8 Essential Oils Perfect for Baths

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Imagine yourself soaking in a warm bath with soothing music and candlelight to unwind after a long and tiring day in the office. Isn’t that a perfect way to end your day? Does it lessen the stress and the exhaustion you felt the whole day? Mixing essential oils in our bath is the icing on top. With its therapeutic benefits and its aroma, what else could you ask for? Getting essential oil in your bath makes all the world stop for a second and let your muscles relax.

Essential oils are extracts from plants and flowers and have been used by over centuries for their therapeutic benefits. You can add them in your bath gels, vegetable oils, and cream or you can just rub it on your skin. Some of the conditions that are known to be healed by essential oils are skin issues, inflammation, irritation, muscle aches, insomnia, and stress.

You can mix different essential oils to your liking and your mood. The warmth of the water in the bath helps your skin get all the essence of the oil while you get to inhale the most aromatic fragrances. Here are some natural essential oils to liven up your mood and give you the push you need to start a new day:

1. Lavender oil

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Lavender is regarded for beauty and skin and is used to purify the skin. It is also found in body treatments and in the kitchen too! It is perfect if you want to relax your mood. It is also on top of the best essential oil list of many because its stress-relieving factors contribute to making your pain and inflammation go away. So if you’re stressed with your boss and your workmates, de-stress with this essential oil.

2. Ylang-ylang oil

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Ylang- ylang is known as the main ingredient in making perfumes all over the world. This essential oil is believed as an effective way to treat high blood pressure. Aside from being so fragrant, ylang-ylang is your oil to the rescue for your high blood pressure tendencies as well! You might want to try mixing this with lavender for a stress-free and fragrant bath.

3. Lemon oil

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Lemon is noted for its detoxifying prowess, especially in aromatherapy. According to studies, lemon also helps in boosting your immune system. So if you need a little boost from a tiring day and you think your immune system is a bit low add a few drops of this oil in your night bath.

4. Frankincense oil

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With its earthly aroma,  frankincense is associated with spiritual and medicinal practices. Known for its power to build the immune system and reduce inflammation, this oil can add radiance to your skin as well. If your skin is feeling dull today, add this oil for that instant radiant skin.

5. Chamomile oil

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Have a hard time sleeping? Having an anxiety attack? This oil can be your go-to solution for these problems. Studies show that chamomile promotes good night sleep and reduces anxiety by adding cortisol hormones into the body. You can also add other relaxation oils to this mix for that awesome soothing bath time. You can visit couponlawn.com to get great deals on this essential oil.

6. Eucalyptus oil

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Experiencing clogged nose? Run a bath with drops of this oil. Its crisp scent will help in opening your nasal passages in the colds season. It is also believed to work wonders with your body aches. Eucalyptus is to be used cautiously as it may cause your allergies.

7. Peppermint oil

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Peppermint oil has that strong odor that is cool and refreshing. As you know, it is also an active ingredient in mint candies. This essential oil is used if you have trouble with your bowel, adding a little drop of this can give you the satisfaction to go.

8. Rosemary oil

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Rosemary is famous in naturally thickening hair but more than beauty, rosemary is the best option if you want to stay sharp the next day. It is best used the night before your examinations or your work presentation.

As a precaution, not all essential oil is good for your skin it may cause skin irritation. Some are not okay for pregnant women as well. So before, dipping your pregnant tummies be sure that you are using safe essential oils.




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