Health benefits of Arrowroot


Health benefits of ArrowrootGrowing to the height of as much as 6 ft (2 m), arrowroot is really a exotic evergreen along with clusters of long, thin stems as well as tiny, cream-colored flowers which develop in pairs. Once revered from the ancient Mayans along with other residents of Central America just as one remedy for poison-tipped arrows, the herb is primarily utilized today to calm the stomach as well as reduce diarrhea. It has also been well-known for hundreds of years within the cooking and is also still utilized in numerous American kitchens like a thickening agent. Whilst arrowroot is indigenous to Central America as well as broadly grown in the West Indies, it may also be discovered expanding in several exotic parts of the entire world, which includes Southeast Asia, South Africa, Australia, as well as in Florida in the United States. The Latin genus Maranta was produced from the name of an Italian doctor, Bartommeo Maranto.

Arrowroot, that is probably the Marantaceae plant family, is broadly regarded as an easily digested as well as nourishing starch. The herb is obtained from the fleshy roots, known as rhizomes, of the arrowroot plant with an sophisticated procedure for washing, peeling, soaking, as well as drying in the sunshine. The end product is an excellent, white powder with similar appearance as well as texture as cornstarch. Arrowroot is highly valued by herbal healthcare specialists mainly because of its demulcent as well as antidiarrheal qualities. Just how it creates its healing effects is not known. The chemical structure of the herb hasn’t been completely researched.

Health benefits of Arrowroot

There are numerous health advantages of ingesting Arrowroot. A number of the well-known health advantages are outlined below-

1. Demulcent, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic

This particular herb softens as well as calms broken or even swollen areas like the gastric mucous membranes. Arrowroot could be used for urinary infections, to ease digestion difficulties and enables with colic. The newly expressed juice combined with water is additionally considered beneficial just as one remedy for veggie poisons. It is important for diarrhea in dogs.

2. Nutritive

This particular herb aids in the entire process of gathering food; arrowroot’s major value is really as an effortlessly digested, healthy diet for babies or convalescents particularly with bowel problems. Arrowroot once was traditionally used in baby formulas like a superior carbohydrate, experience having proven it decided along with babies much better than almost every other starch or even sugar. It’s the only starch product having a calcium ash. In connection with this, the calcium chloride, as calcium present in arrowroot starch, is essential for the upkeep of proper acid as well as alkali balances within your body.

3. Vulnerary

It is often utilized like a rub for smallpox and also as a calming cream. Crushed rhizomes have been proved to get been utilized on wounds from poisoned arrows, scorpion as well as black spider bites and also to stop gangrene.

4.  Cholagogue

Arrowroot is considered to boost the output of bile through the gall bladder and therefore displays a decline in cholesterol levels within the body during a period of use.

5. Guide

Arrowroot assists active ingredients penetrate the upper levels of the skin.

6. Convalescent Food

Combine 1 Tbsp of arrowroot powder to 1 pint water. Very first make it in a smooth paste with some cold water or even milk. Then stir very carefully whilst the boiling liquid is added. Lemon juice, sugar or wine might be added. If thick it’ll cool in to a jelly which is ideal for weaning infants

7. Treat gangrene

Illnesses just like gangrene may also be handled by using arrow root within their diet.

8. Cure nausea

Arrowroot is an excellent alternative which stops nausea. Aside from this, additionally, it has the capacity to rejuvenate nutrition lost simply by vomiting and diarrhea.

More about Arrowroot

Whilst only Maranta arundinacea is recognized as true arrowroot, the most popular term for the herb is usually placed on a number of starches. These include various other varieties of Maranta, just like Maranta ramosissima, Maranta allouya, Maranta nobilis, in addition to Brazilian arrowroot (Manihot utilissima or Manihot palmate), Tahitian arrowroot (Tacca oceanica), and East Indian arrowroot (Curcuma augustifolia). Although some of these starches might be chemically much like true arrowroot, it’s not clear if they create the exact same medicinal effects. Consumers thinking about trying arrowroot are encouraged to select Maranta arundinacea, which is occasionally known as West Indian arrowroot or just Maranta.

