Health Benefits of Caraway

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Caraway Quick Facts
Name: Caraway
Scientific Name: Carum carvi
Origin Native to Europe and West Asia
Colors Yellowish brown
Shapes Achenes, ellipsoid to crescent, 4 to 6 mm long by 1 to 1.5 mm wide
Taste Sweet and pungent
Calories 22 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Iron (13.63%)
Copper (6.78%)
Total dietary Fiber (6.58%)
Phosphorus (5.43%)
Calcium (4.60%)
Health benefits Help individuals sleep, Diabetes, May boost bone health, Anti-fungal and anti-yeast properties, Remedy for Colic
Caraway belongs to carrot family Apiaceae. The plant is much branched, hollow stemmed and grows upto 30 to 80 cm high. The flowers are small and white in color which is borne in compound umbels. Fruit is 4 to 6 mm long by 1 to 1.5 mm wide and is light brown in color. Caraway root is recognized as a tap root as well as grows in the slender form to around eight to nine inches long. It features a yellow tone into it so when cooked, becomes a rich creamy white color. Caraway is cultivated in Mediterranean, Europe, Middle and temperate Eastern Asia, South west, India and North America. Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Morocco and India are the major producers of Caraway.Caraway is also known from these names such as Carvies, Carum, Persian Cumin, Medidein Fennel, Wild Cumin, Carroway, Common Caraway, Wild caraway, Wild cumin and Meridian fennel.

Caraway seeds are among the oldest seeds utilized for a number of reasons. In reality, it also features a very special place in folklore where individuals might think that the seeds had unique powers to avoid anything that consists of them from being stolen in addition to avoiding lovers from losing affection for each other. Grown across the world, caraway seeds are recognized by the host of various names. A few of the more prevalent names consist of Jeera, Karwiya, Kummel, Semen Cumini Pratensi and haravi. The caraway plant must be grown for around 2 years just before it may begin to make the seeds which have therapeutic use. The tree itself will grow to around 2 feet in height and bears small, feathery leaves together with the seeds looking much like cumin. The harvesting of the leaves is conducted in the early hours of the morning after the cut pants are staked and permitted to dry prior to the seeds are threshed.

The seeds are a great source of dietary fiber which is essential to maintain digestive health because it adds bulk of food and prevents the chances of constipation. It also increases the food movement in gut. Fiber acts as anti-carcinogenic as it binds to toxins in food that helps to protect colon mucus membrane from cancers. Moreover, fiber also lowers the bad cholesterol level. The tea and infusions prepared from seeds helps to eliminate intestinal parasites, coughs, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, colds and fever. It helps to strengthen immunity. It is used to promote appetite in patients of chemotherapy and also useful in improving lactation in new mothers.


Caraway is a glabrous and branched plant which grows 30 to 70 cm high with elongated fusiform taproot. It is a biennial plant which requires two years for full life cycle. When it dies, it produces seeds. The plant has thick root and hollow fluted stems. Leaves are bipinnatisect with ultimate segments, 3 to 5 × 1 to 2 mm and linear or linear to lanceolate. Flowers are yellow, white or green and occur in clusters. Fruits are achene in ellipsoid to crescent shaped and yellowish brown. Fruit measures 4 to 6 mm long by 1 to 1.5 mm wide.

Health Benefits of Caraway Seed

Botanically known as Carum carvi, caraway is really a biennial plant, that belongs to the family Apiaceae. A few of the health advantages of caraway seeds are outlined as under:

1. Caveats

Since caraway may possibly decrease your blood sugar, individuals with diabetes needs to be cautious whenever consuming large amounts of caraway. Given caraway’s potential to affect blood sugar levels, it’s also important to prevent eating caraway for around a couple weeks just before undergoing surgery.

In addition, caraway oil needs to be prevented by ladies who are pregnant or even breastfeeding.

It’s important to keep in mind that supplements have not been examined for safety and also dietary supplements are largely unregulated. In some instances, the product might provide doses which vary from the specified amount for every herb. In some cases, the product might be contaminated along with other substances like metals. Additionally, the security of supplements in youngsters and those along with medical conditions or even who’re taking medications hasn’t been proven.

2. Help individuals sleep

Caraway Seeds might help individuals sleep with its high-content of magnesium, that is a mineral which is straight associated with enhancing the quality, duration, as well as tranquility of sleep. Caraway seeds also aid manage the metabolism, so as to reduce sleep problems and also the occurrence of insomnia.

 3. Diabetes

Preliminary research from animal-based studies raises the question of whether caraway can even be of some benefit to individuals with diabetes. For example, a 2006 study on diabetic rats (published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology) discovered that dealing with the rats along with caraway extract resulted in a substantial reduction in levels of cholesterol.

 4. May boost bone health

Caraway seeds include a great source of zinc, that is discovered to enhance bone mineral density as well as overall bone health.

