Health Benefits of Turmeric

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Health Benefits of TurmericTurmeric is really a super-spice which has a high antioxidant value and also enhances the defense mechanisms. It is just a effective anti-inflammatory and is also well-liked by individuals with arthritis and also joint problems for this reason. Turmeric is germ killing and kills yeast as well as parasites whenever utilized internally. It is just a member of the ginger family and it is what provides many Indian Foods their yellow color. It really is utilized in curries as well as in mustard. There is certainly some evidence that it supports brain health and might help avoid Alzheimer’s disease.

Turmeric would be the root stalk of a tropical plant that is part of the ginger family. One of the main components of the spice is really a substance known as curcumin which includes possibly therapeutic qualities. You can purchase fresh turmeric in Chinese and Indian supermarkets. It’s widely accessible in the dried powder form in supermarkets. The spice is utilized in several Asian dishes, mustard and pickles. Additionally it is obtainable in supplements at chemists and health food shops.

Turmeric has been utilized for a lot of thousands of years in Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine for conditions which includes heartburn, diarrhea, stomach bloating, colds, fibromyalgia and depression. Followers of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine also sometimes apply turmeric to the skin for ringworm and infected wounds as it’s believed to have anti-bacterial properties.  Over the last years there has been some studies performed on the effects of curcumin. However, there is little reliable evidence to aid the usage of turmeric for health problems simply because too few clinical trials have been carried out so far.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric, also referred to as curcuma longa, is a type of herb. Also known as the “Queen of Spices,” its main characteristics really are a pepper-like aroma, sharp taste and golden color. People throughout the world utilize this herb within their cooking. In accordance with the Journal of the American Chemical Society; turmeric includes a number of antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, ant carcinogenic, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally it is packed with numerous healthy nutrition like protein, dietary fiber, niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc. Because of all these factors, turmeric is usually utilized to treat a multitude of health issues. Listed here are the health advantages of turmeric.

1. Eases Arthritis Symptoms

If you suffer from arthritis pain you might want to consider adding more turmeric in your daily diet, since it is shown to help reduce the pain connected from arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Since the regular course of treatment for arthritis is concentrated around pain management with prescription medication, it’s best to use as numerous all-natural remedies as possible, particularly those which are supported by clinical studies. To utilize turmeric for arthritis you’ll wish to ingest it, as it doesn’t work as a topical treatment, but rather from the inside to assist calm inflammation and produce the body back to its more natural state.

Why start using more turmeric? While there is no remedy for arthritis, whenever taken frequently turmeric might help lessen the symptoms related to it, and is also best used as part of a standard arthritis management strategy.

2. Helps to Prevent Cancer

Probably the most persuading need to start incorporating turmeric into your life is definitely the way it will help the body fend off cancer formation and growth. It’s been proven to assist with a variety of cancers, stopping the spread through the body and also the growth of the tumor in question.

It’s not too often that science supports claims that a food item might have anti-cancer benefits, but turmeric is presently being seriously researched, and the findings claim that it truly does work to assist avoid cancer and keep it from getting worse.

To get this benefit you can easily start consuming more turmeric, or you can utilize a turmeric supplement if it doesn’t seem likely that you’ll cook more with it.

Why start using more turmeric? Use turmeric along with other anti-cancer foods in the healthy lifestyle created for optimal health and longevity.

3. Helps the Heart Stay Healthy

Your heart is essential for your everyday health and longevity, and it’s vital that you keep it functioning in the best of its abilities. Turmeric might help in several ways, which includes preventing strokes and heart attacks.

Turmeric helps you to split up the cholesterol that’s accountable for blocking your arteries, and this alone causes it to be worth utilizing regularly. Heart attacks and strokes are definitely the major forms of fatal heart disease, therefore eating right, being fit, and taking supplements like turmeric along with other all-natural herbs will help you prevent them. There isn’t any magic bullet with regards to handling your heart, so don’t leave it up to one type of food or spice or supplement. Take a multi-tiered method of a healthy heart as well as you’ll reap the advantages for many years.

Why start using more turmeric? Keeps the heart healthy using a normal dose of turmeric for less arterial plaque along with a healthier cardiovascular system in general?

4. Combats inflammatory diseases

Turmeric’s all-natural anti-inflammatory qualities mean it might work as along with several anti-inflammatory medicines, with no negative effects. Early studies have shown it may help with inflammation of the eye (uveitis), inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis) and multiple sclerosis.

One study, utilizing a formula that included turmeric, showed it reduced the pain and disability related to osteoarthritis; however it has not been analyzed by itself yet.

5. Fights colds and flu

Initial research has shown that turmeric might help decrease the harshness of bacterial as well as viral infections.

6. Natural Painkiller

An article within the July 2009 issue of Time magazine points to a study carried out in the University of Arizona. Researchers discovered rodents injected with a material recognized to result in joint pain suffered less once the injections were combined with curcumin. The article also cites anecdotal evidence singing the praises of turmeric for fighting a number of pain that will otherwise be helped by over-the-counter pain medication.

7. Helps the Skin

Turmeric might help the skin in several ways, from decreasing redness to fighting signs of aging. These types of skin treatments include utilizing turmeric powder topically instead of ingesting it.There are some qualities of turmeric that provide it its healing nature whenever applied to the skin. The first is that it’s anti-inflammatory, which will help calm a variety of skin problems. The second is its germ killing ability, which will help eliminate the skin of impurities. Probably the most common skin care products on the market include chemicals and additives that you simply wouldn’t wish to rub in your skin. Utilizing an all-natural item just like turmeric helps you to heal the skin without these largely unknown ingredients.

