True Home Remedies.

30. Improves Metabolism

Cinnamon frequently causes it to be onto the list of foods that you ought to be consuming in case you are attempting to lose weight. It has the capability to rev up the metabolism, which will help you slim down more efficiently, particularly if you have got a slow metabolism. Think about adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to your smoothie for additional nutrients along with a method to take your metabolism in to a higher gear.

Other ways to speed up a sluggish metabolism: including lean muscle in your body, staying away from overeating in one sitting, and stick to foods which help boost metabolism, just like broccoli, apples, and foods full of calcium. Daily exercises are also a natural method of getting your metabolism going.

The cinnamon factor: So as to get the maximum quantity of benefit towards your metabolism, you’ll have to commit to supplement with cinnamon daily, at least a tablespoon every day.

31. Antibacterial Properties

Cinnamon serves as an anti-bacterial agent in your body, and with that for that reason it is extremely useful in treating an array of troubles. For this reason it is usually suitable for an upset stomach, since it might help clear harmful bacteria through the digestive system.

It’s also why you’ll see cinnamon like a treatment for acne, since it helps you to kill off bacteria onto the skin and help the blemish heal. It’s even been recognized for assisting to get rid of candida, which may be helpful in case you have an over growing of candida within your body, a condition referred to as candidiasis.

In order to sustain a healthy body overall, you’d have to consumer cinnamon every day, a tablespoon a day for many adults.

The cinnamon factor: Regularly ingesting cinnamon helps where the body of harmful bacterial organisms that may be affecting the way you feel.

32. Anti-Inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory nature of cinnamon implies that you can use it to assist with a variety of conditions brought on by inflammation. Cinnamon is probably the few spices and herbs suggested just as one anti-inflammatory. Others consist of turmeric, curry, and ginger.

Arthritis is certainly one disease that could be assisted by cinnamon along with other anti-inflammatory foods. Since there are a wide variety of diseases which are brought on by or worsened by inflammation, it seems sensible to utilize cinnamon along with other foods to assist reduce that inflammation and lower the pain and occurrence of other symptoms.

It’s difficult to imagine a spice just like cinnamon as being anything further than a flavoring agent, however it does include important substances, like cinnamaldehyde, that is currently being studied because of its benefits on several areas of the body.

The cinnamon factor: Utilizing cinnamon with an anti-inflammatory diet might help relieve the signs and symptoms of conditions induced or even worsened by extreme inflammation within the body.

33. Helps Balance Hormones

The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon might help balance hormones in females, which makes it an excellent all-natural remedy to test before turning to medication. Always talk to your physician and follow their advice, and obtain their approval before beginning on any supplementation. Although it’s an all-natural spice you will never know how you will respond to it, or if it’ll affect any other treatments you’re on.

Cinnamon acts to reduce the quantity of testosterone made by women, while boosting the quantity of progesterone.

Again, it’s the cinnamaldehyde which is accountable for this benefit. This happens naturally in cinnamon and provides it its exclusive color and aroma.

The cinnamon factor: Cinnamon can behave as a hormone balancer whenever drawn in the appropriate quantities. To get these advantages of cinnamon you’ll have to take it as a supplement, since it demands greater doses than simply sprinkling it on food.

34. Clears the Digestive Tract

Cinnamon might help clean out your digestive system, which supports the body soak up the nutrients through the foods you consume more quickly. And also this means you’ll have fewer stomach problems which includes indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation? A clean digestive tract might help in the surprising number of ways, even enhancing the way you think. Harmful bacteria within your gut can in fact because you to more prone to get depressed, and evidence is pointing to the stronger link between gut health and mental health.

In a situation like this it often is sensible to make dietary changes just before science catches up. It is really an all-natural remedy with few negative effects and lots of advantages to be gained. Once the risk is low and also the potential advantages to be gained are high, it’s a good idea to be an earlier adopter.

The cinnamon factor: The anti-bacterial as well as anti-microbial qualities of cinnamon help clean out harmful bacteria from the digestive system, enhancing its capability to function.

35. Increases Circulation

Cinnamon features a heating effect on the body, and may help to improve blood circulation all through. There are many illnesses and scenarios which are brought on by poor circulation, so making plans to enhance that circulation can be quite advantageous indeed.