5. Anti-fungal and anti-yeast properties

Caraway seeds are frequently recognized to have got anti-fungal qualities. This implies caraway seeds could be stored for extended periods of time without fearing them getting spoilt by exposure to air.  Not only this, caraway seeds have proven to be anti-yeast by nature. They are able to therefore be utilized in foods that need anti-yeast properties. They may be utilized for long-term storage.

6. Remedy for Colic

Colic is really a non-definable disease that frequently affects neonates as well as infants. A typical usage of caraway seeds is always to cure a colic condition. Colic is seen as crying for no reason, irritability, being unable to latch on to the mother’s breast as well as obtain nutrition. Colic could be cured with the addition of a few grains of caraway seeds into boiling milk, combining it along with honey.

7. Cures loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is a very common issue we face within the modern-world due to our inability to consume nutritious food. Not just that, we also are hooked on habits just like smoking that decrease our appetite simply by half. A special type of tea created by including caraway seeds is really a remedy for bad appetite. If consumed over time, you will observe the advancement in your appetite progressively.

8. Cures digestive disorders

The therapeutic qualities that caraway seeds have got are plenty in number. Certainly one of their crucial uses is within healing gastro-intestinal as well as digestive complaints. It’s also utilized to heal stomach ulcers due to its calming properties.

9. Sexual Disability

Many people have complained that they suffer from sexual disability. But there’s no requirement to be worried about that any longer simply because caraway seeds are here to eliminate this issue. All you need to do is grind a number of its seeds with some clarified butter as well as tamarind kernels. Mix it well, pour it in water and add it to a glass full of milk and honey. This can certainly eliminate sexual disability and enable you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

10. Able to Reduce Cholesterol

Scientific tests also have confirmed the health effects of fiber-rich foods in reducing LDL cholesterol within the body. Not just that, fiber likewise helps enhance the amount of HDL cholesterol. These functions are very important in lessening chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

11. Veterinary medicine

Caraway seeds are found in lots of medications which are administered to prevent numerous illnesses which afflict animals. It really is generally obtainable in numerous pharmacies.

12. Itches, Boils and Rashes

With Caraway seeds, you may also take care of itches, boils as well as rashes. All you need to do is make a paste of carom seeds along with lukewarm water and apply this all within the affected region. You may also boil a few caraway seeds and when the water comes to room temperature, carefully wash the areas using the ajwain water. You’ll definitely find a solution to the problem and get rid of pimples too.

13. Relieves heartburn

You may have frequently mistaken acidity or even heartburn for the symptoms of a heart attack. You experience that serious burning within your chest as well as throat area experienced with burps or hiccups. The next time you experience this type of heartburn, the simplest action to take is to take a number of caraway seeds. Either include it in boiling water as well as consume this particular concoction or even mix a spoonful of it with a bowl of curd as well as consume this. It may also be consumed in conjunction with peppermint oil to ease yourself of gastrointestinal disorders.

14. Cures Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are unpleasant signs of either intestinal infection as well as other bodily disorder. A simple method to reduce yourself from these symptoms is to consume caraway seeds. You’ll be surprised to see the relief that you’ll observe.

15. Menstural Cramp and Stomach Problems

Menstural Cramps as well as stomach problems are very frequent among ladies. All you need to do is boil a few caraway seed oil and wait around for it to come to room temperature. After it has, you are able to apply and massage this all over your stomach area. You’ll find rest from your cramps in the hour or so. Another alternative is always to grind a few caraway seed oil, combine with lime juice, add to a few lukewarm water and drink twice daily. You’ll certainly get great outcomes.

16. Stimulates appetite

Poor appetite is a very common problem for adolescents as well as young children. Parents certainly have a hard time getting children to eat the proper nutrients-laden food due to their bad appetite. Caraway seeds ingested in the right amount are incredibly beneficial in increasing your appetite.

17. Beneficial for Dry and Itchy Scalp

Individuals who suffer from dry as well as itchy scalp or even poor quality hair should really include some caraway seed with their diet… Now take one of the slices and rub it all over your scalp. Massage for the next ten minutes. Cleanse along with water and after that wash off with herbal shampoo. To fight any type of itchiness, you may also utilize a caraway seeds pack. You will have to create a paste of banana as well as caraway seed paste and apply all around the scalp. This should be done once per week at least.

18. Good for your heart

Caraway fortifies cardiac muscles, reduces blood pressure (in addition to cholesterol level within your blood), and helps to avoid the veins hardening. Its cardiac advantages are among most known qualities of Caraway. Just about everyone who consumes bread along with caraway is aware that it’s good for his cardiac health. Moreover, like a tonic it tones you heart.