Why start using more turmeric? Like a topical remedy for skin it’s been proven to assist with everything from acne to stretchmark to wrinkles.

8. Soothes Upset Stomach

Turmeric has long been utilized as a fast and efficient treatment for an upset stomach. This really is one of those benefits which have been noted for generations, but only lately has science come along to back it up.

Because turmeric serves as an anti-inflammatory, it will help to keep stomach acid from getting out of control, and it has been proven to soothe heartburn in addition to general stomach upset.

Taking too much turmeric can in fact cause an upset stomach, so it’s all about taking the right amount of it, and not overdoing it. An excessive amount of the good thing causes it to be a bad thing, so make sure to test what your tolerance level is and find the appropriate dosage level.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric may be used to help relaxed digestive trouble and get your stomach feeling good again.

9. Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer

We’ve currently talked about how turmeric is effective with cancer in general, but there’s very guaranteeing research showing that it may go a long way in the combat against prostate cancer. Since prostate cancer will affect lots of men, it’s perhaps just about the most persuading good reasons to get more turmeric in your lifetime.

To get these benefits you’ll need to take turmeric regularly, and mix it with cruciferous vegetables just like broccoli and kale. While it’s possible to simply use more turmeric within your cooking, numerous find it simpler to take it in supplement forms to take away the guesswork. There are a variety of foods which have been proven to assist with prostate cancer, so make sure to eat much more of those too, and not depend on turmeric alone. These food types consist of green tea, broccoli, and pomegranate.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric is shown to assist in preventing prostate cancer, the most typical cancer for men apart from skin cancer.

10. It’s a Natural Fat Burner

One of the more well-known advantages of turmeric is its capability to assist the body burn off fat. That’s why it’s being recommended more and more like a dietary aid when attempting to shed weight.

The best part of adding more turmeric to the diet in order to lose fat is it helps you to flavor up nearly any dish, and it’s all natural so you won’t need to use dangerous weight loss pills or even fad diets.

Tip: When attempting to shed weight, it’s far better to concentrate on fat loss and never whole body weight. Purchase a scale which also demonstrates to you your Body Fat Percentage and choose a healthy BFP instead of a healthy weight. Several diets have you losing water weight or muscle mass, that is detrimental.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric will help raise the body’s metabolism, assisting to break down fat even if you’re sleeping.

11. Treats Depression

Curcumin, the antioxidant which makes turmeric so interesting like a spice, is shown to work much like an antidepressant. This really is great news for all those seeking to treat their depression utilizing natural methods, in addition to those that just need the very best mental health they are able to have.

It’s vital that you mention that much of the research regarding turmeric as well as depression is carried out utilizing laboratory animals like mice.

Clinical depression is really a severe medical problem that needs a doctor’s expert opinion along with a course of treatment. Utilizing all-natural substances just like turmeric must have your doctor’s approval and be in accordance with their suggestions.

Why start using more turmeric? Those prone to the signs as well as symptoms of depression might find that they feel better with regular use of a turmeric supplement.

12. Helps to Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol is really a precursor to many heart conditions, and that’s why it’s essential to keep it at healthy levels. There are many methods to help get the cholesterol levels down; however including a simple spice in your cooking will go quite a distance.

Turmeric helps you to reduce cholesterol levels because of the cucurmin it includes, which inspires the liver to help get rid of a lot of bad cholesterol in your body.

Always talk to your doctor prior to going off of any medicines for cholesterol. Tell them that you’d want to take a more all-natural method of reducing your cholesterol with a mixture of dietary changes, exercise, as well as supplementation, and work with them to make it happen.

Why start using more turmeric? If you’re struggling with high cholesterol levels, give turmeric a try just as one all-natural way to help bring them down.

13. Helps Prevent Childhood Leukemia

One cancer which turmeric seems especially efficient at avoiding is childhood leukemia. It is often recorded to avoid it in four different ways, which makes it one of the most beneficial natural methods at making sure your child doesn’t develop this disease.

How did they first realize that turmeric is beneficial at avoiding childhood leukemia? They looked at the data from countries which have a greater usage of turmeric and discovered that the occurrences of childhood leukemia were less available. Most of the advantages of turmeric stem from the curcumin it includes. This is exactly what provides turmeric its distinct yellow color and antioxidant value. Further scientific studies are necessary to determine the easiest method to utilize turmeric for this function, such as delivery method and dosage amounts.

Why start using more turmeric? Research has proven that turmeric can be an effective safety measure against childhood leukemia, along with other cancers.

14. Protects Against Free Radical Damage

Curcumin present in turmeric is really a effective antioxidant, which supports protect the body from free radical damage, which will help it remain healthy and vital and avoids several diseases.

The antioxidant power of turmeric is the reason why it so effective and provides it most of the other benefits right here. Antioxidants have been shown avoid cancer and heart disease, and help with a numerous problems that are either brought on by, or worsened by, free radical damage.

Many foods are known for their antioxidant value, which includes blueberries, green tea, as well as tomatoes, but it’s not too often which you discover a spice which is packed with just as much antioxidant value as turmeric.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric may become a part of your everyday consumption of foods that contains antioxidants to combat the daily battle against free radical damage.

