Onion Juice

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Onion Juice Quick Facts
Name: Onion Juice
Scientific Name: Allium cepa
Origin Western and eastern Asia.
Colors White, yellow, purple and many other color depending on the varieties
Shapes Flattened, spherical, or pear-shaped
Taste Hot & Pungent taste
Health benefits Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Promotes oral health, Anti-cancer agent, Anti-allergy, Osteoporosis, Antiseptic, Promotes healthy and vibrant skin that enhances your look, Remedy for the common cold and other respiratory issues, Heat stroke, Helps in proper digestion of foods, Good for Ear,Protection against allergens
Onion possesses antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus and dietary fibers.

Health benefits of Onion Juice

The juice of onion has various health benefits such as:

1. Protection against allergens

Onions possess a powerful antioxidant which is called quercetin which is effective to treat allergic reactions and chronic inflammatory conditions such as asthma. Quercetin assists to eliminate free radicals that leads to cell damage and also strengthens the cell that discharges histamine in the body. Onions lowers the growth of plaque in arteries which is the cause of heart diseases.

2. Good for Ear

The application of onion juice to the affected ear helps to relieve earache. It possesses anti-bacterial properties which prevents infection. It relieves the tinnitus. The onion should be steam or bake till the skin is soft and extract the juice by crushing. It relieves the pain instantly. Raw juice of onion should be used with little olive oil before application.

3. Helps in proper digestion of foods

Onions supply the insulin which is a soluble dietary fiber which provides the good bacteria in the intestines.

4. Heat stroke

Onion juice treats the heart stroke. The mixture of powered rock sugar (misri) and onion juice should be taken after the stroke. The juice of onion should be rubbed on the feet’s soles.

5. Remedy for the common cold and other respiratory issues

Onion juice possesses the anti-inflammatory properties which treats bronchitis and respiratory ailments. The flavonoid helps to eliminate the functions of protein kinase and histamine. It possess the expectorant properties which loosens and dislodge stubborn mucous and also prevents the formation of new mucous. The raw onions encounter the common cold.

6. Promotes healthy and vibrant skin that enhances your look

The juice of onion boosts the optimal blood circulation in the skin tissues which eliminates the pollutants and toxins from the stagnating and forming infections. The raw onion treats the wounds, boils and various skin inflammations. Onions possess vitamin A, E, C and quercetin which help to provide the skin nourishing nutrients. This also lowers the UV rays effects and also prevents the premature ageing.

7. Antiseptic

The onion juice prevents the infections such as E.coli, salmonella and urinary tract infection such as cystitis.

8. Osteoporosis

It possess huge amount of calcium which is essential for maintaining bone health and prevents osteoporosis. The researcher reports that onions possess a compound which prevents the bone loss.

9. Anti-allergy

Onion juice possesses antihistamine known as quercetin prevents the allergies such as asthma.

10. Anti-cancer agent

Onions possess an anti-carcinogenic property which helps to prevent the cancer. The daily intake of onion juice reduces the chances of cancers.

11. Promotes oral health

The chances of heart diseases, diabetes and stroke might be increased due to the increase in oral diseases. Onions prevents the oral infections and also counteracts the tooth decay. Study shows that raw onion if chewed for three minutes eliminates the germs and bacteria in the mouth.

12. Cardiovascular

Add onions in the meals or in the form of juice which helps to prevent the heart disease and also hardens the arteries. It eliminates the cardiac problem by lowering the homocysteine levels.

13. Diabetes

The presence of chromium in the onion reduces the insulin levels of the diabetic patients. It also enhances the tolerance of glucose.

How to make onion juice

It can be purchased online or make it in own. The three ways to make onion juice are:

  1. Juicer– First onion should be peeled and cut in half and then put it in the juicer. One can buy an inexpensive juicer.
  2. Blender/ Food processor– The onion should be cut into 4 sections after peeling it and then it should be placed in the blender or food processor. After it is blended, the mixture should be strained to make the juice remain.
  3. Grater– The onion should be cut it into half after peeling. Both halves of the onion should be grated over a dish and the mixture should be strained to get the juice only.

Different uses of Onion juice for Hair

The onion juice should be tested on the small area of the skin to check the allergic reaction. It could be diluted into the mixture because the pure juice of onion might be strong. The onion juice should be applied to the scalp regularly and massage lightly which triggers the follicles of the hair and allows the absorption at maximum. The onion juice should be left for 30 minutes or 1 hour. In order to avoid the onion smell, it could be applied at night and wash it before going to bed.

Side effects of onion juice

The excessive consumption of onion juice leads to the gastric irritation. So it should be consumed in adequate amount. Some might experience vomiting and nausea. Some might get skin irritation with the application of raw onion juice so before applying, test should be made on small area.





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