Facts and Food Sources of Alpha carotene


Alpha carotene is a cyclic carotene having beta and epsilon ring at opposite ends respectively. It is regarded as the second most common form of carotene. It acts as a provitamin A and a plant metabolite. It is a precursor to form Vitamin A in the body. Similar to beta-carotene, alpha-carotene is fat soluble and is consumed with some form of fat. Foods rich in alpha-carotene include orange vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin and winter squash. Other food sources include tomatoes, tangerines, sweet potatoes, napa cabbage, collards, bananas and avocados. Our body could convert alpha and beta-carotene into Vitamin A to maintain healthy skin, bones, enhance immune system and good vision. Since the body could convert alpha carotene to Vitamin A, alpha carotene is known as a precursor to Vitamin A or provitamin A compound.



Moreover, alpha carotene helps to prevent cancer by stimulating cell to cell communication which is a process required to ensure proper cell division. It possesses flavonoids, antioxidant substances that provide color as well as flavor to various red and orange colored fruits and vegetables.

Food Sources

Food name Weight (g) Alpha carotene (µg)
Pumpkin 245 11748
Carrot 74 10546
Butternut squash 205                                  2316
Plantains 270 1183
Beef broth 241 465
Tangerines 189 386
Coleslaw 76 323
Green beans 240 278
Dandelion greens 105 256
Plums 161 225
Collards 170 216
Tomatoes 149 150
Cucumber 160 130
Acai berry drink 266 122
Yellow corn 166 105
Raspberries 140 95
Grape leaves 14 88
Passion-fruit juice 247 86
Sweet potato 200 86
Swiss chard 175 79


Medicinal uses for Alpha-carotene

Alpha carotene contains antioxidant properties so when ingested, it lowers the chance of getting sick from cancer. Alpha carotene also neutralizes harmful free radicals which damages healthy cells by causing the growth of carcinogenic ones.

Health Benefits of Alpha carotene

  1. Acts as antioxidant

Study conducted on more than 15000 adults over a 14 year period found that those with high content of antioxidant alpha-carotene in their blood had 39 percent lower chances of death from ANY in comparison to those with low levels.

  1. Prevent lung cancer

Researchers found that people with high intake of alpha carotene rich vegetables helped to prevent lung cancer. Yellow to orange and dark green vegetables have high content of alpha-carotene which is strongly associated with lowering chances of lung cancer than intake of all other types of vegetables.

  1. Cell health

Additionally, recent studies shows that alpha carotene is the most powerful carotenoids and strong inhibitory effect on proliferation of various types of damaging cells which affects lungs, cervix, stomach, bladder, breast and mouth. It allows normal cells to send growth-regulating signals to premalignant cells.








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