15. Helps Bowel Disorders

If you’ve been recognized to have a problem with numerous bowel disorders, turmeric might be able to help to improve the situation. It’s been proven to assist with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as Crohn’s disease.

The anti-inflammatory nature of turmeric is what assists the bowels return to their natural state of wellbeing. Simply because bowel disorders range greatly within their seriousness, the quantity of relief you experience is determined by a lot of factors.

Utilizing turmeric alone may not be sufficient to completely get over a particular bowel disorder. It will take a collective effort of dietary as well as lifestyle changes, and maybe medication. Talk to your doctor for the plan of action on how to best treat your specific condition.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric features a calming effect on the bowels, assisting to calm them down and get them to work as they should.

16. Headache Remedy

Turmeric can be used as a highly effective headache treatment for headaches, and as long as you don’t overdo it, there aren’t any reported negative effects with taking turmeric.

Turmeric works best on headaches brought on by tension, along with a turmeric supplement will give you better and faster relief than attempting to eat it to avoid a headache. It’s the anti-inflammatory property of turmeric that can help with headaches.

Many things may cause a headache, so it’s better to discover what is providing you with the headaches, instead of trying to come up with methods for getting rid of them. If you know what is triggering your headaches that can be done your best to prevent those triggers, and make use of natural treatments just like turmeric after you’ve come down with one.

Why start using more turmeric? If you suffer from frequent headaches you should use turmeric as a possible organic and natural treatment.

17. Detoxes the Liver

The liver performs a big part in assisting detox the body, therefore it only is sensible to help it out by detoxing the liver, and turmeric might help.

Turmeric has been utilized in Ayurvedic practices for hundreds of years so as to help cleanse the liver along with the digestive system. Both have to be functioning well so as to remove toxins through the body.

The reason it’s so essential to treat the liver well is that a lot of things are challenging to the it. Overconsumption of alcohol, not enough water intake, as well as an incorrect diet can definitely take a toll on the liver. Luckily this is a resilient organ made to heal rapidly when handled right.

Why start using more turmeric? The liver is essential to the proper functioning of all of your other organs. Deal with right and you’ll experience trickle-down benefits inside your important systems.

18. Prevents Pancreatic Cancer

If pancreatic cancer runs within your family, you might have a powerful curiosity about using turmeric to assist avoid it from forming. It could also be utilized to help treat it, something you don’t have often heard with regards to a spice.

Pancreatic cancer is probably the most harmful cancers out there, and is also difficult to treat. Any natural assistance within the treatment could be beneficial, and studies suggest that turmeric acts specifically target cancer cells and kill them. It’s not turmeric spice, but instead turmeric extract which has been proved to be so effective at dealing with pancreatic cancer. Of course your doctor knows best and you ought to always follow their suggestions about the best treatment methods for you.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric can deal with a number of different types of cancer, but shows lots of promise in assisting to avoid as well as change pancreatic cancer.

19. Helps with Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is actually a long-term lung illness that generally demands anti-biotic as well as breathed in medicines, yet scientific studies are displaying that turmeric can also be in a position to help.

Again, it’s the curcumin contained within turmeric which is offering the advantage of cystic fibrosis sufferers. At first there was a link found in between curry consumption as well as an enhancement in cystic fibrosis symptoms. Further research discovered that it is in truth the curcumin, and now it’s easy to just use the curcumin without making use of dietary supplementation.

The ability of turmeric to recommend with such an array of conditions really shows why it’s earned the label super spice, allowing for an all-natural treatment where there were once only limited medical options.

Why start using more turmeric? Together with your doctor’s supervision you might be able to utilize turmeric supplements to assist in treating cystic fibrosis.

20. Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can ultimately result in more serious heart disease, as well as treating it is crucial for the general cardiovascular health. For this to occur you’ll have to take greater dosages of turmeric in supplement form, instead of consuming huge quantities of it.

Turmeric behaves as a all-natural blood thinner, therefore you’ll intend to make sure that your doctor is aware of its use before you begin taking it, as it might affect other medications you’re on.It is recommended to talk to your physician just before supplementing with any herbal remedy, and certainly before stopping or even decreasing any blood pressure medication you’re currently on. It’s best to attempt to treat your high blood pressure naturally, however, you might like to do it with the aid of your physician.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric can play its part within your approach to reducing your blood pressure level naturally through dietary changes as well as lifestyle adjustments.

21. Prevents Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is among the most harmful types of cancer since it generally comes on with few signs. Getting a frequent exam is essential; however, you may also take preventive steps by means of an all-natural spice just like turmeric.

Particularly, the curcumin in turmeric aids in preventing cancer tumors from developing. This is particularly essential for cancers just like colon cancer, that begins as polyps on the colon and may grow into tumors if not treated. Turmeric could be suitable for people that have had polyps found, but don’t have colon cancer yet.

Turmeric is known because of its beneficial effects on the digestive system as well as bowels, including the colon. Taking in the right foods and keeping the colon healthy may go quite a distance in stopping polyps from forming in the first place.

Why start using more turmeric? In case you are at high-risk for developing prostate cancer, you may use turmeric as part of a multi-pronged strategy to try to prevent it.

22. Helps with Diarrhea

There are numerous reasons for diarrhea, which includes side effects from drugs, the signs of several diseases and conditions, and consuming the wrong foods. Turmeric might help calm the digestive system as well as reducing diarrhea if taken in the proper time, as well as in the appropriate quantities.