The main benefit of improved blood circulation is to the heart, as well as enhanced circulation should mean a decrease in your heart rate and minimize blood pressure.

Improved blood flow within the body might help enhance the sex drives of both women and men, since it helps blood circulation towards the reproductive organs. For males this means more powerful erections as well as for women this means elevated sensitivity of the clitoris and labia.

The cinnamon factor: Cinnamon by itself might not be sufficient to create a visible effect on your circulation, however when coupled with other steps and all-natural methods you can begin to discover signs and symptoms of noticeable improvement.

36. Improves Your Mood

You may use cinnamon like a sort of aromatherapy to assist enhance your mood. That’s because for this advantage of cinnamon you just need to smell it. The fragrance of cinnamon behaves to shift you to a much better mood.A lot of things can happen during the day to place us in the off mood, so it’s vital that you have got a variety of steps you can take to try and shake you out of the funk and get you back to feeling good.

If you’re ever feeling stressed or even confused you should use the odor of cinnamon to assist split up those feelings and introduce a much better way of thinking. It may be a part of your all-natural method of feeling your best the whole day.

The cinnamon factor: The mood altering potential of cinnamon causes it to be an excellent part of your daily routine. It’s an all-natural method to feel better without making use of a pharmaceutical solution.

37. Alzheimer’s Prevention

One of the more shocking cinnamon benefits is its capability to assist in preventing Alzheimer’s along with other cognitive problems. You will want to take a cinnamon supplement, or utilize a cinnamon extract to obtain a sufficiently strong dose to make a difference, and never rely on powdered cinnamon in cooking or baking.

It’s the substances found within cinnamon that account for its capability to assist in preventing the disease. Scientific studies are promising when it comes to cinnamon’s effect on the brain, enough in order that it could be smart to start taking it as a supplement if you think you’re vulnerable to Alzheimer’s.

It’s difficult to make the link between a spice just like cinnamon as well as a reduced probability of getting Alzheimer’s, but it’s important to remember that cinnamon intake alone just isn’t sufficient to avoid it. Taking a balanced approach is essential, which includes keeping the mind sharp with activities intended to encourage the brain, consuming a healthy diet, and maintaining fitness with exercise.

The cinnamon factor: Preventing Alzheimers along with other degenerative diseases needs a long-term view and daily consistency. Add cinnamon to your daily routine and you can be assisting to prevent this devastating disease.

38. Helps regulate menstrual cycles

Research conducted recently conducted by Columbia University Medical Center shows that cinnamon can control the menstrual cycles of ladies with polycystic ovary syndrome, a complaint that plagues an estimated five million American women of childbearing age.

39. ToothAche

Cinnamon is known to relieve toothache pain. Just make a paste utilizing five teaspoons of honey combined with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Use a little bit of this paste directly on the painful tooth 2 or 3 times a day prior to the pain is treated. You are able to store any extra paste in a tiny container at room temperature.

Cinnamon Benefits for the Skin

1. Plumps Skin

Cinnamon is considered to enhance fine lines by plumping the skin. Which means that utilizing cinnamon can easily promote blood vessels and bring blood to the surface of the skin. Make use of a combination of 3 drops essential oil of cinnamon and 2 tbsp olive oil or even petroleum jelly. Use this mix to fine lines on the skin, taking care to prevent the eyes. The skin soon plumps out and fine lines become less noticeable. This could even be carried out to plump up lips and could be utilized as an alternate to lip gloss.

2. Cleanses the Scalp

Cinnamon may also be used to nurture the scalp. Make a paste utilizing 1 tsp ground cinnamon, ¼ tsp warm olive oil and 1 tbsp honey. Massage this in the scalp and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash off after this utilizing a normal shampoo. Cinnamon acts just like an exfoliating agent to encourage the scalp and offer nutrition to hair follicles.

3. Treatment for Eczema

Eczema could be a very annoying skin ailment which leaves behind light coloured patches. Many people have discovered that using 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp honey on these patches could provide relief. However, this paste should not be utilized on the face because of it may cause irritation. You’re advised to execute a skin test just before using cinnamon paste onto the skin.

