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GoldensealIt is also known as yellow puccoon or orangeroot. It belongs to the buttercup family and it is also known from its scientific name as Hydrastis canadensis. It is found in the parts of Eastern United States, Canada and Europe. It has purple stem and yellow root. The smell and taste of goldenseal is acrid and unpleasant. Goldenseal possesses the rich chemical composition such as alkaloids which helps to cure different ailments. It is available in the form of tablets, bulk powder, tinctures and salves. The excessive use of goldenseal results in seizures or convulsions.

It possesses anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and astringent properties. It ease the irritated mucus membranes assist nose, ear and throat. It lowers the fevers, congestion and excess mucous. It enhances the glandular functions with the increment in bile. Goldenseal possesses iron, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, manganese, vitamin C and B complex. The roots and rhizomes possess berberine, canadaline, hydrastine, canadine and I-hydrastine, resin and fatty oil. The presence of alkaloids in huge amount provides anti-infective, antibiotic and immune stimulating qualities.

Health Benefits of Goldenseal

It alleviates infected inflamed or infected mucous membranes. It assists to manage the intestinal and gallbladder inflammation. It also cures the liver disorders which are:

1. Improves Digestive Issues

It enhances appetite, increases bile secretion and assists digestion. Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine uses goldenseal to treat the infectious diarrhea and dysentery. The berberine found in goldenseal has the antimicrobial properties which counteracts with pathogens that leads bacterial diarrhea, V.cholera and E.coli. Goldenseal is used to treat peptic ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal gas, ulcerative colitis and hemorrhoids. Goldenseal extract prevents the development of H.pylori, bacteria that cause ulcers, gastritis and stomach cancer. It enhances the bile production and prevents gallbladder issues and liver.

2. Anti-diabetic

The blood pressure is lowered and vitalizes the effect on the beta cells of the pancreas. It reduces the level of blood glucose, raises the insulin sensitivity and assists the pancreas.

3. Natural Antibiotic and Immune System Booster

Goldenseal eradicates colds, allergies and flu due to the presence of immune- boosting and antibiotic properties. It enhances the white blood cells which increases the immune power by increasing the antigen specific antibody production. The berberine found in goldenseal eradicates urinary tract walls from binding of E.coli.

4. Fights cancer

Goldenseal possesses Berberine alkaloids which destroys the tumor cells. The study which was conducted on the rats shows that the rats had 81% kill rate that were treated with berberine.

5. Aids eye and mouth problems

The use of goldenseal as a mouthwash helps to treat gum complaints, sore throats and canker sores. Let the cup of goldenseal tea cool down and rinse mouth using this liquid. In eight ounces of warm water, five drops of liquid goldenseal extract should be added along with a teaspoon of salt. The use of goldenseal tea as an eyewash helps to treat the eye inflammation and infections such as pink eye or conjunctivitis. The doctor should be consulted before using it in the eyes.

6. Antibacterial qualities

The researchers reports that the goldenseal treats MRSA effectively with its antibacterial properties. It also cures cuts, minor wounds and other skin conditions.

7. Boost heart health

The cardiovascular effects in the berberine help to treat heart failure or arrhythmias. The study which was conducted on 2006 summarizes that the goldenseal helps to lower the LDL cholesterol. The cholesterol could be lowered naturally by following healthy lifestyle and diet with goldenseal. It also controls the level of blood sugar and obesity which increases the chances of coronary heart disease. It enhances the blood flow, relaxes the arteries and protects against arteriosclerosis. Goldenseal possesses berbetine which reduces LDL or cholesterols.

8. Curtail colds, flu and respiratory infections

An immune system and anti- infective properties reduces the illness. The goldenseal calm mucous membranes, the tea should be drink or gargling with the tincture assists to soothe sore throat. Goldenseal helps to boost immune system. It provides the necessary nutrients which helps to cure the sickness. It helps to ease the mucous membranes. The usage of diluted tincture is used or drinks a cup of goldenseal tea which alleviates the sore throat.

9. Reduce symptoms of sinusitis

The mucous membrane anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties help to soothe symptoms of sinusitis and speeds up the healing process. The intake of goldenseal tea helps to reduce inflammation by eradicating the bacteria from the urinary tract. A goldenseal douche is used to treat the vaginal yeast infections. It also treats the sinusitis by loosening the mucus.

10. Treat eye complaints

Goldenseal also cures the eye infections such as conjunctivitis (pink eye). Eyewash which is made of cooled goldenseal tea; it is responded well by the eye’s mucous membranes.

11. Astringent

It eases the inflammation in hemorrhoids and provides a calming effect. The acne could be treated if it is used as a wash. An infused oil of goldenseal should be added to the baths which provides a soothing effect.

12. Heal minor cuts and scrapes

Goldenseal tea enhances the immunity and lowers the chances of infections of minor wounds when it is taken with Echinacea. The affected area could be applied the creams which possess goldenseal.

13. Ease diarrhea

Goldenseal can treat the acute infectious disease which is caused by Giardia, Escherichia coli and Salmonella. The doctor should be consulted if it becomes severe because it leads to dehydration.

14. Relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

The immune system of the body could be boosted if goldenseal is rotated with the other immune boosting herbs such as pau d’arco, Echinacea and astragalus). It also eradicates the chronic fatigue syndrome.

15. Fight warts, cold sores, genital herpes and shingles

The cold sores, shingles and genital herpes are caused by herpes virus and warts are caused by human papilloma virus is also soothe.

16. Fatigue

Goldenseal helps to deal the chronic fatigue symptoms. Fatigue is caused due to poor functioning immune system or illness.

17. Liver disease

Goldenseal is believed to treat the liver conditions effectively. It cleanses and promotes the healthy gland with an increase in bile flow to the digestive enzymes.