History of Arrowroot

Arrowroot is native to the West Indies, exactly where indigenous individuals, the Arawaks, utilized the powder. It’s supposed to become a indigenous of South America also. Purple arrowroot (Canna edulis) have been cultivated in Queensland. The arrowroot is truly one of numerous plants which the European settlers as well as explorers discovered within the New World. It absolutely was launched into England about 1732 although it will simply grow like a stove plant, along with tanners’ bark.It really is cultivated in Bengal, Tava. Philippines, Mauritius. Natal, West Africa. The plant is naturalized in Florida, however it is mainly grown in the West Indies (Jamaica and St. Vincent), Australia, Southeast Asia, as well as South Africa

The Arawaks utilized the substance to get out harmful toxins through individuals injured by poison arrows. Its title is believed to be produced from that practice. The title may be found through the local Caribbean Arawak people’s aru-aru (meal of meals), for which the plant is really a staple. Arrowroot is additionally the term for the easy-to-digest starch through the rhizomes (rootstock) of West Indian arrowroot.

Nutrition Facts of Arrowroot

Nutrient Raw Arrowroot (100 gm)
Calcium 6 mg
Carbohydrates 13 g
Dietary fiber 1 g
Folate 338 mcg
Iron 2.2 mg
Magnesium 25 mg
Manganese 0.2 mg
Phosphorous 98 mg
Potassium 454 mg
Protein 4 g
Selenium 0.7 mg
Sodium 26 mg
Vitamin A 19 IU
Vitamin B1 0.1 mg
Vitamin B2 0.1 mg
Vitamin B3 1.7 mg
Vitamin B6 0.3 mg
Vitamin C 1.9 mg
Zinc 0.6 mg

Selection and storage

Industrial arrowroot can be purchased in the form of its powder (flour) which is usually meant to use as stabilizer/thickener in food industries. Whenever included with boiled water it becomes thin, clear, odor free jelly. The root itself found no or even minimal use within cooking.

Fresh soft could be consumed raw as well as in cooking while you use as with any other tubers. However, mature roots are extremely fibrous and therefore, much less delicious. If you plan to purchase the arrowroot flour, search for branded product showing genuineness, quality, as well as pureness. Adulteration along with cheap substances just like cornstarch, potato powder, tapioca, etc., is a very common practice. Don’t buy loose/opened packs.

Once in your own home, keep pack within cool dry place faraway from dampness and direct sunlight. Usually do not refrigerate.

Preparation and serving methods

To make arrowroot powder, High-quality soft root base is chosen. Clean them completely within cold water. Scrape or even peel off the outer surface. Beat the tubers within mortar till they turn out to be single pulp as well as milk oozes out is sieved utilizing cheesecloth. The milk acquired thus is then dried beneath sunlight to get fine, white arrowroot powder. Generally speaking, arrowroot flour is included as thickener, colloidal stabilizer, holding agent in liquid-based recipes. It’s got several positive aspects over other starch flours. It combines effectively in low temperature cooking and provides uniform viscosity to recipes. It features a neutral taste, helps prevent dextrinization (breaking carbohydrates to dextrins), and could be included with acidic-based recipes. However, it won’t go along well along with dairy-based recipes since it turns them slimy. One tablespoonful of flour is sufficient for the thickening a single serving of liquid.

Here are some serving tips:

  • Arrowroot flour can be used in confectionaries like a thickening agent to create cakes, gels, mousse; as well as in kitchens to make soups, sauce, dressings, gravy, etc.
  • Use its flour to provide ideal shapes to biscuits, cookies, and also pastries whilst decreasing the quantity of cholesterol rich solid fats (trans-fats).

Arrowroot uses

You might have perhaps utilized or even consumed an item that contains arrowroot at some point without even recognizing it. Listed here are 7 standard as well as modern uses of the powder. Obviously, arrowroot is utilized in several other ways, too.

1. Carbonless copy papers utilized arrowroot just before technology discovered methods to split wheat flour into particles sufficiently small

2. It can be utilized just as one odor-less component within baby powder

3. Arrowroot is a well-liked and efficient thickener of sauces

4. Home-made natural deodorant can be created utilizing arrowroot to soak up sweat

5. It really is utilized in animal feed

6. Arrowroot biscuits obviously utilize this like a main ingredient

7. Utilized medicinally, specifically for digestive problems


Arrowroot just isn’t considered to be dangerous whenever used in suggested dosages. However, it is very important keep in mind that the long-term effects of utilizing the herb (in any amount) haven’t been researched. Because of the insufficient scientific research, arrowroot needs to be combined with caution in kids, ladies who are pregnant or even breast-feeding, and individuals along with liver or even kidney disease. Individuals who experience vomiting or even severe/prolonged diarrhea might be vulnerable to dehydration. They ought to get plenty of fluids (six to eight glasses each day) so as to keep a appropriate fluid balance. A doctor needs to be contacted if the vomiting or diarrhea lasts more than 3 days or is associated with various other symptoms just like pain or fever.