4. Treatment for Acne

Cinnamon is considered to assist with management of acne and pimples. Blend 1 tbsp cinnamon powder and 3 tbsp honey and apply this on pimples. Leave this paste overnight or for 20 minutes just before washing along with warm water. Acne scars might dry out and also skin might get revitalized. This paste may also de-clog pores and bring oxygen and blood to the surface. However, this should not be used cinnamon benefits to skin more than once a week since it might cause skin irritation.

5. Antiseptic

Cinnamon has got germ killing qualities. In case you have an open cut or wound, simply dust a pinch of cinnamon on top of it. Bacteria will probably be killed and also the wound heals faster.

6. Reduce signs of aging

Cinnamon utilized on the skin appears to improve collagen levels for approximately 6 hours after it is applied. Breakdown of collagen causes the skin to shed elasticity and increases aging process. Cinnamon appears to boost collage expression on the skin through cinnamaldehyde, its main chemical component. This can be capable to stimulate growth factors IGF-1 and improve collagen expression. Topically cinnamon creams might be used.

History of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is indigenous to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, though its history dates back to Chinese writings to 2800 BC. Being among the earliest spices known, cinnamon would be a effective spice utilized in Egypt, Rome and China on an extensive level. Whilst the Egyptians utilized cinnamon like a beverage flavoring, medicinal, and also embalming agent; the Chinese treasured it because of its different therapeutic advantages. Cinnamons have also been pointed out by Pliny the Elder, Dioscorides, Theophrastus as well as in the Bible too. The Portuguese arrived in Ceylon during the early 16th century and re-established the traditional production and management of cinnamon by the Sinhalese. They enjoyed monopoly for more than hundred years before the Dutch seized the Portuguese in the 17th century and captured the world’s largest cinnamon supplier, the island of Ceylon. Later towards the end of the 18th century, the British dislodged the Dutch from Ceylon and took control over the island and cinnamon trading, in turn. However in the 19th century, the cinnamon monopoly saw its downfall as cinnamon might be grown in other countries, like Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Mauritius, Guyana and Réunion as well. Today, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil and also the Caribbean are the leading producers of Ceylon cinnamon, while cassia cinnamon is cultivated by China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Types of Cinnamon

However, there are many types of cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), and Cassia cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) are definitely the most widely used. Cinnamon health benefits don’t seem to be considerably different from one type to another.

1. Ceylon cinnamon

 Ceylon cinnamonCeylon cinnamon is oftentimes known as “true cinnamon”. It really is more costly and it has a sweet taste, milder compared to Cassia. The quills are much softer and could be very easily ground in the coffee grinder. Ceylon cinnamon is generally only bought in specialized stores. Ceylon cinnamon utilizes just the thin inner bark, and therefore features a finer, less dense, and much more crumbly texture.

2. Cassia cinnamon

Cassia cinnamonCassia cinnamon, the more affordable variety, is regarded as the common cinnamon sold in supermarkets in North America. This particular variety grows on small trees in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, and Egypt. It features a darker color and also the quills are harder.


3. Vietnamese cassia

Vietnamese cassia Vietnamese cassia (Saigon cinnamon, Cinnamomum loureiroi) and Chinese cassia (Cinnamomum aromaticum) are definitely the sweetest and most powerful types. Vietnamese cinnamon is regarded by many to be the world’s finest cinnamon; it and also the Chinese cassia aren’t just sweeter, but more fragrant and more powerful (“spicier”) compared to Indonesian Korintje cassia commonly sold in supermarkets. When they come from the same tree, they’re harvested and processed differently.

4. Korintje cassia cinnamon

Korintje cassia cinnamonKorintje cassia cinnamon originates from Indonesia, generally Sumatra (Cinnamomum burmannii). As “supermarket cinnamon,” it’s the most familiar to Cinnamonus. Yet, it’s available in A, B and C grades. B and C grades can be purchased in supermarkets and price clubs, as well as  large containers at low prices usually means C-grade cinnamon, and could be bitter and astringent. A-grade Korintje cassia is sweet and mellow. In accordance with the Food and Agriculture Association, Indonesia produces 40% of the world’s Cassia cinnamon.