18. Parasitic issues

The anthelmintic properties found in goldenseal assist to alleviate the intestinal worms.

19. Boost appetite

It helps to burn the calories with the raise in metabolism which helps to increase the appetite. Goldenseal helps to enhance appetite by eliminating injury, illness or trauma.

20. Allergy prevention

The anti-allergenic property helps to alleviate the allergic reactions. It helps to lower the inflammation in the mucus membranes and soothes the nervous system.

21. Fever reduction

Goldenseal can cure the fevers by lowering the stress on the body during the prolonged illness.

22. Detoxify the body

It cleanses the blood. Goldenseal assists in the proper circulation and lowers the chances of chronic blood borne disease.

23. Control canker sores

The soothing and anti-infective properties of goldenseal help to alleviate stress or local trauma. The pain is soothed if it is dabbed onto the sore directly or taken internally.

24. Antifungal

It restricts the growth of Candida and infection of fungus. The internal and topical application prohibits the fungal growth.

25. Bowel irregularity

Goldenseal helps to cure the irregular bowel movements. The rootstock of goldenseal helps to maintain strong and healthy guts.

26. Skin conditions

The internal and topical application assists in curing the viral skin conditions such as cold sores, shingles and warts.

27. Sinus conditions

The antimicrobial property of goldenseal rootstock relieves the sinus. It is available in the form of snuff and capsule but snuff form is not used commonly.

28. Anti-inflammatory properties

The application of salve or cream using a goldenseal root powder helps to alleviate joint pain or topical inflammation. The internal inflammation is helped with the use of supplements and capsules. It also eases the gut and reduces the blood pressure.

29. Urinary tract infections

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties eliminate the infections of urinary tract and its infections. The intake of goldenseal relieves the inflammation and cleanses the bacteria from the urinary tract. The yeast infections of the vagina are treated with the use of goldenseal douche.

30. Heal the skin

The skin ailments such as eczema, dry skin, psoriasis or acne are cured with the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties present in the goldenseal. The infections caused due to viral, bacterial and fungal are eliminated and also counteracts with the infection.

31. Antiviral activity

Goldenseal if added to the daily health regime then it helps to enhance the immunity and cleanse the intestinal and respiratory systems. It also treats gonorrhea.

Recommended Use of Goldenseal

Goldenseal tea could be brought from the local health store and online. The each brands label must be read to know about the recommended dosage. It is recommended to take 4-6 grams of goldenseal root and rhizome in the form of capsule or tablet form. 2 milliliters on 2 ounces of water or juice is the recommended dosage 3-5 times in a day. The use of goldenseal should not be used for more than three weeks along with the two weeks break between each use. The instructions provided in Goldenseal should be followed properly.

Medicinal Benefits of goldenseal

  • Colds, flu and other respiratory infections: 125 mg of golden seal should be taken five times in a day during the first signs of illness. It should be continued for five days till the illness lasts.
  • Sore throat: Gargle with the mixture of 1-1/2 teaspoons of goldenseal tincture and lukewarm water and gargle with this mixture as needed. The goldenseal tea if it is drink relieves the sore throat.
  • Sinusitis: Soak 1 ½ teaspoons of goldenseal tincture or ½ teaspoon of extract with 1 cup of saline solution. The solution should be placed in a WaterPik or neti pot which is fitted with special sinus irrigator attachment. It is beneficial if it is used after steam inhalation. The acute sinusitis should be irrigated for five days about twice a day. The chronic sinusitis should be irrigated about a week daily and then it should be done one to two times in a week.
  • Urinary tract infections: The goldenseal tea should be drink several cups regularly.
  • Vaginal yeast infections: The douche should be used twice a day for seven days. It should not exceed more than seven days. The douche should be prepared with 3 teaspoons of powdered herb in 8 ounce cup of lukewarm water. The directions of manufacturer should be followed for the preparation of vaginal suppositories commercially.
  • For eye complaints: Eyewash should be applied three times in a day. Eyewash could be prepared by diluting 1 teaspoon of dried herb in a hot water. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Allow it to cool and then strain with the help of cheesecloth or sterile gauze pad. It should be stored in a sealed sterile container. Fresh preparation should be made each day. Three to four-8 ounce cups of regular goldenseal tea should be sipped throughout a day which helps to prevent the infection by enhancing the immune system.
  • Cuts and scrapes: The goldenseal cream or cream which contains calendula and goldenseal should be applied three times in a day to the affected area.
  • Diarrhea: 250 mg should be taken four times in a day but should not exceed five days or till the diarrhea is cured. In alternative method, several cups of tea should be drink for several times in a day.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: 125 mg of goldenseal tea should be taken for three weeks twice regularly. Then it should be alternated with three-week cycles.
  • Warts, shingles, cold sores or genital herpes lesions: The goldenseal tincture should be applied for three times in a day to the affected area or skin compress should be soaked with the tincture and applied to the lesion at the bed time. Then remove it in the morning. This procedure should be repeated till the lesion is cured. The tincture should be diluted if it is to be used for genital herpes lesions or to treat the irritation in the sensitive genital area. 125 mg of goldenseal should be placed with 200 mg Echinacea to the shingles for four times per day during the acute phase only.
  • Canker sores: The goldenseal liquid should be applied to the sores three times per day. One should not eat for an hour after its application. Alternatively, use goldenseal mouthwash for three to four times regularly. The mouthwash could be prepared with the addition of 2 teaspoons of powdered root in 1 cup of water.


Goldenseal might vitalize the uterus. The pregnant women are not recommended to use the goldenseal. The excessive usage of goldenseal leads to trigger nausea, trouble in breathing, shortness of breath, severe muscle spasms and paralyzes the nervous system. The use of goldenseal for a long time results to the stress and delirium hallucinations.




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