Your body is usually attempting to communicate with you, and diarrhea might be a symbol of various other problem. Figuring out the reason for diarrhea would be the initial step, and ultizing something like turmeric must only be done when you are aware what the inherent problem is.

Taking an excessive amount of turmeric may cause diarrhea, so it’s all about discovering the right amount for the body, and ultizing it wisely. You may use turmeric within your daily cooking for diarrhea prevention, or in the first signs of diarrhea to assist get things back to normal.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric will help stop diarrhea, and stop it in the first place when used correctly.

23. Lowers Cortisol Levels

You might have heard about cortisol simply because probably the most well-known diet pills on earth state that they work by reduction of the quantity of cortisol within the body. Therefore reduces belly fat, as cortisol is really a stress hormone that triggers the body to retain fat.

Cortisol is named “the stress hormone” and it has been associated with things like sleep issues and also blood sugar levels. Instead of subject yourself to these often dangerous weight loss pills, you may use turmeric like a natural method to reduce your cortisol and stress less.

Other foods to assist you reduce your cortisol level are spinach, dark chocolate, and beans. It’s advisable to utilize whole foods like these instead of a amazing mixture of ingredients in the pill or supplement.

Why start using more turmeric? You may use turmeric like a natural method to lessen the quantity of cortisol within the body, thereby assisting to locate a ideal weight.

24. Provides Pain Relief

Pain relievers really are a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and also that’s only for over-the-counter medications. Finding natural methods for getting this same kind of relief without needing to resort to medicine is a big part of living a far more natural lifestyle.

Anti-inflammatory advantages furnished by turmeric will be conditions just like arthritis, quite a few the top-selling OTC pain relievers act as anti-inflammatories too. The key takeaway is that less inflammation equals less pain all else being equal. You may use turmeric in 2 different ways to get pain relief benefits. You may either utilize more of it within your cooking, or even begin taking turmeric supplements to get a stronger quantity of the curcumin it contains.

Why start using more turmeric? Add turmeric in your daily diet and begin getting the advantages of pain relief. In case you don’t notice any change, try using turmeric supplements for higher doses.

25. Helps with Multiple Sclerosis

The curcumin in turmeric might help stop MS from advancing, adding to the list of conditions that turmeric is shown to help with. It might be still too soon to verify that these benefits can be found, but earlier signs point to it being

While multiple sclerosis doesn’t have latest cure, treatment methods consist of drugs to help lessen the signs and symptoms, alter how fast it progresses, and also to manage it as best as you are able to. Increasingly more doctors are keeping an open mind about natural remedies as part of a general treatment strategy, particularly when earlier clinical signs point to it working.

It’s unfamiliar the reason why curcumin helps you to avoid the full start of multiple sclerosis, but since it’s an all-natural remedy without any known negative effects it just is sensible to supplement with it under your doctor’s supervision.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric is displaying promise as an all-natural method to fight the advancement of multiple sclerosis.

26. Provides Better Digestion and Elimination

By consuming turmeric you are able to strengthen your digestive system, since it has been utilized for this specific purpose for years and years. Turmeric is just one of those spices which other parts of the world have known about for a long period, however only recently has got the rest of the world started catching on.

We’ve already discussed how turmeric helps the liver, as well as an enhanced liver can also help the digestive system work better. A sluggish digestion often begins with an overtaxed liver, therefore turmeric works on multiple systems to assist get them all back online and functioning correctly.

Turmeric also provides a natural diuretic, therefore it can help the body clear any excessive fluid, which includes excess sodium which will help together with your blood pressure as well as overall weight.

Why start using more turmeric? Turmeric helps you to clean the whole digestive system, and behaves as a diuretic so you’ll have an easier time with elimination.

27. Antibacterial Properties

One property of turmeric is that it actively works to kill bacteria, which may be a big help if you ever cut or even burn yourself. Rather than utilize a medicinal antibacterial agent you are able to treat burns and cuts with turmeric and it’ll work to keep them clean. You may also utilize turmeric internally to get these benefits, since it can help your digestive system rid itself of any harmful bacteria. Countries which use turmeric within their cooking usually have lower cases of digestive issues, thanks in part to the antibacterial effects it has.

While there are lots of types of bacteria in the human body which are useful as well as intended to be there, there are numerous others which are only acting to result in the body harm or even slow it down. Turmeric might help keep those away so the body functions properly.

Why start using more turmeric? You may use turmeric so as to keep the body free of harmful bacteria just like e. coli and staph infections.

28. Asthma

Since turmeric is surely an anti-inflammatory, it may help decrease the inflammation related to asthma. Include 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk, and drink this mix as a good asthma home cure.

29. Ulcerative colitis

Turmeric might help individuals with ulcerative colitis stay in remission. Ulcerative colitis is really a long-term disease of the digestive tract exactly where symptoms have a tendency to come and go. In a single double-blind, placebo-controlled study, people whose ulcerative colitis was in remission took either curcumin or placebo, together with conventional medical treatment, for six months. People who took curcumin had a relapse rate much lower compared to those who took placebo.

3o. Osteoarthritis

Due to its capability to decrease inflammation, scientific study has pondered if turmeric might help relieve osteoarthritis pain. One research discovered that people utilizing an Ayurvedic formula of herbs and minerals along with turmeric, winter cherry (Withinia somnifera), boswellia (Boswellia serrata), and zinc had less pain as well as disability. But it’s impossible to know whether it was turmeric or one of the other supplements — or all of them together — which was responsible.