Cinnamon Nutrition Facts

Amount: 1 cup
Total Weight: 125 g


Nutrients Amount
Basic Components  
Ash 4.5 g
Phytosterols 32 mg
Protein 5 g
Water 13.3 g
Calories From Carbohydrate 287
Calories From Fat 13
Calories From Protein 9.1
Total Calories 308
Dietary Fiber 66 g
Sugar 2.7 g
Total Carbohydrates 101 g
Fats & Fatty Acids  
Monounsaturated Fat 307 mg
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 14 mg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 55 mg
Polyunsaturated Fat 85 mg
Saturated Fat 431 mg
Total Fat 1.5 g
Betaine 4.9 mg
Choline 13.8 mg
Folate 7.5 mcg
Niacin 1.7 mg
Pantothenic Acid 447 mcg
Riboflavin 51 mcg
Thiamin 27 mcg
Vitamin A 368 IU
Vitamin B6 197 mcg
Vitamin C 4.7 mg
Vitamin E 2.9 mg
Vitamin K 39 mcg
Calcium 1.3 g
Copper 423 mcg
Iron 10 mg
Magnesium 75 mg
Manganese 22 mg
Phosphorus 80 mg
Potassium 538 mg
Selenium 3.9 mcg
Sodium 12 mg
Zinc 2.3 mg


Ayurvedic natural home remedies for cinnamon

Here are a few typical Ayurvedic natural home remedies for cinnamon:

  • To lessen the Kapha:  provoking properties of rice along with other carbohydrates, add cinnamon to the dish.
  • For a sinus headache: make a paste of ½  tsp cinnamon powder and water and apply topically.
  • For Memory: Cinnamon power combined with honey could be taken every evening at bedtime. It enhances memory and decreases mental strain.
  • For headache from cold breeze:  If you’ve got headache because of cold breeze, then using cinnamon paste on head offers immediate relief.
  • For bad breathe:  It is an excellent mouth freshener if you suffer bad breathe problem then you can certainly keep a small bit of cinnamon stick within your mouth.
  • For Menstrual Pain: It is beneficial for menstrual pain along with other gynecological problems
  • For Loose motion: Taking half tea spoon of cinnamon power each morning and evening provides rest from lose motion.
  • For diarrhea: mix ½ tsp of cinnamon powder, a pinch of nutmeg. and ½ cup yogurt and consume this mixture 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Drop Weight: Taking cinnamon powder along with honey with warm water each morning empty stomach works well for lowering the weight.
  • Pain and swelling: Cinnamon oil decreases pain and swelling
  • Cough/bronchitis:  Mix 1 tsp each of cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cardamom and clove. Add 3 tbsp of raw sugar and grind together to create a fine powder. Take ½-1 tsp of this powder combined with honey twice each day.
  • Cold/flu:  Boil 1 tsp of cinnamon in 1 cup of water. Simmer until it is half the volume, strain, add honey and drink warm.
  • Diarrhea: Mix 1 tsp each of cinnamon, ginger and cumin powder with honey to create a paste. Take 1 tsp 3 times each day
  • Insomnia:  Add ½ tsp of cinnamon powder and 1 tsp of honey to 1 cup of warm milk. Drink before you go to bed.
  • Mouth purifier: Boil 1 tsp of cinnamon in 1 cup of water. Cool and utilize like a gargle. Combine equal parts (1 tsp) of cinnamon, cardamom and dried bay leaf in 1 cup of hot water and drink two times a day.
  • Nervous tension: Take a pinch of cinnamon powder combined with honey before bed.
  • Skin disorders: Use a paste of cinnamon as well as lime juice daily.
  • Toothache: Put 1-2 drops of cinnamon oil on the cotton ball and press around the tooth.
  • Vomiting/Nausea: Consume a pinch of cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon for beauty

1. Paste of cinnamon powder as well as lemon juice whenever applied on face frequently makes the face pimple and blackhead free.

2. Paste cinnamon, olive oil and honey can be applied on scalp to prevent hair fall and also to regrow new hairs.

3. Cinnamon possesses anti-ageing features. You may make a paste of cinnamon powder, sugar, olive oil and lemon juice and use it in your face for Fifteen minutes. After washing you’ll feel a glow on the skin.

Other uses of Cinnamon

1. Room Spray

-Combine several drops of essential oil of cinnamon along with water or vodka and spritz the mix in any room to dispel germs and odors.

