Rosewood Essential Oil

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Rosewood essential oil

Rosewood Essential oil Quick Facts
Name: Rosewood Essential oil
Health benefits Stimulant, Pacifies the mind, Insecticide, Spiritual and meditation, Cephalic, Works as shield for skin protection, Sexual health, Aphrodisiac, Pain management, Deodorant, Stress relief, Antiseptic, Analgesic, Antidepressant
The oil which is extracted from an evergreen tree named Aniba rosaeodora is called rosewood essential oil. This tree is inherent to Brazil and Peru. This tree grows up to 40 meters high. It has reddish bark with yellow flowers. The oil is extracted from the chipped woods which are distilled. It has got warm, woody, spicy, floral, fruity and enlivening aroma. Manufacturers provided the alternatives such as Chinese Ho oils from Cinnamomum camphora due to the high price of rosewood essential oil.

Health benefits of Rosewood essential oil

Rosewood oil possess antidepressant, aphrodisiac, cephalic, insecticide, analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorant and stimulating properties. The oil is extracted from the tree of rosewood.

1. Antidepressant

It has got sweet, mild, floral and spicy fragrance which helps to relieve the sadness and disappointment. It enhances the positivity to take on life. It effectively cures the depression.

2. Analgesic

Rosewood essential oil has the mild analgesic properties which relieve toothaches, slight headaches and pain in the joints and muscles and infections that cause influenza, measles, colds and mumps.

3. Antiseptic

The affected area (abrasion, minor cut or insect bite) should be applied the rosewood oil with the help of piece of cotton by soaking it in rosewood oil. It prevents the wounds from infections and also speeds up the healing process of the wound.

4. Stress relief

The overall balancing properties relieve the tiredness and depression by uplifting and enlivening. It also cures the nervous tension and headaches.

5. Deodorant

This oil has floral, mild spicy and sweet fragrance which drives away the bad odor, refreshes and also eliminates the bacterial infections.

6. Pain management

Rosewood oil has an analgesic effect which soothes the pain. Massage the rosewood oil to the temples, forehead and whole head which helps to relax and soothe. In the toothache if rosewood oil is applied then it provides an instant relief from the pain. It possesses the anti-inflammatory properties which is effective for muscle and joint pains.

7. Aphrodisiac

It is effective for those who had lose the interest in sex due to the professional stress, tremendous work load, worries and pollution effects.

8. Sexual health

Rosewood oil is used for enhancing sexual performance and sexual arousal. It effectively treats impotence.

9. Works as shield for skin protection

The antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties are possessed by rosewood oil which helps to treat acne. It prevents the skin ailments such as acne, blemishes, scars, pimples and blackheads. It eliminates the fine lines and provides blemish free skin. It treats the cuts, burns and wounds. It regenerates the skin, slows down the signs of ageing and provides the youthful skin. The regular usage of rosewood oil provides the flawless skin in few weeks.

10. Cephalic

It makes the brain active, cool, sharp and alert. It also eliminates the headaches. It enhances the memory and prevents the neurotic disorders.

11. Spiritual and meditation

Rosewood essential oil has the spiritual and meditative properties. It relieves the lethargic feelings and fatigue suffered by depressed patients. It also effectively relieves anxiety, stress and nervousness.

12. Insecticide

The presence of insecticidal properties alleviates lice, fleas, bed bugs, mosquitoes and ants. It could be added to the room fresheners, vaporizers, floor washes or sprays. Rub the rosewood essential to the skin so that it helps to keep the mosquitoes away.

13. Pacifies the mind

Rosewood essential oil relaxes and calms the mind and senses. It possesses stimulating, anti-depressant and uplifting properties which provides energy and confidence. Rosewood essential oil should be added to the diffusers which helps to eliminate disheartened, anxious, fearful, hectic situations and nervous.

14. Stimulant

Rosewood essential oil triggers the metabolic functions and various organ systems. It vitalizes the secretion of hormones, acid, enzymes, feelings, bile, digestion, circulation and other essential functions.

Other Benefits

It enhances the skin rejuvenation by making it young and healthy. It treats vomiting, cold, nausea, stress, skin diseases, wrinkles and acne.

Other uses of Rosewood Essential Oil

Bath time

10 drops of essential oil should be added to the warm water and it should be stir to have a refreshing soak. It helps to rejuvenate the dry, dull and oily skin.

Body wrap

Rosewood essential oil alleviates the body toxins. The mixture of rosewood essential oil and hot water should be sprayed to a towel. After wrapping the body with a towel, cover with a blanket.

Burners and vaporizers

Add few drops of rosewood essential oil to the vaporizer which treats coughs, headaches, colds, infections, stress related problems and nausea. It also deals the depression and counter sexual problems.

Massage oil

15 drops of rosewood essential oil should be added to one ounce of carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil and shake well to blend.

Body lotion

50 drops of essential oil should be added to 16 ounces of unscented body lotion. Blend it until it is smooth. Rosewood oil if used as a part of cream or lotion effectively triggers the cells and regenerates tissue which enhances the skin rejuvenation.

Liniment rub

In one ounce of jojoba oil, add 25 drops of rosewood essential oil. It should shake well to blend. Use it as massage oil or rub on sore areas.

Very Sweet smelling liquid soap

About 45 drops of essential oil ought to be added 8 ounces of liquid hand soap or even unscented body wash. Shake properly.

Drawer sachets

Few drops of rosewood essential oil should be added to the cotton ball and it should be placed in the linen closets and drawers.


One ounce of unscented of mild shampoo and conditioner should be added 15 drops of rosewood essential oil. Then shake well.

How to make Rosewood Oil

The shavings or wood chippings of the rosewood trunk are used to extract rosewood oil. It is produced through the process of steam distillation. This extraction method provides the pure and high quality of oil. It should be infused with carrier oils which reduces the potency. Purchasing the rosewood oil from the reputable manufacturer is suitable.

Dosage of Rosewood oil

The recommended dosage is still unknown. The research is still going on.

Side Effects of Rosewood oil

The side effects are not known. But the pregnant women should not use this oil because it is not safe to use this oil during pregnancy. It can be used either by vaporized or topically method. It is not orally taken. One should consult the doctor before taking the oil orally. The rosewood oil helps to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.






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