19. Loaded with Antioxidants

Caraway seeds are loaded with powerful flavonoid antioxidants which includes carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin. Studies have discovered these compounds fantastic in eliminating harmful free-radicals as well as safeguarding the body from cancers, premature-aging and infections.

20. Improves overall health

Overall health has been enhanced by way of consuming caraway as it is termed to improve your immune system. The immune system is that mechanism that resists the body as well as systems from catching infections as well as diseases. If you do get any disease, the immune system creates infection-fighting components which help you recover sooner.

 21. Antiseptic and Disinfectant

Caraway seed is a wonderful disinfectant as well as antiseptic capable of dealing with numerous infections which range from skin irritations to infections of bodily organs like those of the digestive, colon, respiratory, excretory and also urinary systems. The caraway seed is additionally reported to be effective at avoiding the development of fungi and bacteria, therefore avoiding the development of ulcers and sores. It may also safeguard people with wounds against tetanus.

 22. Cancer

Caraway seeds include a chemical compound known as ‘limonene’, that does anti-cancer actions and halts the development of breast, liver, lung, as well as stomach cancer.

23. Colds/Congestion

Simply because caraway is really a mild antihistamine and in addition consists of anti-microbial properties, it will help relax the muscles which cause coughing difficulties.

 24. Anti-inflammatory Property 

The anti-inflammatory property of caraway seeds, assist to manage any kind of inflammation as well as inflammation related difficulties. Especially, it is extremely efficient to deal with any inflammation within the intestine part of our body.

25. Relieve Constipation

Health improvements of caraway seeds may also be contributed by their high dietary fiber content. Each 100 g of the seeds supply you 38 g of fiber, a great remedy to resolve constipation problem.

26. It stops endless coughs

Histamine is the reason behind probably the most endless coughs, and often it might be very hard for the sufferer to obtain the right medication for relieving the symptoms. Caraway neutralizes the effects of histamine as good as the majority of the medicines, yet absolutely without side effects. Additionally, it reduces any other kind of coughs and provides relief in inflammation of bronchi, throat and nose.

27. Anti-Spasmodic

Caraway seed may bring relief to all sorts of health conditions associated with spasms. It may instantly reduce the signs of muscular cramps as well as muscle pulls as it shuts down the effects of compounds and enzymes accountable for muscle contraction. It may also help in reducing respiratory-related spasms whilst curing hiccups, trouble in breathing as well as coughs. As an expectorant, caraway seed can certainly reduce blockage related to cold and cough. It may deal with an inflamed nasal tract, pharynx, larynx, bronchi and throat linked to the common cold.

28. It is good for the wounds

As an antiseptic it prevents the development of bacteria and fungi, therefore avoiding the infection of wounds. In addition, it successfully cures numerous internal infections.

29. Caraway promotes urination

First of all, it is extremely very theraputic for people who wish to loose weight. It improves the frequency as well as quantity of urination, therefore helps you to thoroughly clean the kidney, decrease fat and keep urinary tract from infections.

30. Increases lactation

Caraway is second after the Fennel aid for breastfeeding mothers. It improves the amount of milk. Moreover, whenever mother utilizes caraway, her baby won’t have problems with flatulence and indigestion, and gets the majority of the advantages of the plant.

31. Colic Relief

Bruise an ounce of caraway seed. Pour a quart of distilled water within the seeds and allow sit 6 hours. Might be sweetened along with honey. Give one or two teaspoons when needed, up to 4 times daily. This treatment is recognized as safe for all and is also particularly beneficial in dealing with children.

  1. Cure for obesity

Traditionally caraway has been used to treat obesity. The study was conducted to investigate the weight lowering effects of Caraway extract on overweight and obese women through triple-blind, randomized and placebo controlled clinical trial. The participants were provided 30 mL/day of CE or placebo without changing their physical activity or diet. The treatment groups have significant reduction of weight, body fat percentage, body mass index and waist to hip ratio. There was no change in urine specific gravity, lipid profile and blood pressure. Results shows that dietary CE with no restriction in intake of food and when combined with exercise helps to manage obesity in women.

  1. Assist in losing weight

Research shows that an extract of Caraway seeds assist the participants in losing weight, BMI and body fat. The study was conducted on 70 female volunteers who were overweight or obese. The women were treated with extract of caraway seeds for 90 days. No changes were made in exercise and diet. At the end of trial, those with caraway extract lost over 6 pounds. They experienced considerable improvements in body fat percentage, BMI and increase in muscle mass.

History/Region of Origin  of Caraway Seeds

Caraway is indigenous to Asia in addition to northern and central Europe. First utilized in antiquity, Caraway have been grown in Europe since the Middle Ages. Proof of Caraway’s use within middle ages times comes from seeds present in debris in lakes in Switzerland. Caraway is assumed to be the spice utilized more than any other in Europe. Writings from the 17th century indicate that Caraway Seed was utilized in breads, fruits, and cakes, and regarded a digestive aid.