2. Energy Booster

-A pinch added to a cupful of hot tea for the boost of energy each morning

3. Colds or flu

-Half a teaspoon in the cup of tea with lemon juice and honey during colds or flu

4. Increase absorption

-In tincture recipes to improve absorption of the herbs and for flavor

5. Homey trick for candles

-Apply a few drops of essential oil of cinnamon to any beeswax taper or any other candle before you decide to burn it.

6. Sweet decoration

-Anchor a number of cinnamon sticks in whole cloves or dried cranberries in the glass: this will make quite and sweet-smelling decorative element.

How to Buy Cinnamon

  • Cinnamon is available in both stick and powdered form. Cinnamon powder has a tendency to have a more powerful flavor when compared to sticks.
  • To check the freshness of cinnamon, get a stick and smell it. Just in case it provides off a sweet aroma, you will know you’ve opted for fresh quill.
  • To differentiate in between true and cassia cinnamon forms, take a look at their appearance. While true cinnamon sticks are curled in the telescopic form, cassia quills curl inward from both sides, just like a scroll.
  • What comes as a challenge is distinguishing ground cinnamon from ground cassia. Whilst true cinnamon is tan in color with a warm, sweet flavor, ground cassia features a reddish brown color and is also rough in texture, with a bitter, stronger and much more savory flavor.

Cinnamon Storage Tips

  • Cinnamon sticks could be stored for extended periods of time when compared with powdered cinnamon.
  • Keep the sticks in the glass container and seal it tightly. Store in the cool, dry, dark place. In this way, the sticks can last for approximately one year.
  • Ground cinnamon keeps well for 6 months when kept in an air-tight container. To extend its shelf-life, store powdered cinnamon within the refrigerator.
  • It is best to purchase small amount of ground cinnamon since it has a tendency to lose its flavor and aroma soon. Besides, keep smelling the ground cinnamon to check if it’s still fresh; discard if it doesn’t smell sweet.
  • For best flavor and taste, mash some cinnamon quills in your own home utilizing a spice or coffee grinder. Else, you may also utilize whole cinnamon quills.

Cinnamon Dosage and Cautions

Most experts agree that you ought to not consume greater than between two and five grams of cinnamon every day. It’s because its content of Coumarin, a substance which may be poisonous whenever consumed in higher dosages. A Norwegian study shows that you a person shouldn’t consume a lot more than 0.07 milligrams of Coumarin per kilogram of the bodyweight every day. Those people who are expecting or breastfeeding should prevent consuming extreme levels of cinnamon and also the easiest way of doing this is usually to simply prevent products that own it. In fact, the general population should always try to consume cinnamon moderately to assist prevent any cinnamon side effects. In case you are taking cinnamon supplements including capsules or pills, it is crucial that you speak to your doctor prior to doing so and to only start taking them in case your doctor recommends this course of action. It’s also vital that you keep in mind that it’s possible to be allergic to cinnamon (or products that contain it) as well as in these cases, it really is perfect just to prevent consuming it. Those taking medications, both prescription and herbal, should be certain that there aren’t any interactions with cinnamon as some might have adverse reactions. Remember that the side effects in the above list apply to those with sensitive body and immune systems or particular health conditions.

Cinnamon Side Effects

Cinnamon is the inner bark of trees from the genus Cinnamomum. However, the only “true cinnamon,” also called Ceylon cinnamon, originates from the Cinnamomum verum tree. Cinnamon has been around for hundreds of years, dating back to ancient Egypt where it was part of embalming mixtures and today it is utilized for a wide variety of reasons. It’s been related to several health advantages however in some cases, you need to take care whenever consuming it as there are several cinnamon negative effects.

1. Premature Labor

Some women are lured to consume cinnamon during pregnancy as it can certainly eliminate indigestion and help with stomach pains however it will not be taken while pregnant. This is because it may cause uterine contractions and in many cases even cause premature labor. It really is okay for pregnant women to occasionally have some by they should avoid doing this daily, taking tablets or smelling the oil.

2. Liver Failure

Most types of cinnamon have got around 5% Coumarin which might result in liver failure in huge doses. Instead, you need to use Ceylon cinnamon since this only consists of 0.04% of this substance.

3. Blood Thinner

Cassia cinnamon can easily thin your blood and while this can be good in some instances that isn’t always true. Ceylon cinnamon doesn’t have a similar blood thinning effects so when you take blood thinning medication, you need to avoid cassia cinnamon and stick to Ceylon.

