Facts and Food Sources of Valine


Valine with symbol V or Val is an α-amino acid which is used in protein biosynthesis. It comprises an α-amino group (protonated –NH3 form under biological condition), an α-carboxylic acid group (deprotonated −COO− form under biological conditions and a side chain isopropyl group, making it a non-polar aliphatic amino acid. It is crucial in humans which means body could not synthesize it and should be obtained from diet. The dietary sources are dairy products, meats, soy products, legumes and beans.

There are twenty three amino acids acting as molecular building blocks of protein. About nine amino acids among these are known as indispensable amino acids and essential amino acids. It should be supplied from supplement source or food source while others are called dispensable amino acids or nonessential amino acids which refers body is able to synthesize them through biosynthesis process.

Both amino acids help to determine body and health building value of protein food as well as supplement. Amount of energy released by protein influence presence of other bio molecules such as fats, carbohydrates and amount of specific amino acid categories. With isoleucine and leucine, valine is a branched chain amino acid which is essential amino acids whose carbon structure is marked by branch point. These amino acids are integral to human life involving stress, muscle metabolism and energy.

Valine Dietary Sources

Food name Weight (g) Valine (g) DV%
Turkey 863 9 426%
Spirulina 112 3 142%
Soybeans 186 3 142%
Mungo beans 207 2 94%
Swiss cheese 132 2 94%
Lupins 180 2 94%
Hyacinth beans 210 2 94%
Cottonseed kernels 149 2 94%
Kidney beans 184 2 94%
Lima beans 178 2 94%
Tuna fish 146 2 94%
Provolone cheese 132 2 94%
Kielbasa 370 2 94%
Colby cheese 132 2 94%
Adzuki beans 197 2 94%
Tilefish 150 1 47%
Parmesan cheese 100 1 47%
Butternuts 120 1 47%
Salmon 143 1 47%
Natto 175 1 47%


Health Benefits of Valine

Valine has diverse health benefits such as improvement in insomnia as well as nervousness. It is also helpful to alleviate muscle disorders and effectively suppress appetite. Valine promotes regulation of immune system. It is essential for recovery of muscle tissue and for muscle metabolism by enhancing exercise endurance. Valine is used by bodybuilders with leucine and isoleucine to enhance growth of muscles and to supply them with energy. It also recovers damaged tissues during physical activities.

  1. Build muscle

Athletes and body builders rely on strength, muscle and endurance which are familiar with BCAAs. It helps to stop breaking down of muscles during periods of strenuous exercise. It offers extra energy during intense physical workouts.

  1. Detoxify body

In addition, L-valine is essential to eliminate toxins from the body. It discards excess nitrogen. It also assists to deliver nitrogen to other tissues throughout the body required. Moreover, it helps to cure liver and gallbladder disease including drug and alcohol abuse organ damage. This amino acid has a major role in treating and reversing alcohol associated brain damage and hepatic encephalopathy.


Valine might cause side effects such as hallucination, crawling sensation on skin, headache and emotional agitation.

Valine deficiency

Deficiency of valine is rare. People who exercise more and trying to build muscle mass highly demands valine. Also people with low protein diet have low levels of valine. People with valine deficiency might have degenerative neurological conditions as valine helps to maintain as well as protect myelin sheath. It insulates sheath which covers nerves in the body.








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