Traditional uses

  • Chew it raw to provide relief from indigestion.
  • It is used to treat bronchitis and as an aid for cough.
  • Fruits are used as an aid for loss of appetite, colic, promote lactation and digestive disorders.
  • Use the tea prepared from leave or tea to treat flatulence.
  • An infusion made from fruits helps to eliminate intestinal worms.
  • Caraway fruit is used to treat hypertension and diabetes.
  • Chew the seed after meal to sweeten breathe and provide relief from heartburn.
  • It is used for treating loss of appetite and failing vision.
  • Caraway tea is used to improve respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, cough, colds and asthma.
  • A decoction prepared from Caraway is used traditionally to wash wounds, bruises and prevent infections.
  • It also provides relief from gas problems.
  • Essential oil extracted from Caraway helps to eliminate toothaches, bad breath and gum diseses.
  • It is also used to treat menstrual cramps and insomnia.
  • Take tea by adding Caraway seeds in the morning. This helps to treat problems such as bloating and lowers weight.
  • It helps to lighten scars caused due to acne or pigmentation.

Selection and storage

Caraway seeds can be found year around within the markets either in the form of seeds or perhaps in ground form. In the store, purchase whole caraway seeds rather than powder since, frequently it might include adulterated spicy powders.

Once at home, the seeds could be kept in cool, dry, dark place in air sealed containers for a lot of months and could be milled utilizing hand mill whenever needed. Ground and powdered caraway ought to be kept in the refrigerator in airtight containers and really should be utilized for early as you possibly can since it loses its flavor rather quickly.

How to Eat         

  • It is used as a spice in culinary dishes, bread, confectionery, liquors and beverages.
  • In Austrian and Southern German, it is used with meat, vegetable or rye bread.
  • It is also added to sauerkraut which is a fermented cabbage.
  • Use it to add flavor to cheeses.
  • It is used in curries, casseroles and salads.
  • The essential oil is used to flavor candy, ice creams, liquors and soft drinks.
  • Brew crushed fruits and leaves into tea.
  • Leaves are consumed raw or used to flavor soups.
  • Roots are cooked like parsnip.
  • In Indian cuisine, it is used in rice dishes such as biryani and pulao.
  • It is used in Syrian cuisine to make sweet scones called Keleacha.
  • Add it in soups and stews to enhance the flavor.
  • It could be used as an ingredient in stews, dishes made of goose meat and pork.In your morning toast, include a few seeds of caraway roasted in olive oil.
  • Caraway seeds are utilized to flavor breads, biscuits and cakes. They’re also utilized as a seasoning and pickling spice.

Side Effects of Caraway Seed

Caraway seed is actually a aromatic, culinary herb which is indigenous to Asia. It is in fact a fruit of the caraway herb, however it looks like seed once it’s got dried. This particular spice is worth its therapeutic benefits, designed for digestive conditions like dyspepsia, flatulence and colic. However, taking caraway seed may have a number of negative effects; talk to a health professional prior to using it for therapeutic reasons.

1. Liver Damage

In accordance with the Physicians Desk Reference, caraway oil, an extremely volatile essential oil present in caraway seed, may cause kidney and liver damage when it’s consumed in huge doses over a long period of time. Authors Kraft and Hobbs observe that this essential oil has additionally been discovered to avoid or relieve muscle spasms in animals.

2. Abortifacient Effects

Fugh-Berman writes that caraway might have an abortifacient effect on pregnant women, meaning that it might trigger an abortion or stimulate premature labor. She cautions that lactating mothers also needs to prevent caraway seeds and, particularly, caraway oil.

3. Heartburn

Ironically, among the herb’s medicinal advantages, specifically its carminative, or even gas-relieving qualities, is also the reason for one of its most typical negative effects. The book “Pocket Guide to Herbal Medicine,” explains that caraway seed helps the expulsion of excess gas within the gastrointestinal tract. However, while reducing the discomfort of gas within the stomach, this may also trigger heartburn by reduction of pressure within the esophageal sphincter, a valve which normally keeps stomach contents within the stomach.

4. Belching

The carminative effects of caraway seed might also result in extreme belching, writes Adriane Fugh-Berman in her book “The 5 Minute Herb and Dietary Supplement Consult.” Belching, that is occasionally known as burping or ructus, requires the expulsion of excess gas and bloating through the stomach and intestinal tract from the mouth. It might be associated with a characteristic sound and, sometimes, a smell.

5. Narcotic Effects

Caraway seed has got narcotic qualities, reports Florence Daniel. In her book “Food Remedies: Facts About Foods and their Medicinal Uses,” she writes that it needs to be combined with caution simply because, just like a narcotic, it may become addictive. Other side effects which are linked to the herb’s narcotic effects consist of drowsiness, mental clouding and nausea.






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