31. Controls Diabetes

Turmeric may be used within the management of diabetes by assisting to moderate insulin levels. Additionally, it enhances glucose control and boosts the effect of medications utilized to treat diabetes. Another critical benefit is turmeric’s effectiveness in assisting reduce insulin resistance, which might avoid the start of Type-2 diabetes. However, when coupled with strong medications, turmeric may cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It’s always best to consult a healthcare professional before you take turmeric capsules.

32. Immunity Booster

Turmeric includes a substance referred to as lipopolysaccharide, which will help promote the body’s immune system. Its anti-bacterial, antiviral as well as anti-fungal agents additionally assist improve the immune system. A powerful immune system lessens the risk of suffering from colds, flu and coughs. If you do get a cold, a cough or even the flu, you are able to feel better sooner by mixing one teaspoon of turmeric powder in the glass of warm milk and drinking it once daily.

33. Heals Wound

Turmeric is really a normal antiseptic as well as antibacterial agent and could be utilized as a highly effective disinfectant. In case you have a cut or burn, you are able to sprinkle turmeric powder on the affected area to speed up the healing process. Turmeric likewise helps repair damaged skin and may even be utilized to treat psoriasis along with other inflammatory skin conditions.

34. Wards off Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers think that curcumin’s antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties might be strong enough to break down the amyloid plaques within the brain that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. “If the blood vessels remain less clogged, then certain parts of the brain may be fed more easily with oxygen and that would keep the brain functioning better,” explains Hourigan. The Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the University of California currently is planning clinical human trials.

History of Turmeric

Although the exact origin of turmeric just isn’t recognized, it is considered to be native to south or Southeast Asia, particularly India and Malaysia, where it absolutely was grown more than 5,000 years back. Originally utilized as a dye, turmeric was later employed for culinary and cosmetic reasons. The spice spread from India to China in 700 AD and later to eastern Africa in 800 AD and western Africa in 1200 AD. Gradually, turmeric harvesting spread to the tropics and became a fundamental part of Jamaican cuisine. The Arabs took turmeric to Europe in the 13th century, with its popularity in the Western cultures taking place only within the recent times. Today, India, Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Haiti and Jamaica are definitely the top industrial cultivators of turmeric, along with other producers being Pakistan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Nepal, East & West Africa, South Pacific Islands and Central America. In India, it is cultivated on extensive levels in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

Turmeric Nutritional Facts

Amount: 100 g

Total Weight: 100 g

Nutrients Amount
Basic Components  
Ash 6 g
Phytosterols 82 mg
Proteins 7.8 g
Water 11.4 g
Calories From Carbohydrate 249
Calories From Fat 83
Calories From Protein 22
Total Calories 354
Dietary Fiber 21 g
Sugar 3.2 g
Total Carbohydrates 65 g
Fats & Fatty Acids  
Monounsaturated Fat 1.7 g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 482 mg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 1.7 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 2.2 g
Saturated Fat 3.1 g
Total Fat 9.9 g
Betaine 9.7 mg
Choline 49.2 mg
Folate 39 mcg
Niacin 5.1 mg
Riboflavin 233 mcg
Thiamin 152 mcg
Vitamin B6 1.8 mg
Vitamin C 26 mg
Vitamin E 3.1 mg
Vitamin K 13 mcg
Calcium 183 mg
Copper 603 mcg
Iron 41 mg
Magnesium 193 mg
Manganese 7.8 mg
Phosphorus 268 mg
Potassium 2.5 g
Selenium 4.5 mcg
Sodium 38 mg
Zinc 4.4 mg



Some Home remedies for a number of diseases utilizing turmeric:

  • Anemia: 1 tsp of turmeric juice combined with honey daily.
  • Burns: Mix 1 tsp of turmeric with 1 tsp of aloe gel and also apply at burnt area.
  • Conjunctivitis: Mix 1 tbsp of crushed, raw turmeric in 1/3 cup of water. Boil and sieve. 2-3 drops of the combination can also be used in every eye up to Three times each day.
  • Skin Complexion: Use a paste of turmeric on the skin before bed, and also wash off after a couple of minutes. In the morning, eliminate any remaining yellow tinge with a paste of chickpea flour and oil.
  • Dental problems: Mix 1 tsp of turmeric along with ½ tsp of salt. Add mustard oil to make a paste. Rub the teeth as well as gums with this paste two times a day.
  • Diabetes: ½-1 tsp of turmeric ought to be taken Three times each day.
  • Pain: Mix 1 tsp of turmeric and 2 tsp of ginger with water to create a paste. Spread over a cloth, place on the affected area as well as bandage. Add 1 tsp of turmeric to 1 cup of warm milk and drink before going to sleep.
  • Turmeric for Stomach and Intestines: Turmeric treats the whole Gastro – Intestinal system. Generally speaking turmeric is utilized for weak stomach, poor digestion, dyspepsia, to help metabolism, along with other.
  • For throat infection: A tsp of turmeric powder boiled in two cups of water and strained is an extremely efficient remedy. The liquid needs to be gargled.
  • Cough and chest infections:  Boil a tsp of carom seeds in the cup of water with a tsp of turmeric. Add honey and also have about 1/4 cups 2 – 4 times each day for cough and chest infections. A glass of hot milk with a tsp each of turmeric and honey reduces blockage as well as cough, when taken on a vacant stomach.
  • For indigestion: Make a decoction of 1/2 a tsp each of cloves and black pepper, a tbsp of cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp of turmeric and 1/2 a tsp of rock salt, pounded coarsely in the liter of water. Boil it down to half a liter and also have 2 tbsp, 3-4 times each day for 2 – 3 days.
  • Flatulence: A tsp of turmeric in the glass of hot water, with a pinch of rock salt, drunk whilst still hot provides immediate rest from flatulence.
  • Jaundice: For liver problems just like jaundice, 1/4th of a tsp of turmeric stirred in the glass of warm water taken thrice each day with some jaggery is extremely advantageous as turmeric has got germ killing in addition to healing qualities.
  • For sprains: A tsp of fresh ginger paste, to which a level tsp of turmeric powder is added needs to be utilized liberally on sprain area and bandaged lightly. If there is a swelling, then adding just a little salt to the paste helps.
  • Scabies:  For scabies, take equal amount of neem (fresh or dry) and turmeric powder. Mix this particular with mustard oil. Apply on body for an hour and after that wash. Do this up until the skin lesions have cured.
  • Fungal infections: Applying the juice of ground raw turmeric is excellent for fungal infections.
  • For eczema: Use a paste created using fresh neem leaves along with a tsp of turmeric powder combined in sesame seed oil. Apply once daily. This can be a excellent home cure for all sorts of skin problems.
  • Acne- Use of fresh turmeric as well as neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves paste dries out the acne and helps to remove any marks left behind. Apply this particular formulation two times a day. Another time-tested remedy is to use a paste made by combining a tbsp each of fullers earth as well as sandalwood (Santalum album) powder together with tsp of turmeric (twice a week).
  • Arthritis: Boil a glass of milk with tsp of turmeric powder. Let it cool and drink. It really is efficient against arthritis. Regular usage of turmeric in diet can alleviate morning stiffness, decrease pain and joint swelling.
  • Asthma: Taking 1/4th tsp of turmeric powder with hot water acts works as a safety measure towards asthma. Make a paste of 1/4th tsp each of turmeric powder as well as black pepper (Piper nigrum) in clarified butter and massage exactly the same within the chest to ease irritation of bronchioles.
  • Bleeding gums:  Massaging the teeth with a paste well prepared from turmeric powder, mustard (Brassica Juncea) oil and salt, stops bleeding and strengthens gums. A combination of turmeric, clove (Syzygium aromaticum) and some dried leaves of guava (Psidium guajava) prepared in the cup of water functions as a ideal mouth rinse and also relives bleeding gums.
  • Blisters in Mouth: Boil about 1/4th tsp of turmeric in the glass of water as well as gargle with the same two times a day to avoid blisters in mouth.
  • Bruises, Sprains and Wounds:  Drinking a mug of milk along with tsp of turmeric twice daily speeds up healing of the wounds. Use of turmeric powder along with lime comforts swelling as well as pain in bruises. Turmeric powder, green flour along with mustard (Brassica Juncea) oil poultice to the sprained portion boosts the circulation of blood. Using a paste of turmeric powder as well as salt in clarified butter can also provide relief in bruises.
  • Cancer: Regular use of turmeric in food works just as one anti-mutagenic agent, decreasing the likelihood of occurrence of numerous kinds of cancer such as lung, colon, breast as well as prostate cancer.
  • Coryza: To treat coryza, breathing in burning up turmeric gases for couple of minutes is considered to offer rest from the problem.
  • Diabetes:  For keeping a check on sugar level, combine tsp each of turmeric and also bay (Laurus nobilis) leaves powder in the tbsp of aloe (Aloe vera) gel. Have this mix twice daily before you eat. Also, a tsp of turmeric included with a cupful of gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) juice ingested daily is beneficial in normalizing the blood glucose levels.
  • Ear Trouble: To ease ear ache, combine a few drops of turmeric oil in mustard (Brassica Juncea) oil and drop in ears and also clean with the ear bud.
  • Eczema: To deal with eczema, have got a glass of milk along with teaspoon of turmeric (Curcuma longa) powder daily. Combine powdered gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) fruits (1 tbsp) with neem (Azadirachta indica) bark (1tbsp) along with a pinch of turmeric. Use a paste of the herbal preparation within the affected skin. Also, use of paste of turmeric prepared in sesame (Sesamum indicum) oil helps prevent skin eruptions.
  • Heart problems: Consuming turmeric daily in food diet, works well for removing the LDL or bad cholesterol through the body. Turmeric likewise helps to avoid heart attacks or strokes.
  • Indigestion and acidity: Consumption of tsp of turmeric powder together with 1/4th tsp each of black pepper (Piper nigrum) and cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) after meals is efficient towards indigestion and acidity. Using a bowl of curd with a 1/4th tsp turmeric powder and salt is recognized to give rest from digestive problems. Having turmeric powder as well as salt in equivalent amounts along with lukewarm water is great in acidity.
  • Insect Bite: Use of a combination of turmeric powder and also lime within the affected area is considered to nullify the toxic effect of insect bites.
  • Intestinal worms: To eliminate intestinal worms, have a ground paste of turmeric and curry (Murraya koenigii) leaves.
  • Lactation: To boost lactation in nursing mothers, roast 200 g of crushed wheat or dalia (Triticum sativum) on the low flame until they turn brownish. Boil the same in about l water in the pressure cooker along with added 1/4th tsp turmeric powder and common salt. Pressure cook for 3-4 whistles. Open up the lid and serve along with hot milk and sugar.
  • Menstrual troubles: Consuming about tsp of turmeric powder in the glass of warm milk works as an effective antispasmodic and eases menstrual cramping.
  • Pregnancy: Taking tsp of turmeric powder with hot milk in latter part of the ninth month of pregnancy eases delivery.
  • Postnatal Care: Consumption of a tsp of roasted turmeric powder with jaggery after delivery reduces uterus swelling and removes weakness.
  • Ringworm spots:  Prepare a paste of fresh turmeric rhizome in water and apply over the area to decrease white ringworm spots.
  • Small Pox: To deal with small pox, make a paste by combining turmeric powder, milk cream as well as wheat flour in mustard (Brassica Juncea) oil and apply topically over the affected part two times a day. In addition to this, ingesting a tsp of turmeric powder and tamarind (Tamarindus indica) for 5 days would hasten healing.
  • Tonsillitis:  Roast about 15 g of turmeric powder in mustard (Brassica juncea) oil and use it for fomentation. Tying this around the neck provides relief in tonsillitis.
  • Tooth ache: Roast turmeric and massaging the aching tooth with its powder swelling and pain. Filling the cavity with roasted ground turmeric powder provides temporary relief in toothache. For healthy teeth massage powdered, roasted turmeric and carom (Trachyspermum ammi) over it.
  • Urticaria: Consumption of tsp turmeric powder with a tsp of honey two times a day is useful in managing eruptions. Consuming ground roasted turmeric with jaggery is recognized to reduce itching. Topical application of turmeric oil over pustules also gives rest from urticaria.
  • Whooping Cough: For rest from cough, take roasted turmeric powder (1 tsp) with two tsp of honey. Lick the mixture four times each day. Chewing betal (Piper betle) leaf with a pinch of turmeric is another good treatment for whooping cough.
  • Weight loss: Since turmeric is really a cholagogue, and aids in the breakdown of dietary fat, including turmeric to daily cooking or a glass of milk might help in managing weight.
  • Skin Care: Turmeric along with Sandalwood: ¼ teaspoon of Turmeric powder when added to a tablespoon of sandalwood powder s an awesome face pack for the skin care. This face pack can be applied throughout the summers for much better relief from pimples, skin infections and prickly heat and for getting a soothing effect, winkle-free and marks-free skin.
  • Body scrubber: Turmeric with Chickpea flour: This is often among the best packs for skincare. ¼ teaspoon of Turmeric when included with a tablespoon of chickpea flour can be used a body scrubber daily. This particular pack also keeps the skin away from many skin infections by cleansing it thoroughly and protecting it from various diseases.
  • In Cracks Of Hands & Feet: Add salt to reasonably hot water and keep the affected hand or feet dipped in this water for 15 minutes.

