Health Benefits of Bitter Orange Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Bitter Orange Essential OilBitter orange essential oil shouldn’t be mistaken for neroli or even petitgrain essential oils. Bitter orange essential oil is made of the peel of the bitter orange tree, citrus aurantium, neroli oil is made of the flowers of the bitter and often sweet orange tree, and petitgrain is made out of the leaves and also the twigs of the orange tree, along with varying features. The odor of bitter orange is much more intense, neroli smells more floral, and petitgrain features a warm somewhat spicy smell.

The word “orange” as well as “auran(tium)” derives from the Sanskrit “nagaranga”, that will come from the Arabic “naranj”.  Recognized as kijitsu, khatta, Seville oranges, Chen-Pi,  bitter orange varies visually through the orange we eat within the leaves, which is commonly heart-shaped, whilst the fruit holds less juice, and is also bitter/sour to taste. Belonging to the plant kingdom of the Rutaceae family, bitter oranges were brought to the Mediterranean by Arab traders in 10th century, and to the Americas by the Spanish and Portuguese within the 16th century. It’s now grown broadly for commercial purposes within the Caribbean, Europe, India, Israel, Spain, Madras, the Middle East, North Africa, Portugal and, and for the oil in Brazil, the Caribbean, Mexico, Sicily, Spain, Paraguay, Taiwan, and West tropical Africa.

Bitter orange oil is obtained from the peel via cold press, and is also hard to preserve, with a ration of 1/10 in olive oil, preservation is possible. To assist preservation, it really is smarter to purchase bitter orange oil in the amber colored bottle. Good quality bitter orange essential oil is orangey yellow to green-yellow in color, and is also thin in consistency. The oil has been utilized in foods, in addition to cosmetics (facials, shampoos, cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers etc). Like the majority of essential oils, one will discover bitter orange oil adulterated with sweet orange oil (citrus sinensis), synthetic orange terpenes, fatty aldehydes, and esters, which undermines the therapeutic value of bitter orange oil.

Health Benefits of Bitter Orange Essential Oil

The remedial properties of the oil are antiseptic, carminative, sedative, stomachic, digestive, antidepressant, anti-hyper cholesterolemic, tranquilizer, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, antifungal and anti-bacterial. Synephrine, tyramine metabolites N-methyltyramine, pinene, carotenoids, limonene, cymene, camphene, octopamine, ocimene and few other alkaloids are its major chemical constituents.

Listed are a few popular health advantages of Bitter Orange Essential Oil:

1. Treats skin problems

Bitter orange essential oil have been demonstrated great at dealing with several skin difficulties with its germ killing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The rind of this fruit from which its essential oil is extracted contains non-bitter flavonoids, which is known to have considerable venotonic properties. It is because of this; bitter orange essential oil is utilized in cosmetics to prevent capillary fragility. Bitter orange extracts may also be utilized in the management of cellulites as it has got the powerful to normalize the affected parts and stimulate the cutaneous tone of the skin.

2. Enhances the digestive mechanism

For longer than thousands of years, bitter orange has been utilized in the world of Complementary medicine for the treatment of digestive problems just like flatulence, dyspepsia, constipation, sluggish digestion, appetite loss, intestinal gas, nausea as well as indigestion. Carefully massaging your stomach with 2 drops of bitter orange oil combined with sesame oil may help you boost the entire procedure for digestion. You may also add 2 drops of the oil in your bath tub to assist along with digestive disorders.

3. Assists in weight-loss

Weight loss supplements along with bitter orange formula are the most widely used and also the current usage of bitter oranges within the therapeutic world. Several researches possess proved the effectiveness of bitter orange supplements for treating obesity. “At present, Citrus aurantium could be the best thermogenic replacement for Ephedra” reveals the Georgetown University Medical Center study on ‘Citrus aurantium like a thermogenic, weight-reduction replacement for Ephedra’.

4. Alleviates stress and reduces anxiety

Bitter orange oil features a much similar aroma to that of fresh tangy oranges. Inhaling the energizing and enlivening fragrance of the oil especially during the early hours of the day guarantees a peaceful atmosphere as well as instills complete calmness in your thoughts. For this reason Ayurvedic healing suggests the usage of bitter orange oil throughout your meditation practice. Include 1 drop of bitter orange oil in your diffuser or air freshener and begin your deep meditation after which you’ll feel a never before freshness while increasing within your confidence level.

5. Energy boosting

Perhaps among the top benefits of the regular usage of bitter orange oil is its amazing capability to restore energy. Through frequent aromatherapy, you can put a spring within your step and gain extra energy during the day. It will not only help to keep your house smelling great, however it may also make sure you have ongoing energy to do your most significant tasks.

6. Other benefits

Bitter orange essential oil is additionally utilized in dealing with long-term exhaustion syndrome, intestinal ulcers, lowering blood sugar level in diabetic patients, sleep disorders, joint pain, muscular aches, bruises, cold and certain other liver and gall bladder problems. Additionally it is utilized in making soaps, cleaning products, disinfectants, cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, eau de colognes and certain other household cleaners. Bitter orange oil can also be utilized as a commercial flavoring agent in foods as well as beverages in lots of countries.


May be used in the form of vapor therapy in the form of an oil burner, diffuser, or pillow/cushion or a in the relaxing bath like a relaxant and as an aphrodisiac with the addition of one drop of oil (before adding water the action of which increases dispersion and invigorates the properties.

Can be included with a carrier oil (e.g. almond, wheat germ, sesame, jojoba, grapeseed) for dilution like a massage oil or oil face mask, hand lotion, deodorant or rubbed on the stomach to help ease digestive problems since the blend will then be absorbed by the skin, then enter in the blood stream that will take it to where the properties of the oil is required.

Specific Safety Information

Orange Bitter essential oil is Non-irritant, non-toxic and non-sensitising. However, However, it is known to be photo-toxic when used on the skin. Avoid sun exposure or sunbed rays for 12 hours after applying Orange Bitter to the skin(massage, lotion, or bath).






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