4. Skin Irritation

Undiluted cinnamon oil may possibly irritate the skin, even resulting in a burning up feeling. The sensation is particularly strong in case you touch your genitalia after handling the pure oil. Due to this, you should always be careful whenever handling the oil.

5. Elevated Heart Rate

People who have heart problems ought to be careful whenever ingesting cinnamon. This is because it’s been connected with an rise in heartbeat. When undiluted, it may also result in children to develop rapid heart rates. Instead, cinnamon oil should always be diluted to fewer than 2 % before use.

6. Choking Hazard

A common game with teens has been to see who is going to swallow probably the most cinnamon powder; however, this could be incredibly dangerous. This is because there exists a severe choking hazard related to swallowing cinnamon powder alone, without drinking water. If it does not cause death by choking, the powder may enter in the lungs and result in a major chest infection which can lead to serious breathing complications. This may lead to the collapse of the lungs (and death if there is not a ventilator nearby). In case you survive, you can get your lungs to scar which could cause later medical issues.

7. Stomach Irritation

Whenever you eat extreme quantities of cinnamon, you might experience an irritation of your stomach lining. Individuals who currently have gastrointestinal problems like stomach ulcers may possibly observe this cinnamon side effect to the large degree.

8. Mouth Irritation

Together with a burning sensation onto the skin, anyone who has mouth ulcers can experience a burning sensation within their mouth which is combined with pain. This could occur soon after consuming the cinnamon. The oil may also cause irritation of the mucous membrane so it’s vital that you only take a diluted version.

9. Lowering Blood Sugar

Cinnamon has been related to reducing blood sugar levels. This is often a problem for diabetics or others who require to keep a close eye on their levels so if you’re presently taking any kind of medications to manage your levels (and have a disease related to them), it is very important to speak to your doctor before you decide to consume cinnamon. Remember that consuming an excessive amount of cinnamon during a medication made to lower blood pressure levels might cause too large of a drop in blood sugar.

10. Plasma Cell Gingivitis

Some research indicates that utilizing oral products like chewing gum, mouthwash as well as toothpaste with cinnamon extract might be associated with plasma cell gingivitis.

11. Dizziness or Shortness of Breath

When you take an excessive amount of cinnamon oil, particularly in concentrated quantities it might result in dizziness or difficulty breathing. Make sure to only take diluted cinnamon oil to assist avoid this side-effect.

12. Kidney Diseases

Some think that when consumed in higher concentrations, cinnamon might cause kidney disease. Despite this belief, there’ve not been any sort of studies carried out which support this theory and show an immediate causal link between usage of cinnamon as well as kidney diseases.

13. Yeast infection

Recent medical research has stated that cinnamon has got effective anti-bacterial in addition to anti-fungal qualities which are active against fungus and yeast infections as an example; Candida albican. Cinnamon has additionally shown good results in eliminating off the bacteria which causes stomach ulcers.

14. Respiratory problems

In Indian medicine, Ayurveda, cinnamon is considered to cure and provide relief to common colds and flu. For the sore throat, a simple but effective home cure can offer a solution; Take a combination of lukewarm honey along with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon twice daily- after breakfast and before going to sleep.

15. Anti-Clotting Properties

Cinnamaldehyde (also known as cinnamic aldehyde) have been well-researched because of its effects on blood platelets. Platelets are constituents of blood that are supposed to clump together under emergency circumstances (like physical injury) so as to stop bleeding, but under normal circumstances, they are able to make blood flow insufficient as long as they clump together too much. The cinnaldehyde in cinnamon aids in preventing undesirable clumping of blood platelets. (The way it accomplishes this health-protective act is simply by inhibiting the release of the inflammatory fatty acid called arachidonic acid from platelet membranes and decreasing the formation of the inflammatory messaging molecule known as thromboxane A2.) Cinnamon’s capability to lower the release of arachidonic acid from cell membranes also puts it in the category of an “anti-inflammatory” food that may be useful in reducing inflammation.

16. Multiple Sclerosis Prevention

Cinnamon have been associated with protection against the destructive effect of multiple sclerosis (MS).This, it does by doing by doing away with the requirement for costly drugs to deal with condition.






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