Facts and Food Sources of Gamma Tocopherol


Gamma-tocopherol is one of various vitamin E compounds which are a most prevalent form of vitamin E in plant seeds and in products which are derived from them that includes vegetable oils such as corn, sesame and soybean. Also nuts such as walnuts, peanuts and pecans are foods with rich gamma tocopherol.

Gamma-tocopherol shows that muscle cells made insulin resistant had greater uptake of glucose and improvement in insulin signaling when exposed to gamma-tocopherol. It involves in efficient disposal of glucose which is essential for athletes to speed glycogen synthesis and also for non-athletes to manage blood sugar and insulin levels.

Food Sources

Food name Weight (g) Gamma Tocopherol (mg)
Black walnuts 125 35.98
Pistachio nuts 123 28.81
Pecans 109 26.64
English walnuts 117 24.37
Pine nuts 135 15.05
Peanuts 146 9.23
Soybean oil 13.6 8.74
Onions 87 4.91
Mayonnaise 13.8 4.90
Canola oil 14 3.83
Raspberries 130 2.89
Peanut butter 32 2.66
Blueberry muffins 28.35 2.57
Millet flour 119 2.46
Cornmeal 122 2.27
Quinoa 185 2.20
Flaxseed 10.3 2.05
Blackberries 144 1.93
Plantains 169 1.79
Kidney beans 256 1.77


Health Benefits

  1. Anti-inflammatory activity

Gamma tocopherol has better anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to control chronic inflammation associated diseases such as cancer, arthritis, neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease.

  1. Prevent cancer

Cancer chemoprevention is a new way to manage cancer. Evidence shows that gamma-tocopherol acts as a powerful chemopreventive in comparison to alpha-tocopherol and effectively inhibits cancer cell proliferation. It helps to prevent prostate cancer.







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