Grind raw papaya. Add mustard oil about 1/4 th weight of the ground papaya. Also, add 2 tbsp turmeric. Cook this well and make a poultice. Tie it on the affected area. Go on for 2 to 3 days.

Add turmeric powder to unboiled milk and massage to prevent cracks. Putting turmeric within the cracks heals them.

  • Turmeric’s high antioxidant content causes it to be good for the skin and it’s also utilized in some natural sunscreens as well as bronzers. A paste of Turmeric and powerful brewed black tea will temporarily darken the skin and there’s some evidence that it may also provide some sun-protection.
  • Turmeric is considered to be ideal for the skin and could be utilized in facial washes and scrubs to sooth skin and even out skin tone. Turmeric may cause hair to become less thick therefore it is frequently utilized my Indian women on unwanted facial hair yet should be avoided on the head or by men on their faces.
  • Turmeric is an excellent spice to add to soups and stews since it gives them an abundant, warm flavor along with a beautiful color. If one makes homemade bone broth, a few teaspoons of Turmeric are a good addition.
  • Many people take it like a supplement to help reduce inflammation and pain, particularly those with arthritis or any other inflammatory conditions.

How to Buy Turmeric

  • Turmeric is easily obtainable in the spice section of grocery stores as whole or even in ground dried form. However the most favored form is ground turmeric.
  • Since turmeric is extremely prone to light, it really is usually packed in airtight packets or tins.
  • Even though it is relatively cheap and you’ll be tempted to purchase large containers, it is advisable to buy turmeric in small quantities because it is indigestible whenever consumed beyond its shelf life.

Turmeric Storage Tips

  • When kept in a tightly sealed glass or even tin container, turmeric may be stored for approximately 6 months in the cool, dry, dark place.
  • Neatly wrap fresh turmeric rhizomes and also refrigerate to ensure that they’re fresh.

How to Make Turmeric Tea:

Turmeric Tea is extremely soothing as well as great during illness or as an everyday immune booster. It’s simple to make and kids generally like it. Recipe makes two cups. Thanks to Marks Daily Apple for the recipe inspiration.


  • 1 can of Coconut Milk or 2 cups of homemade (or 2 cups of hot but not boiling water and 3 tablespoons shredded coconut in case you have a Vitamix or even high powered blender)
  • 1 teaspoon Turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup or to taste
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)

In case you have a Vitamix or any other good blender, simply dump hot water, shredded coconut, Turmeric, Cinnamon, honey/maple syrup and cayenne in the blender as well as mix for 2 minutes.

If not, heat the coconut milk on the stove till hot but not boiling then add the other ingredients and stir well. You may also heat the coconut milk and then add all ingredients to a blender for the smoother version.

Important Notes:

Turmeric needs to be taken in moderation or even utilized in foods. Several folklore info suggests that it absolutely was utilized as a birth control also it should not be taken by women who are pregnant or even trying to become pregnant (though utilizing it in cooking is fine).  As with any herb or supplement, talk to your doctor prior to using. When used externally, it’ll provide the skin a light yellow hue for the little while after use and this may be easily washed off. Be cautious about purchasing Turmeric from regular grocery stores as many brands are not organic or have additives.

Turmeric Side Effects

Clinical data declare that extreme as well as improper consumption of turmeric can lead to numerous health issues that could vary from mild inflammatory reaction to fatal cardiac arrhythmias. Few most often reported negative effects of turmeric include:

1. Allergic Reaction

Turmeric is usually safe in individuals of all age groups if ingested within 1500 mg/ day; however, a lot of people may develop nausea, vomiting, gastric upset or diarrhea with high (or sometimes with normal doses). Turmeric that contains ointments and lotions can lead to skin allergy, rash and burning sensation in certain genetically vulnerable individuals. In serious cases, hives, contact dermatitis and anaphylaxis might also develop.

2. Gallbladder Problems

Research declare that normal turmeric is useful for the normal functioning of gallbladder simply by stimulating the release of various digestive mediators that strengthen the functioning of gall bladder ducts; however, higher turmeric intake is usually related to aggravation of liver and gall bladder conditions. This includes inflammatory conditions of gallbladder (acute Cholecystitis) and also gall bladder stones or duct obstruction. It is advisable to seek the help of a healthcare provider just before utilizing turmeric (even in recommended dosages) in all such cases to avoid pain and discomfort.

3. Stomach and Gastrointestinal Problems

Turmeric (also referred to as Indian saffron) generally does not result in any gastric irritation or even inflammatory reaction whenever consumed as part of cooked curry (suggesting a small dose); however, people who take in turmeric for control over long-term inflammatory systemic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis as well as aching joints may develop turmeric induced gastric issues. Turmeric is somewhat acidic in nature and is also widely regarded as a stimulant of gastric acid secretion. In case you have a present history of dyspepsia or hyperacidity, it really is strongly recommended to prevent turmeric in high doses. Those who smoke or even use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are particularly susceptible to the side effects of turmeric (resulting in dyspepsia, heartburn, indigestion, gastro esophageal reflux disease and peptic ulcers). It really is suggested to consume lots of water to reduce the buildup of turmeric in high doses from the gastric lining. For the best results, consume with food only.

4. Bleeding

Turmeric may possibly prevent platelet aggregation, and therefore, theoretically, might increase the chance of bleeding. Additionally, it affects the production of clotting factors from the liver and for that reason should be prevented in patients who’ve a bleeding tendency or even inborn error of clotting.

5. Liver Problems

High turmeric consumption is assigned to liver dysfunction that could present with indigestion and jaundice. Scientific studies in animals have verified the toxic effects of turmeric on animal hepatocytes and even though no human study currently is accessible to suggest the potential mechanism of growth and development of complications, it is suggested by healthcare provider to limit the intake under recommended dosages only. If you suffer from the present medical illness which involves liver, it is better to prevent or totally eliminate turmeric from the diet.

6. Drug Interactions

Turmeric may possibly interfere with metabolism or functioning of anti-coagulants like aspirin, clopidogrel and warfarin. In addition, it changes the functioning of several other medications just like non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, turmeric is known to reduce the blood sugar levels (hypo-glycemic effect) which could prove useful in people who are at high-risk of developing diabetes, but if you really are a known diabetic and make use of hypoglycemic medication, synchronized usage of turmeric can boost the chance of hypoglycemia that could prove life threatening if emergent medical care is not sought.

7. Uterine Contractions

It is strongly recommended to prevent turmeric in case you are expecting or if you are looking to get pregnant. Turmeric is really a uterine stimulant that boosts the basal activity of uterine smooth muscle cells resulting in premature uterine contractions, miscarriage or vaginal bleeding.

Other side effects include nausea and agitation, development of inflammatory skin blisters if applied on abraded or damaged skin and diarrhea if consumed in higher doses.

When to Avoid Turmeric

  • It is recommended to prevent turmeric intake during pregnancy because of risk of pre-mature uterine contractions, uterine bleeding or painful uterine spasms. Not enough data is accessible to support the consumption of turmeric in breast-feeding mothers and for that reason most healthcare providers recommend avoiding turmeric during lactation period.
  • Turmeric intake is assigned to aggravation of gallbladder dysfunction and is best avoided in the setting of bile-duct obstruction.
  • Turmeric inhibits normal blood clotting and really should be stopped at least 2 months prior to any major surgery.
  • Turmeric boosts the secretion of gastric acid and therefore ought to be prevented in known patients of dyspepsia and gastro-esophageal reflux disease.
  • If you’ve got a known history of allergy to organic coloring agents (especially yellow colored agents which include curcumin, there are fair chances that you’ll be also allergic to turmeric. Additionally, since turmeric and ginger are members of same family, people who have allergy to any member of ginger family might also develop a reaction to turmeric.






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